The Happy and the Happenings

This week has found me finding my happy.  You know the stuff that makes you smile on the inside and the outside.  Family, children, and friends are the standards to the list, but I was thinking along the lines of selfish happiness.  What makes me happy deep down inside and it's just for me.

Knitting is my number one on the list.  I love to start projects and finish projects, and I do cheat on the current projects by dreaming of projects to be.  Some projects become real just like in the Velveteen Rabbit book (you should read that book, it's a tear jerker).  The hat in the above photo has finally found a recipient in my mind.  But I can't tell you who because it's a Christmas present, but I promise that person is definitely knit worthy.

Below are two Zauberballs that are in my stash that I keep looking lovingly at and dreaming of all the what ifs.  I assure you they will be a shawl, just not sure exactly which one as of yet.

Now you must be wondering why I am looking for my happy?  Well, I tripped and fell out in the garage on Wednesday afternoon over loose outdoor shoes and guess what happened....yep, I sprained my ankle, you know the one, the one that always gets sprained.  So now I am sitting around and icing it a lot.  It's not too bad but jeez, I was not happy.

Let's just say that the "sentence enhancers" (from Spongebob i.e. swearing) were flying in the garage only after I sat and made sure nothing was broken.  Physical grace and inward grace had left me. After the outrage and disbelief-I surrounded myself with my happiness:

-hot green tea with a wee bit of sugar
-furry dog beside me napping
-oh those free icy packs that the oral surgeon sends home with your child after wisdom teeth extraction
(glad I am a saver of stuff like that!)
-a Dr. Who episode or two
-the internet that kept me happily engaged

The ankle is getting better and hopefully I will be watching where I walk, and my dear husband is going to relocate those loose shoes of his-soon!

What is your Happy?


  1. NOOOOOOOOOOO! Gosh, darn, drat, pooh. Well, a good guilt-free excuse to just sit around and knit (as if we needed such an excuse) sorry. Hope your poor ankle is feeling stronger soon. (Love the projects.....that alone would make me pretty darn happy!)

  2. I am so glad your ankle is better and you can look at the benefits of having to sit around, one if the bonuses of being a knitter. I have been looking at the blessings in my life too and really there is so much to be happy about isn't there?
    I hope you have a great, accident free weekend.

  3. I'm sorry you sprained your ankle, but I'm glad nothing is broken. Take care of yourself and enjoy the guilt free knitting sessions you can have now. :-)

  4. I was not born naturally graceful in that respect either. I've sprained my right ankle more times that I can remember. Ugh!

    I hope you're back on the road to recovery soon.

  5. Hope you are up and walking soon!

  6. I have read The Velveteen Rabbit and even saw the play. I'm glad you can see the silver lining inside the dark cloud of spraining your ankle. Been there...done that. Enjoy all of your down time with knitting and TV. You seem to have it all under control now.

  7. oh, goodness, so sorry for the sprained ankle…hope it's completely healed soon.
    in the meantime, so glad you've found your happy! honestly, i felt happy just reading your post :)
    here's to knitting and green tea with a bit of sugar and furry frodo...

  8. ooh Karen, It's lovely that you are so positive amidst the pain. I hope it soon gets better but meanwhile that everyone around you spoils you rotten. I wish I could pop over with a nice a cake and sit and chat with you...and of course knit too.
    Hope you are up and about for the weekend.
    Lots of love debx

  9. Karen, I am so sorry to hear about your sprain. I'm just glad that you didn't break anything. Prayers for you to get all better soon! The colors in that hat are absolutely beautiful! You inspire me!

  10. sometimes things like that are blessings in disguises. you get to take a forced rest, which sometimes isn't so bad...right? especially for a knitter.


  11. It almost sounds fun, spraining your ankle, if it means you get to knit and watch Dr. Who...but I know it must hurt also! Hope it feels better soon! My happy is also coming from knitting and reading, and watching Daniel Deronda on Netflix. I found this BBC adaptation of the book, which I'm currently reading. :)

  12. Oh no!! I have an ankle like that too ... and if there is something to bump into/trip over, I will be the one to do it! I hope you recover soon.

    Love the way the colors are working together in that hat!

  13. i am sorry to hear about your ankle but on the flip side, you now have a bit of extra time to do the things you love while nursing it :)

  14. Oh no, I do hope that ankle heals up fast. In the meantime enjoy the time you have while it heals :)

  15. Oh, no! Not that ankle! I'm so glad that you are finding your happy, sore ankle and all. : ) I save those nifty icepacs from the oral surgeon, too! They're the best.

    The colors/stripes in that hat look fabulous together! I'm drooling over those Zauberballs--can't wait to see what you : )

  16. Your post made me think of how wonderful it was to be poorly and off school as a child. You didn't want to be really sick - just a head cold, something that could let you sleep in with a hot water bottle and the possibility of an afternoon tucked up on the couch with a new comic or television. I love making my children little 'nests' when they're a bit sniffly.

    And I have to admit that no matter what the ill- mental or physical - a hot water bottle makes me happy! Simple things!

  17. So sorry you hurt your ankle! Hope it improves quickly.

    Right now my happy (which I have sorely needed) is:
    - Pilot is doing well and even eating on his own!
    - I managed to raise $75 for the Children's Miracle Network (even if I contributed $50 of it)
    - Lots of Rift (video game) with my husband during his week off

  18. I hope you heal quickly! Good for you for chasing your happy, I've been doing more and more of that lately and life is beautiful!

  19. What a fun hat! So sorry to hear about your ankle but glad you didn't break it. Heal quickly! Those are really pretty Zauberballs. I'll be anxious to see what you do with them.

  20. Oh. No. Take care of that ankle. My orthopedic surgeon told me the last time I sprained my right ankle that I was going to wish I had broken it. He was right. It would have healed faster and stronger than it did. I'm glad you have lots to keep you occupied while you recover.

  21. Sorry to hear about your ankle ~ do take care! Lovely knitting and the yarn is yummy :)

  22. So sorry about your ankle :-(. But I love the two yarn balls at the bottom! They would definitely be a happy :-).

  23. wow, you do fabulous work....luv the balls of yarn...sweet! My happy, is lots of places; in my studio creating, on our Harley with my husband, a cup of joe, my fun Boxer; Lexi, in the presence of the Lord, and with family and friends. Hope you are healing up, have a wonderful weekend!

    enjoy *~*

  24. BTW, do you sell your yarn items or have an Etsy shop?

    1. So lovely to meet you! As of yet I haven't an Etsy shop but I do think about it now and again. So far it's just in my imagination :)

  25. First, I am SO sorry you feel and sprained your ankle! I know the Spongebob episode you're talking kids think that one is hilarious. Love those yarn colors in your 2nd picture. II'm thinking about starting your Balancing Act Cowl in this new yarn that came in the mail today.

  26. Love the hat and the yarn. Hope your ankle gets better quickly.

  27. Oh you poor thing! I hate when that happens. My ankles have always been a source of injury for me. Oh my that yarn is gorgeous!!

  28. So sorry about your ankle. :( Hope it heals up quickly, sounds like you're already back to walking. My happy? Too much to mention although my 50th is at the top of my list. :)


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