In the Quiet

In the Quiet I see:

-shades of blue and white with warm yellows cast by the lights at the end of the day
-melting snow, puddles formed
-the trees stand still, waiting for spring and newness of leaves budding
-stars twinkling in the dark sky

In the Quiet I hear:

-a bird here and there singing sweetly
-the drip drip drip of melting snow on the roof's eave and plunking against the gutter
-the distant hum of a car traveling after a day's work
-my footsteps squishing into melting snow and drifts that are now half their size

In the Quiet I feel:

-happy and content, joyful and being "in" the moment
-thankful for the time I am noticing the seasons as they herald in and wave goodbye
-time stand still, all worries suspended while appreciating the nature that surrounds me

In the Quiet of my heart I am thankful for this life.

What do you notice in the Quiet??

Have a great weekend my friends!


  1. I am having some lovely "quiet" time this morning too! It's about time for my morning walk/run...when i get outside, breathe fresh air and move around...that's when I truly wake up.

  2. Quiet is something that isn't happening here right now, everything is awaking and coming to life so it's a little noisy. I hope to have quiet in my home tonight as my guys head out on an adventure and I am left here with my knitting.
    Have a great weekend Karen.

  3. Beautiful... I crave quiet. Fortunately, most days I can carve myself a good dose. On days I can't, not good. ;) blessings ~ tanna

  4. It's amazing how much we life we miss in our busy, noisy lives. Loved this post, and all of the things revealed in your moments of quiet.

  5. The quiet of the day just before sunrise is my favorite quiet. In a couple of weeks the birds will be starting their songs, the light will be earlier (until the time change) and sprig will make herself known. Your quiet time is beautifully recorded here, Karen. Thank you.

  6. That I never get much of it....

    Oh well - it's not the season for quiet right now with kids in and out of the house and a flurry of activity going on most of the time. I'll get my chance for quiet one day I'm sure!

    Enjoy your weekend :-)

  7. I love quiet moments- they are so rare around here!

  8. Love those special, quiet moments. A quiet moment on a snowy day is especially wonderful!

  9. a lovely reflection, karen.

    in the quiet, i listen to the questions in my heart.

  10. beautiful. i love the blue light of winter. the buttery yellow late summer afternoons are lovely but it's the blue that calls to me.

  11. Love this post! My quiet time, most days, is early in the morning. I watch and listen to the birds at the feeders while I enjoy my tea or coffee. Enjoy your quiet time this weekend.

  12. Oh yes the blue winter light- nothing like it around here after a beautiful sunny winters day as the sun sets it creates the most beautiful bluish and purple light. I'm grateful for more light in the day and finally hearing the birds singing again.

  13. beautifully put.
    I have been shutting off the car radio in order to invite quiet in to my day.
    Im grateful for the bbq that brings some summer flavor to our winter dinner today

  14. Quiet moments are appreciated all the more once one becomes a mother I find ;)

  15. I so love all that snow. It's very noisy here I'm sitting at the kitchen table and the birds are singing their little heads off. One of the best sounds every.
    Have an awesome weekend.

  16. You still have quite a bit of snow! It's quiet right now for me and I'm loving it...a day to myself before I head to work! Whatever will I do?

  17. I am an early riser and just love the quiet of the house before the sun peeks over the tree tops that are the horizon here. My mornings are usually spent sipping coffee, reading a Psalm or Proverb, and quietly planning my day before the happy sounds of family fill the house.


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