This weekend, I listened to the birds singing to me, well at least I think to me.  Each morning they serenaded and whispered about the changing season.  Yesterday, I walked in the afternoon drinking in the fresh air, witnessing the melting snow.  A huge snow storm is now predicted to be a dusting.  I'm guessing friends south of me will be experiencing shoveling.

Saturday was dinner at a friend's house, laughing, talking and eating-all good ingredients for a happy life.  I made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing piped on top in a decorative swirl.  We talked of our children, house projects, vacations and animals.

Over the weekend, I helped my husband with some paperwork that needed to be done.  I was the figure checker-with my trusty calculator I am invincible!  Since I was working, dinner was a simple soup and sandwiches.

We started watching All Creatures Great and Small on netflix.  Ah, the simpler life :) We used to watch this program religiously when we were first together.

How was your weekend?

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  1. This has been one strange winter hasn't it? We are going to drop today from 75 degrees to 35 tonight.
    I love soup and sandwiches for dinner. Oh and breakfast for dinner is always fun and it's pancakes tomorrow night.
    I have some paper work I need to address, April 15 is fast approaching.

  2. another sort of soothing weekend for you!!! YES!!! We still have power, but it's snowing like crazy---on top of an unknown amount of frozen sleet and ice. We're hunkering down.

  3. It's sounds like a lovely weekend. It's amazing how old movies and TV shows can bring back good memories. I remember us watching Dallas together and had to always do a silly dance to the theme music...how embarrasing...it's a good job Hannah wasn't around in those days. We would never have heard the last of it.
    I had a good weekend too thanks...Lot's of reading which was awesome.

  4. What a lovely weekend. Dinner with friends is always nice. I always like to think that the birds are singing to me too. Have a wonderful week Karen.

  5. We just got a dusting of snow and I'm not complaining! I heard the birds singing and I saw lots of them in the back yard - as they were being chased by Mowgli. Going to have to teach that dog...

    Your cupcakes sound yummy!

  6. We had a nice quiet weekend also. Visited the GK, sang in choir, did some knitting and finished reading Songs of Willow Frost. No snow here except in the mts. but lots of RAIN.

  7. dinner with friends followed by cupcakes sounds wonderful!

  8. All Creatures is on Netflix! I know what I'm off to turn on... we watched all the time when we were kids!

  9. We had a nice weekend with mild temperatures on Friday and Saturday, rain on Sunday. Four inches of snow this morning. :-)

  10. It rained all weekend here and we got close to 1.25". It was cool enough though for me to wear a few hand knits.

  11. The little bit of dusting that was predicted here has turned out to be a whole lot of ice and snow. I'm so ready for Spring!

  12. What a lovely weekend! We had friends over for dinner Friday night which put the children count up to 8... I had some sweet friends over Saturday night for dinner and Bunco and lots and lots of laughter (as well as some tears). We bought baby chicks to add to our flock, spent awhile browsing at the library, ate lunch out (a rare treat for us!), stayed up late Sunday night watching "Ponyo" with our girls, snuggled up on the floor munching popcorn and nestled in pillows and blankets together. I didn't realize what a beautiful weekend it was until I stopped and wrote it out here. Good fodder for my pending blog post! Your weekend sounds lovely too.

  13. Sounds wonderful! We took advantage of a rare rainy day to go to the movies! I still can't believe this winter keeps dumping snow after snow, but I hope it all leads to the most beautiful spring! Nonetheless, I deeply admire your ability to appreciate and enjoy whatever season you find yourself in:)


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