The weekend was warm, sunny and bright filled with two walks a day.  Sure there were chores like laundry to start and finish and frantic list of what needs to be completed by next weekend.  But tucked in the frenzy were numerous quiet moments.

-blue toe nail polish and sandals
-back porch swing and cushions dusted off and in place
-drinking in the daylight, sunlight and fresh air
-iced tea!  (decaf of course)
-quickly knitting up a few small presents for Easter
-a rice salad and cooking the salmon for me (yum!) and the steak for him on the outside grill
-seeing the lawn turning green a little more each day

how was your weekend?

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  1. Sandals, how lovely. We aren't quite there yet, but soon. Drinking in the daylight, sunlight and fresh air...there has been a lot of that around here too.

    Have the most wonderful week Karen.

  2. Hooray for painted toe nails and sandals.

    Iced tea [or just tea as we call it] is a staple here, I make it year round and there is always a gallon pitcher in my ice box, although I don't drink it my Mike and kid's do. I drink hot tea and in the morning and then water the rest of the day.

  3. So many things I like on your list. :-) I love blue nail polish and sandals (or flip flops),and any kind of fish or seafood dish is perfect in my book (we had grilled tilapia on Sunday). Sitting outside on a swing is just heaven, maybe with a good book or some knitting. Our temps were in the high 70's low 80's this past weekend and it was glorious to be outside most of the time.

  4. It all sounds so good. I hope that all your plans are completed and you are ready for next weekend. Enjoy the rest of the week. I hope that there are at least a few quiet moments tucked in. ( I love that turn of phrase)
    Happy week,

  5. Julia noticed green grass on a walk this weekend & she was so excited. Such a nice change after a winter of white... xo

  6. You had me at blue toe nail polish and sandals. The anticipation of warmer weather and being able to spend time outside makes me giddy. Good luck getting all your things done for next weekend!

  7. my sandals are out, too.....just in time for our temps to dip back into the 20's NO FAIR!

  8. Sunny and 75 on FR, Sunny and 70 on SA, 30 and Snowing on SU.

  9. Our lawn is greening up too. It is soooo exciting!
    We had windows open weather and we had a family wedding. The bride picked the perfect date!

  10. Sounds like a perfect weekend :) The warmth and sunshine were so welcome!

  11. We had a great weekend on the Oregon Coast, no sandals though.

  12. You had a good weekend! Our was good and busy too. I managed to get a few things done that I really wanted, so I'm pleased. I wore a skirt in wine country on Saturday and the cousins swam at their grandmother's hotel in Northern California. So we are definitely enjoying the sunshine.

  13. it was a good weekend! spent it doing much the same as you, Karen ~ walking walking walking

    first mow of the year on tall wet grass (almost 5 hours...I'm one sore puppy!)

    and blogging...it's been awhile & I made up for it with LOTS of pictures :)

  14. Nice weekend list. We had a sunny, warm, breezy weekend here and bought plants for the containers. They're predicting snow tonight. :-)


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