my sister baked this glorious cake!

Oh my goodness!  This weekend was filled with:

-car rides, sunshine and family
-seeing the kids and their significant others
-seeing my sister and her family
-seeing my dad and my step mom
-eating too much good food and that cake!  it was delicious :)
-spending time with my sister and a lunch out just the two of us
-walking and enjoying the views and nice weather
-Easter vigil Mass with my family
-more car rides and knitting and vowing to get back to the healthy food ;)
-returning to a long list of chores and errands to run today
-enjoying a three day break from obligations

how was your weekend?

Joining Amanda


  1. The cake is adorable!! Sounds like you had the perfect Easter weekend with family. We spent lots of time outside this weekend. Went golfing with friends, worked in the yard, some of the kiddos went into the (for me way too cold) pool to splash around and we also had our neighbor over for lunch on Easter. It was a great weekend!

  2. cute cake! hurray for lunches with sisters and family that joins you for easter vigil but most especially for obligation-free days :)

  3. I know what you mean about the 'return' to healthy eating. We seem to have enough chocolate here to open a shop! Love the cake. Such a happy looking bunny!

  4. Wow, sounds busy, but also sounds like you totally enjoyed it! Here's to a relaxing week :)

  5. What a fun cake! Breaks from obligation are the best :)

  6. Cute cake! Was it tasty? Our Easter was filled with song, 3 services yesterday and 1 on Friday evening. In between we squeezed in a visit with the local GK, an altogether great weekend!

  7. Such a cute cake! We ate wedding cake and a whole lotta other crap this weekend. I must get back to healthy eating as well! It sounds like your weekend was just as busy as ours was! Enjoy your week.

  8. Oh that cake is wonderful. I'm especially glad that you had sunshine and family.

    We had lots of family time and fun too. Lots of sun but lots of wonderful rain too and thunderstorms last night. We haven't had one for ages and it was really cosy to be indoors.

  9. what a cute cake :)
    glad for your fun weekend!

  10. Sounds like your Easter was happy and blessed! What a sweet cake. : )

  11. So cute! I too loved having a three day weekend. Extra time with family and a daytrip to the museum since we had the extra day!

  12. A very fun cake! Too cute to eat.

  13. Totally brilliant cake!

    My weekend was spent trying to discover if the carpet beetle we found under a window had just flown in or was the first sign of an infestation (eugh!). Having sorted through every textile in the house over the four day long weekend here I can report, exhaustedly, that the little blighter was thankfully travelling alone. Phew!

  14. I am late to the party, but a belated Happy Easter! And that is the cutest bunny cake I have ever seen! And it looks totally delicious...coconut always seems like a good idea to me:)

  15. That cake is adorable! Hope you had a wonderful Easter. I had family visiting and now feel like I'm so far behind after taking a few days off. Enjoy the rest of your week!


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