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I can't remember where I was in blogland but someone was sharing their space where they create so I thought I'd share mine again.  I love seeing where people are inspired when dreaming up future projects, don't you?  I've been toying around in my mind a sweater to knit.  So far I haven't cemented on a pattern or a yarn.  However, I've spent many hours on Ravelry....

In the spirit of getting to know you and you knowing me, here are some truths:

-I had a Catholic education from kindergarten through high school
-I wore a uniform in high school and LOVED knowing what I was wearing every single day
-when eating dinner I always taste my vegetables first
-I love eating green foods:  green beans, peas, lettuce, spinach, sprouts.....
-I had fast labors with both children
-even though I was born to birth babies, both were sickly and colicky :(
-on my 10th birthday I broke my front tooth and spent the entire day at the dentist having it fixed
-I became computer literate so I could be on Ravelry and later start a blog
-my son helped me the most with these endeavors
-I get lost easily
-I prefer written directions instead of a map
-the first book to hook me onto reading was Little Women when I was 13 years old
-I've loved libraries as a teen through adulthood but never went to one as a child
-my handwriting was horrible in elementary school
-the first time I was stung by a bee was when I was 16 years old-and it hurt!
-I was terrified by dragonflies as a child and would scream running in fear

How about you?  Care to share something new??


  1. What a beautiful space Karen.
    I have no sense of direction either and always prefer a paper copy of just about everything, too old to change some things I guess.
    I had long, terrible labors, but wanted eight babies. I am happy with the five I was blessed to have.
    I hope you enjoy a beautiful weekend.

  2. What a lovely space you have, Karen!

    I am in the process of organizing mine & I'm looking forward to (finally) sharing it. It's not a gorgeous space but it's all mine so I can't complain.

    PS George gets lost easily & also needs written directions (even if he's been someplace a million times). I was born with an uncanny internal GPS & so he drives me a little batty sometimes. He'll be pleased to hear I know someone else like him. :)

  3. What a beautiful space! I have a room dedicated to crafting but it is not this organized. I need to get in there and straighten up. Fun to learn more about you!

  4. Your work space is so organized! I must admit I do not have a work space. My creative "stuff" is scattered throughout the house! Yes, it's a mess. :)

  5. What a beautiful space to create in. One day I will have a dedicated crafting space, for now I have a little space in our living space. I much prefer hand written directions too. Fast labour here too, and very intense :)

    Have the most wonderful weekend.

  6. Beautiful, delightful work space. I spent a few hours in mine yesterday to get into some sort of order and it still isn't as neat as yours. I always say it is organized chaos...

  7. Such a peaceful and beautiful creative space Karen! I had my own little space for quite a while as I was a scrapbooker and on many design teams but I lost that when our 8th baby came along and for a while we shared the space. Now she is 3 and my crafts have been squished into a few spaces through out the house. I don't mind because I know all too soon these years will be gone and I will have more space then I want to spread out again! Thanks for sharing!

  8. What a wonderful space you have! My space is really just my knitting chair with my knitting bag next to it. My stash is semi-organized in some bins in a closet, but I won't have a room of my own until my kids are completely moved out, and I'm not in a big rush for that! I was also afraid of dragonflies when a boy in 1st grade told me that they could sew my lips shut!

  9. Karen, you have a beautiful space for your creative endeavors! It looks so inviting!! I grew up in a very small "town" with a tiny library that was only open Monday evenings. (It was "staffed" by a volunteer.) At the time I was totally smitten with a series and would check the same books out over and over and over. It got to the point where my mom threatened to take away my library card if I didn't start checking out different books. ;-)

  10. What a neat space for you to be creative! I seem to go from place to place in my home like a gypsy. I have no memories of going to the library as a child but when I was a teen they built a nice big new one right down the street from me and I loved walking there all the time.

  11. Your space looks so roomy and organized! I had fast labors with both children too.. with finn I transitioned in the car on the way to the birth center and Phoebe was 4 hours start to finish. As a child (maybe ages 7-14) I would read a book every single day of the summer (a new one, each day!). Loved getting to learn more about you!!

