Baskets, Ducks and Rosy Pink Knitting

Those baskets on my new shelves are now filled with little knits, I love the easy access and feel I have choices when I am about to go outside.  Even my husband had fun choosing a hat!  The basket idea has been ruminating in my imagination for over a year.  I should have acted on the idea sooner, because this organization is bringing great joy.

I've slowed down regarding the cleaning and moving "stuff" about.  I'm happy with relocating all of my papers into the computer area.  I shredded many many bills that could have shredded many years ago.  I question why I keep such items for years.  I now have paperless billing to curb my squirreling habits.

Yesterday I had in my mind to snap a photo of Frodo.  Once he sees the camera he cannot sit still.  The above photo was taken with a toy duck on my head :)  I won't tell you how many photos I deleted...
Now that the house is empty, I am finding pockets of time for my camera and silliness.

Oh my goodness, I am loving my rosy pink knitting project!  I cannot put it down and that is heaven in my hands :)

I thought I'd share with you two purchases from whole foods when I visited my sister in November.  The hand cream (nubian heritage) has a light scent and absorbs quickly, a must for a knitter.  And the lip balm was purchased because I loved the name Mongo Kiss. The shawl is an oldie but a goodie-one of my cold mountain shawls

Have a great weekend!


  1. It really is so uplifting when you finally do something you have been dreaming about for years isn't it? I love your idea of using baskets in the foyer and I want to borrow that idea just as soon as I can find a place for the chest that sits in mine now.
    Knitting heaven in your hands sounds wonderful. I am finally on the collar of my sweater and then all that is left is the button bands!
    Have a beautiful weekend.

  2. I love the idea of putting all the little knits into baskets! We used to have "seasonal" baskets by the door (caps in the summer, mittens, hats and such in the winter) until one of our dogs (who shall remain nameless) decided they would make good chew toys. ;-( I am thinking about reorganizing the entry way and maybe I can figure out a way to incorporate baskets again.
    By the way I adore all your knitted goodness and love the idea of making a multi colored wurm hat.

  3. Oh I love the idea of little baskets for those types of things. Ree tends to come in and just throw her hat & mittens (and whatever else is in her hands when she walks in the door) on the floor. Then has a fit when I ask her to pick them up. We don't have a designated place for them though but if we did she'd get in the habit of putting them there. Thank you! I love the picture of Frodo! Such a handsome boy! And that pink shawl!!! Oh I love it!!

  4. gosh, that pink is pretty!!! (i spy fetching!!!!) I would have to put either a doggie cookie on my head....or one of my knitting patterns. A toy would never do the trick!!!

  5. All our hats and things are in a bin in the hall closet. Not quite as nicely stored or easily got to but I dream of having the space for shelves and baskets like yours. Love your pink knitting! Nothing better than a project that can't be put down.
    Happy weekend :)

  6. HA!!!! I love that Mongo Kiss balm. It's in my purse now. Never liked a lip balm better. I like how big it is and how smooth. Come to think of it, I like the smell too. So funny to see it on your blog. ; )

  7. I love having our winter knits in baskets and it makes it super easy for the little man to get his hat, mitts and neck warmer :)

    That pink is really beautiful. I always shy away from using colour when I am knitting, must remedy that.

    Have the most wonderful weekend.

  8. Baskets to organize your winter knits is a great idea. Our Sydney runs when she hears the camera turn on. LOVE the rosy pink yarn.

  9. Frodo looks like an old wise man with a big beard :)
    That pink project looks lovely, I can imagine it being a lot of fun once you know what you're doing (as you do). I'm sure the yarn is super soft!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  10. You are on a roll- great organizing there- and Frodo- what a cutie. I am reading a book about a man that went hiking with his dog Atticus ( same breed as Frodo) along the New Hampshire mountains- very good.
    Ps. love your new header...the wood heart- clever.

  11. Haha, I love that photo and angle of Frodo, such a handsome boy! All that lace is giving me anxiety! I'm so glad I can watch you knit it! hehe.

  12. I got a chuckle picturing you taking pictures with a toy duck on your head--totally something I would do! : D I *love* the silver shawl in the last photo. Your basket idea is a really good one. I do something similar, but keep it in the closet. I like how you have them on a shelf in your entryway. That rose shawl is going to be gorgeous. (Have you updated your blog banner? It's so pretty.) Have a great weekend.

  13. Frodo is just too cute!! this photo is worth all of your duck antics to get it! LOL! Love imagining this scene. ;) That rosy pink is so beautiful! I don't have a single pink shawl... now, I'm feeling the need. Enabler! ha! blessings ~ tanna

  14. The pink shawl is coming along beautifully. I finally organised our little knits a while back into baskets. It is amazing how much I have done and what we haven't worn yet. I am always looking for new hand cream especially now that we are living in Maryland. The winter weather is not kind to my skin.

  15. We juat have one basket for all of our knitted goodies..... I wish we had space for more!!

  16. I agree, the wooly basket is essential to mama's peace of mind and tidiness of home...of which we are in desperate need. Your pink shawl is so fresh and inspiring for this time of year. Happy knitting,
    xo Jules

  17. Loving your basket idea. Mine are all by the door but I suspect it's more fun to pick items out of a basket than off the radiator/bag hanging on the coat rack!
    Beautiful rosy pink knitting and very on-trend for the spring/summer 2014!

  18. What is it about dogs avoiding the camera! Great shot though.


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