Prepare, Ready and Being Present

With one child home this is what the coffee table looks like (and that is just in 24 hours).  This morning I tidied up and I know that my work will be disassembled and rearranged.  I'm okay with that, if the mess is not here neither are my children :)

My goal is to make one batch of cookies a day, so far so good!

 My knitting is sort of in a stand still, I'm working on a hat and a pair of socks.  Yesterday I started a lace scarf about three different times because I just couldn't decide on whether I liked the lace design.  When I quit last night I was settled on a pattern, let's hope I still love it this morning.

You know, I love iceberg lettuce, I know it's not very green and there are other healthy choices but the crunch that you get from iceberg is perfection.  Three salads made per special order to go along with the home made turkey rice soup I made yesterday because I felt just a bit under the weather.  A tiny wee bug that I'm sure will disappear, it has to, Christmas is arriving.

So with being present and enjoying the NOW, I am thinking about how my husband is outside early this morning fixing the garage door that broke.  The damage is enough that I'm sure it will take at least 3 to 4 hours to fix.  When he propped the door open for me to drive the two cars out, one didn't start :/  We only replaced the battery last year so I'm guessing it might be an alternator problem.....

Coffee is on, Frodo is snuggling on my lap because it's a cold cold morning, Christmas music is playing and after lunch my son and I will be getting my daughter.  I am excited about having my family home.  Who knows what next Christmas will bring with the two of them graduating in the spring.  

A random post of what's going on here, how are your preparations and being in the present?


  1. I hope you feel better soon! Enjoy that kid-messed house. ;) I'm feeling very scattered, and we have lots of appointments this week, which isn't helping. Ah well. Stuff will get done in between!

  2. I enjoyed that random slice of your life. :-) Hopefully you'll feel better soon and you and the family will have a wonderful time together!

  3. I love iceberg lettuce the best!

    I won't bake till the weekend, but the packages are all mailed out, the tree is decorated, the knitting has been pared down to "realistic" and we are well on our way!

  4. Hope you feel better quickly. You've a busy schedule, but with your family together you'll have a fabulous time.

  5. Iceberg is the best! I completely agree. It seems the sickness and the repairs always creep up during this season. I always say it could be worse. We just kicked the flu out of our house!

  6. I do the same with lace patterns, i just want to start and get on with the shawl, am really trying to discipline myself to make swatches and check things properly otherwise I'm starting and stopping then worrying if I'm using the right size needles, if I like the pattern.... I've got 2 more days of work then 12 days off, really looking forward to it, but like you, always striving to live in the now. Rebecca :)

  7. You can't be sick at Christmas! Last year, I was sick first and then Hubby so we didn't get to have our grands over for dinner. We're trying to stay well this year. I agree about iceberg lettuce. The crunch is so satisfying. Your knitting looks great and all your pictures are, too. The candy kisses are making me want chocolate! HA!

  8. SMILE I hear you with mess and i know the home will all be too empty and tidy sooner than I'd like so I'll enjoy it while I can. Hope your bugs stay away so you can really enjoy the family being all home. Keep warm over there. Love Leanne

  9. Hope you feel better soon Karen. And both kids home by this evening, enjoy!

  10. Looking festive!! I know, it's a hectic time of year, especially with unexpected things coming up! This week we are mostly just scrambling to get everything ready for our holiday trip. We will be away fro 2 weeks, so there's lots to do!

  11. I know that chocolate is going to make you feel much better soon. (Had Justin with us for 2 days...sick...feeling much better today. Hope you bounce back as quickly.) Enjoy your kids's beginning to look a lot like Christmas there....I can tell from the coffee table!

  12. Enjoy your children being home! It looks like Christmas is well underway in your corner!

  13. Hi Karen, sorry you're under the weather. Hope you soon feel better. Everything looks lovely. I like iceberg for the crunch too, even though it doesn't have much flavour it's nice and refreshing. I'm a bit obsessed with little gem lettuces at the moment. My mum used to always buy them, so maybe it's a bit of nostalgia that has drawn me back to them.

    I've baked three cakes, and been spending the last few days dawn til dusk finishing off painting the bedrooms. I kept picking up the wrong shade yesterday in the half light and accidentaly painting two shades on the same wall. I did it about three times. So I think it's a sign that I should stop the decorating and start cleaning and put the paint away until after the holidays. So I'm going to re-adjust a couple of yesterdays mistakes then clean the house. Hannah's coming home tonight, and a one of my sisters and her husband tomorrow. I can't wait to get the tree tonight. I hope there are some left.

    Have an awesome time and look after yourself.
    Merry merry...

  14. Karen hope that bug high tails it out of your house! How wonderful that you are so prepared for Christmas! Wish I could say the same! Tree not even up, not a decoration or hoho in sight in this house yet. Hope to pull it together this weekend.Good thing I have all grown children....hehe.

  15. I can so relate with the coffee table situation only with having our son, his bride, and the baby here full time, it's a constant. I remind myself each time I pick up (again) that I will miss it when they've moved to their own place. :) I, too, am fighting a bug that came on yesterday...rather than baking cookies, the kids and I wrapped gifts. Today we bake (or at least they will). My dh prefers iceberg too. :)


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