I had another relaxing weekend and I'm grateful for it.  I did a bit of shopping and a lunch out with my husband on Saturday.  The weather was springlike, we shrugged the winter wear and donned the spring jackets!  I rather enjoyed it-but I still like winter.  We walked with our dog through melting streams of snow banks and breathed in that earthy scent that is the cusp of seasonal change.  No hats, no shawls, but I did wear a cowl.

My meals reflected the warmer weather, big salads with perfect avocados and lots of crunchy vegetables.  I think salad season will remain as the temperatures drop once again and winter revisits.  
There was chocolate, in bars, and in cookies.

I spent time with friends as we knit together, sharing our projects, laughing, talking and enjoying the company. I watched more Dr. Who while knitting on simple socks.  Chats with the kids-spring breaks are merely two weeks away, with an overlap weekend when we will all be together.

how was your weekend?

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  1. A lovely weekend! So calm and peaceful yet filled with the hope of spring to come! I also loved your last post. Thanks for sharing and have a great week!

  2. Oh spring jackets. Spring is in the air here too. I miss that we didn't have snow but am enjoying the lighter mornings and evenings.
    Enjoy your salad days.

  3. Sounds like a great weekend. We got into salads a lot this weekend too. I'm sure it was inspired by that beautiful weather. And of course there was some knitting!

  4. It feels so good here I spent hours working outside in my herb bed. I didn't plant anything yet because I am still hoping for a little more cold weather. I eat a salad almost everyday year round, they are so good.

  5. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me! We left last Thursday to visit Family and attend a family funeral. The reason for the trip was sad, but it was good to connect with family.

  6. weekends at your house always sound so serene!!! peaceful!!! There are just the two of us here----and somehow we end up making ours rather frenetic!!! that shawl really really did turn out great!!!!

  7. I worked all weekend, but since I had most of last week off, I can't complain. It is wonderful to thing spring right around the corner...

  8. Sounds perfect!
    I've been a very busy bee but in a good way :o)

  9. Glad you gad an occasion to wear your pretty new, red cowl!

  10. Your weekend sounds like it was relaxing, refreshing, and delicious. We had salad tonight, too! I have to admit that the brief thaw and longer days are making me long for my garden.

  11. Sounds quite lovely and relaxing. I got to meet a fellow blogger, it was very fun to meet someone I've known via blogging for five years :)

  12. just popping in to say I know your swap gift is on it's way to you! you should get it any day! (and no, it's not from me, but the sender let me know it was heading your way)


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