inside looking out

My weekend was a simple quiet weekend.


-the way the sun angled in the sky illuminating my fence just so.
-four (four!) chickadees and one cardinal flitting about the trees at the edge of my woods.  Hearing their landings while they search for berries
-fresh deer tracks every single morning crossing the driveway that hasn't been snowblowed
-flurries every day causing a dusting that is enough to delight


-finishing up the blueberry muffins, a dozen lasts forever when there's only two of us
-simple soup and grilled cheese for dinner yesterday
-left over curry from the freezer Saturday
-cutting into THE perfect avocado :)


-relishing the quiet mornings with my coffee and notebooks
-enjoying my current knits on the needles and contemplating a sweater for my husband
-noticing the daylight that is added each morning and night-hello!!
-treasuring friendships where you pick up where you left off after the last get together
-getting lost in a book, wondering what will happen next

outside looking in
Joining Amanda


  1. a very gentle kind of weekend....i like it!!!

  2. I loved reading every word of your weekend! It sounds so peaceful!

  3. Sounds perfect! Calm, leisurely, great way to recharge one's batteries. :-)

  4. That sounds like the most perfect weekend!

  5. I'm so glad you were able to see birds, do they not stay around all year? We have cardinals all over the property that are always here, along with Carolina Wrens. I have been seeing a lot of robins lately and would love to get a picture, but every time I take the camera outside the dogs see me so off the birds fly.
    The perfect avocado? Oh yes!

  6. The perfect avocado is a true delight for sure. Our weekend was much too busy. I am eager to have one like yours soon.

  7. Isn't watching the angle of the sun change to lighter and brighter one of life's wonders? The perfect avocado is such a rare thing! We hope for snow this weekend. I envy your white world.

  8. I am so happy that we are gaining some light each day. Oh the promise of summer! Glad you had a nice quiet weekend.

  9. Oh that sounds like a wonderful weekend. Hoping your week is just as lovely :)

  10. Winter can be so soothing and quiet. eh? Loved the peek into your day

  11. Loved your thoughts...and the pictures! I especially like the adding of daylight hours both morning and evening! :) Makes a girl want to sing, yes?

  12. I love the way you've organized your thoughts in this post. Sounds like you had a lovely, peaceful weekend. The birds at my feeder keep me smiling all winter long. : ) I saw lots of deer on my way to New York over the weekend. I think they're pretty hungry this time of year, poor things!

    That last photo is stunning!

  13. sounds like a perfect weekend! and your snow, sigh, so pretty :)

  14. It sounds like you had a restful and peaceful weekend!

  15. what a wonderful weekend…sounds so peaceful!

  16. With that snow I'm thinking your hubby would love a sweater!
    I'm thinking of making new shawls for my girls...
    Do you have a good simple pattern for me?

    1. This is what I thought of when you asked

      What do you think? I think it would look so pretty :)

  17. So pretty how the sun dances on the snow, beautiful light. Yep, reading and blueberry muffins sounds just like the perfect way to spend the day.

  18. I love the white light that you get with snow...those shadows are beautiful. It all sounds good.

  19. Hmmm...my post just vanished. Great photos, Karen. What book are you lost in? I just finished Winter of the World by Ken Follett. Long but good. Now I need to go look at that shawl; it sounds interesting. Have a great day!


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