Dogwoods, Lettuce and Singing Sparrow

I think spring is here to stay, really!  This past week I've enjoyed watching the dogwoods bloom and although they are not as big and bountiful as last year, I'm glad they survived the harsh winter and are celebrating spring for me.  I'm hoping the butterfly bush will show life soon, but I fear that the winter and mounds of snow were too much. This spring has been a daily habit of looking at beds and watching and waiting for signs of new life.  So far, the rabbits are nibbling away any new bulb that sprouts.

Frodo is getting a bit older and wiser.  He tends to only bark a bit at the deer and sometimes he doesn't see the rabbits! What?  That is unheard of....I know when I push publish on the post, I will find a rabbit in his mouth....that is what happens when you document life so boldly.

The spring days have a rhythm to them that I have enjoyed and snuggled into gleefully.  I shop at a vegetable market once a week picking up tons of lettuce heads and salad ingredients.  I soak and spin out the leaves at the sink, taking pleasure in such a simple task.  Sometimes I am transported to my youth and remembering the same chore executed with less happiness.  I had better things to do back then.  Now preparing fresh lettuce is satisfying-go figure.

I have a sparrow living in a tree outside my bedroom window.  Each morning she sings a bit earlier, I've grown accustom to her wake up call and enjoy listening to her.  Another sign of spring has been the hum of mowers in the distance and the scent of cut grass.  Spring peepers have been active down by the ponds, although they are supposed to be calling out at night, when the weather is drastically warm they will call out to mates in the daytime.

Have a lovely weekend!!


  1. Beautiful pictures, spring comes and goes here. Today it is raining hard and cold, but surprisingly enough the lettuce bed is doing really well, not long and it will be ready for the table. Have a good weekend.

  2. The rabbits have been out here too, I see them every morning. I got smart this year and planted my kale in a huge wash tub that is at the end of my herb bed, maybe this will save them from becoming midnight rabbit snacks.
    Great pictures Karen.

  3. I love this time of year! Just yesterday my hubby commented on the fact that he now wakes up to the birds singing outside the bedroom window. :-) Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Lovely dogwood photos! I'm enjoying this spring so much, probably because of the never-ending winter. Every day I check my gardens (really, I should by weeding every day, too) and yesterday found the first strawberry blossom. Sweet Frodo -- he really looks like a wise old soul.

  5. Such a magical time of year! We too have been enjoying it. Have a lovely weekend Karen.

  6. What a pretty flower that dogwood has! I do hope that your butterfly bush comes back to life. It's so lovely to see what gardens half way across the world are doing :o) - and dear little Frodo, please give him a cuddle from me - he is adorable!

  7. Frodo certainly looks like he is happy that spring has arrived!

  8. Lovely photos, Karen. Two of our rose bushes have suffered from the winter, but everything else seems to be doing well. Enjoy your weekend.

  9. Beautiful photos. I feel like I have some how missed spring - temps are already reaching the 80s here and to me it feels like July. I miss the seasons. Enjoy all that lovely spring freshness!
    Happy weekend :)

  10. Karen, we find pleasure in many of the same things. The Dogwood photos are beautiful. My mom's white one is absolutely gorgeous this spring...but the pink one, while still pretty, is not as vibrant as in the past.

    Frodo...alas, he grows older each day...the same as we do. I just had this thought...remember how you said you take pleasure in spinning the lettuce dry at the sink now, but you didn't in earlier years? Perhaps that is the way it is with Frodo...he understands now that the things he did when he was younger really didn't bring him the fulfillment now as it once did. Now he realizes the simple pleasure of just resting in the grass and enjoying the day. :)

    Enjoyed your blog post today, my friend! Have a SUPER weekend!

  11. Ahhh, isn't spring delightful? We are enjoying it here too. Our tomato and pepper starts came in the mail today and I am eager to get them in the ground but am down with a little cold, so I guess that doesn't qualify is "taking it easy." Haha! Beautiful pictures - I hope your spring weather sticks around for good now!

  12. So many pretty flower photos. I love the yellow "sprinkles" at Frodo's feet. I still am so tickled you have a dog named Frodo.

  13. Frodo appears to be enjoying spring! Your dogwood is much more "fruitful" than ours with its one whole blossom. That's more than last year though! Have a great weekend.

  14. I've been watching my clematis - I was afraid it didn't survive the winter, but it finally has signs of life! Happy Mother's Day weekend.

  15. Oh I love this post Tracey. It's full of the things I love. Spring has been weird here too. The wind is howling outside but the wet weather has brought so much green foliage and the blossoms are amazing.The robins have built a nest outside our window I love their alarm call every morning too.
    I hope that springs enjoyable rhythm continues for the rest of the week.
    ps I think that we have well and truly found the one.

    1. whoops sorry Karen. why did I call your Tracey? My mind is so boggled these days it's no wonder. dx


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