Creating Good Habits

I've been thinking about how we create good habits.  What makes us choose them and execute the steps to create them.  For me, everything starts out with a list.  When you write down what you want to achieve, seeing the goal on paper makes it real.

Years ago, I wanted to pray more, start a journal, and incorporate exercise into my daily life.  The spiritual goal was quite easy.  I just started.  I had some prayer books and picked out what I wanted to read.  Over the years, I've added more prayers, readings and feel that I've met my goal that I set out so long ago. I have a list of people and intentions that are in my prayers.

The journal writing was a bit trickier.  I used to journal when I was a teen and young adult.  I don't know why I quit.  I wanted to start up again and something stopped me.  Maybe I wanted perfection?  Maybe I thought my writing would be boring.  I really don't know.  I do remember though buying the perfect journal and the perfect pen and just doing it.  Who cares whether it is good or bad?  It's for me and me alone.  I must say that Amanda from the habit of being blog and her prompts have been motivating and a source of inspiration.

This past week, I've been participating in a journaling class that is being offered by Lori at project based homeschooling-campcreek blog.  She generously offered this class free to celebrate her birthday last month.  I've been receiving emails every day with nitty gritty thought provoking words and more inspiration.  I'm loving it. Through this class, I've broaden my view of my journals and have some ideas of expanding how I create in them.

Lastly the exercise.....This has been the toughest habit to incorporate because I LOVE to sit. Really, that is what a knitter does, sits and knits.  In March, I started doing beginning yoga with this app- yoga studio.  Oh how I love it.  There are quite a few beginner's programs to choose from and I can do the routines in my home. I have noticed a significant improvement in my flexibility and strength.  Moving my body makes me feel much better.

You already know I walk Frodo.  In the past, this was a few times a week.  Now I walk him daily sometimes twice daily.  Both my husband and I bought activity trackers, mine is a Withings pulse and his is a fitbit one.  We have tons of fun comparing how many steps we've done in a given day.  I think it's a fun gadget and a tiny motivational tool.

How do you incorporate a good habit in your life?

Have a lovely weekend!!


  1. This post helped me because it is good to know that others struggle with some of the same issues I have - as far as making good habits. I have walked daily for years, with my husband, because that is what we enjoy doing as our "together time." Now, I want to do some strengthening exercises for other parts of my bod but am struggling to start and be consistent with that. I also have other goals this year that have gone by the wayside, I am sad to admit. I keep thinking that I will have time and opportunity to get back on track this summer, but so far that hasn't happened. I also journal, I try to do it daily, but I am sure it isn't very interesting - just a basic record of what went on in the family. About a year ago, my bishop (pastor) counseled me very seriously to read the scriptures every single day and I have and it has helped with so many things - really I was amazed and how that little bit of time devoting my thought to God has had amazing results. Prayer is the same way. I pray often through out the day.

  2. Good habits, something I strive for daily. I had the best habit of rising early and walking/running every morning, then it got hot [today 98 degrees], which makes it hard for me to be outside.
    As far as eating goes I'm pretty good, but I do like something sweet once in awhile, something I never wanted when I was younger.
    I'm so glad to be back home and visiting you again, I missed you.
    Have a great weekend and happy summer.

  3. I completely understand the exercise vs. sitting problem! I know I need to exercise more, but I can come up with a million different excuses - it's too hot, cold, wet, I'm tired, I'll do it later, etc. A friend recommended "The Willpower Instinct" by Kelly McGonigal and I'm hoping it will have some good ideas for making exercise a habit. My love of sitting has made it very easy to make knitting and reading important things in my life. Thanks for providing some more motivation to quit sitting so much!

  4. Good for you exercising more! I have a fitbit I wear as well and it has really made me more aware of my activity level each day. I have been working hard to make time for reading lately because I was only getting a page or two before falling asleep at night.

  5. I dance. 20-40 minutes a day, usually 6 days a week. I just watch TV when I do it; I don't even need music anymore. And I do 100 'push-ups' against a wall or door, 3-4 times a week. booyah. Easy peasy. :)

  6. I'm going to be taking note of the links you provided here, Karen. I love to journal, but I have trouble sticking with it at times.

    And I know what you are saying about the exercise. I have a stretching tape for people with fibromyalgia and I have been amazed at how much more flexible I am...working outside has been so much easier this spring! But I need to be much more faithful at it. Perhaps when I get back from our daughter's I will start the journaling and the exercising with regularity.

    Thanks so much for sharing here, Karen, about the way you've created and are continuing to create new habits! You are a blessing!

  7. Creating good habits seems pretty easy, sticking with it is hard! I love walking/running but since we're on summer break and it is hot and humid it has suffered some. We're also expecting company for the next three weeks, so I know our schedules will be a bit out of whack... The good thing is I can always start fresh! :-) Have a beautiful weekend!

  8. I am a goal setter by nature, so when I want to change I set the goal and then figure out how to make it happen. It is a process, and when I see it like that making change becomes a little easier :)

    Have a lovely weekend Karen. Happy Summer Solstice!

  9. I am a list maker …..a crazy list maker. I love to cross stuff off my lists.
    I recently bought a new balance pedometer that is worn like a watch. it is really helping me to get my steps in.
    I read somewhere that a new habit takes at least 21 days to incorporate into routine….

  10. why are the bad habits so much easier to make than the good ones??????????????

  11. What Steph said! I need to use my step counter more ... aren't they the best tools.

  12. I'm a huge list maker too!! I try to walk at least 5 or 6 times a week. Not far - just a mile - but it is a hilly mile... and it takes weight off my heart.... And then on those days when I'm out running errands, I park far away from each shop. That way, later on, if I don't get out for my normal walk, I don't feel so guilty!

    Linda in VA

  13. i have finally learned that positive goals work for me — it is MUCH easier to eat a piece of fruit every day rather than try to stop eating junk food! yet because i do that, i DO eat less junk food. making it positive and concrete works well for me. :)

    thank you SO much for your kind words about the class! <3 <3 <3

  14. Happy First Day of Summer! You've got some good habits going there. I've been trying to incorporate some strengthing exercises ala Miriam Nelson into my day; have you read any of her books?

  15. These are all life-changing habits - well done you! I'm a huge fan of yoga - so happy that you're liking it. I'm also a huge fan of lists - and I tend to make a new one each day, which helps reinforce any new habits I'm working on incorporating.

  16. I used to do yoga every morning at 4AM before I started my day. Then my day started at 4AM and I kid of fell off that bandwagon. The breath work from yoga really helped my running, but since I've been having so many shoulder problems I'm not sure what kind of yoga I could do now. But I would like to get my breathing back under control for running!

  17. I love this post:) Everything starts with a list for me too, and I love setting goals--big ones, small ones, both long and short term. I love the idea that our time is what we choose to make of it, and I am always asking myself what it is that I want to be doing. I am so inspired by your example and how you have turned your dreams into reality. And also, I am hoping to get a fitbit after the baby comes to motivate me to stay active! My mom has one, so we can compare steps:)


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