  12. Your creative space is lovely! I'm in the process of building myself my sewing space. It's not exactly where I want it to be yet, but it's getting there. Here if you want a peek :

    I'm trying to think of 3 quirky things about myself :
    - I have very strange memory of numbers : If I dial a phone number once or twice, I will know it forever. My hubby calls me his own personal phone book. I'm the same with directions. For that, he always says he doesn't need GPS, he has YPS : Yanic positioning system. :-)
    - I love to cook, but I can't follow a recipe to save my life : There is always something I want to change, or something in the recipe that is missing. That being said, I'm horrible at sharing recipes cause I improvise everything. When people ask me to try and remember what I put in something, and I have to think about it too much, it doesn't taste as good.
    - I'm a very active person but I strongly dislike exercise. If it's an activity I love to do, like walking, dancing, playing with my kids, I can do it forever without getting tired. But if I have to be somewhere at a specific time, I lose all interest!

    :-) Looking forward to getting to know you more. Great blog!

  13. i LOVED taking a peek at your space!!! I just rearranged my itty room….but still don't have enough space to have much yarn popping up like yours does!!! No wonder you are so inspired all the time!!!!!

  14. I love seeing the spaces people create for themselves. Yours is so bright and organized. Looks like a great place to be creative.

  15. I love your studio space! It looks very inviting and is filled with good light. I really enjoyed reading through your 'getting to know me' list. Even though I love gardening, I've only been stung by a bee once, when I was eighteen. And, although I've had five babies, all of my labors were long--two were over twenty-four hours.

  16. Karen, I loved seeing your space where you get creative! I love the blue and white...and the shades of green! AND, all of the baskets of yarn, OF COURSE! Lovely!

    Hmmm...something about me that you may not know...I grew up in a two story brick home that was built in the mid 1800's, with the brick actually made there on the land. It was my parental grandfather's dairy farm. He and my grandmother lived in the downstairs and my parents, my two brothers and myself lived upstairs. My grandfather passed away there when I was in high school, my dad passed away when our children were young, and my grandmother continued to live there with my mother until she passed away at 99. My mother still lives in the same house!

  17. Your work room is lovely. I really like all the green and blue, it's so fresh and spring like. I love to be surrounded by colours from nature. I love the blue and white quilt over the chair...did you make it?
    I hated my school uniform and used to use the hat to collect conkers on the way home from school.
    Have an amazing weekend.

  18. Sure! I loved reading that you were born to birth!! wow. Not many women can say that! my daughter was colicky too.
    *I don't have a craft area…I just take over spots in the house.
    * I got my first kitten within 6 weeks of moving out of my parents home! My father disallowed Cats for no good reason.
    * I had braces twice as a kid. My gums swelled up once and they hurried the hardware off for a year.
    * It snowed here today…seriously just flakes

  19. What a wonderful crafting space :)

  20. Look at your baskets of yarn! I wish I had a space for crafting. As it is I have a book shelf of baskets of stuff in the laundry room and pull out whatever I'm working on.

    One thing that not many people know about me is that when I lived in New England and was homesick for the Rocky Mountains, I used to listen to John Denver. New England is beautiful, but the mountains are just not the same.

  21. I loved this post! I wish my craft area were as pretty and tidy. Of course, it gives me something to aim for once all our furniture arrives.

  22. Oh your craft space is fantastic! It's out of a magazine! I like your about me items too. I feel obliged to share as well.
    *Our apartment is too small for a craft area/room, however I keep most of my knitting supplies and stash in a tall book tower or narrow shelf.
    *I misplace things a lot, usually because I'm rushing.
    *I am a member of the TOO BIG BAG cult. I keep trying to leave them but I always return.
    * My only child was almost 6 weeks early and I didn't even know I was in labor, until I woke up in the middle of the night bleeding. They tried to stop the contractions, but then they induced when that didn't stop the bleeding. He was still out in 11 hrs from the time I woke up in such a state. So I think that qualifies as fast?

  23. I love seeing your creative spaces!

  24. what a lovely space you have! I don't have one at the mo, but we're moving soon so I hope to find one in our new home. Something about me...I HATE the colour red. Don't know why. And my second baby was a two hour labour. It was awesome!

  25. I don't know how I missed this post! I love getting glimpses into other blogger's homes, what a lovely creative corner you have there. And it was nice to learn more about you, too. A couple of things I could relate to: loving libraries and being terrified of dragon flies. The latter caused a bike accident when I was 13 and I still have a long scar on my leg from it.


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