This weekend found me:

-welcoming the deer who have returned to walk through my backyard every morning and night
-creating meals with food from the freezer and pantry
-noticing the sunlight changing its angle through my house, so lovely and soft
-catching up on the mounds of laundry
-balling up some yarn for a new knitting project
-oh! wearing wool!  I wore a wool sweater on Saturday and Sunday, not to mention a shawl each day :)
-and I wore some fingerless mitts-I was in heaven!
-noticing the dark mornings and dark evenings

how was your weekend?

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  1. One of the things that I love about this time of year, Karen, is how the sunlight changes it angles...and all of the beautiful shadows it creates! It just excites me! And I'm glad you got to wear wool this weekend!

    Our weekend was rather quiet. I pealed more pears and cooked them down in the slow cooker and made sauce. Everything is ready now with the exception of getting the orange juice so that I can make some pear butter (in the slow cooker) to enjoy on toast and English muffins this winter!

  2. the dark, the cold, the cozy.....i'm with you-----makes me happy!!! bring on the woolies!!!!

  3. I am so happy for you to be wearing wool. I saw your weather on the Weather Channel and it looks like winter, I'm so envious. We are going to see 45 on Thursday night and I can't wait.
    I have noticed the changing of light in my kitchen when preparing dinner and I like the cozy feel it brings and I have been lighting candles around the house and that always brings a great feeling.

  4. Ah yes, the time to get the woolens out. :-) I got out some knitted socks this weekend since it was quite chilly in the morning. We might hit the mid 30's (overnight) this week, so there'll be plenty more woolens in my future, too. :-)

  5. As much as I hate the shorter days I am embracing the wearing of the hand knits. We have been catching the deer in our yard more often too lately. We saw some beautiful ones on the trip to NY this past weekend too.

  6. IT was wonderful; I wore alpaca too. I m having a hard time with WINTER approaching like many others... Trying to think of fun things to keep us busy and cheerful.!

  7. It's wool weather here too! I need to finish my socks and start some mittens for Kate, asap! Sounds like a great weekend, friend.

  8. I love making meals out of goodies put by in the freezer - we're doing it tonight which means my job is much easier :)

  9. I'll live through you - it will be a long time before I'm wearing wool here! Sounds like a lovely weekend :)

  10. Wearing wool...yay!! I was wearing wool too and loving every minute of it :)

  11. It will be a while before I wear wool but I'm so hasty for cooler weather in my neck of the woods :)

  12. It seems you are truly embracing autumn, Karen! I'm wearing my shawls and sweater here too :-) I don't know about you but I cannot bring myself to purchase any knitted garnments for my children and me. Everything has to be hand-knitted!


  13. I think the change of seasons is such a gift... Imagine if there was never a change. Sure makes us appreciate the subtle and not so subtle changes. =) Glad you were able to sport some woolies. ;) blessings ~ tanna

  14. I always love your seasonal banners. I know you love this time of year, you get to put on all your knitted goodies!!!

  15. Sounds perfectly lovely, and I adore how your picture always captures the mood of the weekend. I have been thinking more about how to capture these little moment pictures. Thanks for the inspiration!


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