Dinosaurs, Moments and Blackberries

A few weeks ago I woke up to a little parade of origami dinosaurs on my table in the family room, I've left them as placed since they blend in.  In less than a month, waking up to origami surprises will end.  I'm excited for my son's new school year in a new place.  Our daughter is also moving in the next few weeks.  She's taking the bar exam next week and then we help with the relocating, busy busy busy.

So while there is change going on in their lives, I'm waking up and being present in my life.  Yesterday was spectacular weather.  I wore a hoodie in the morning on my walk--amazing!  Cold fronts in the summer are pockets joy.  I'm thankful for the fresh breezes and blue skies.

I won a spot in an ecourse, 28 moments given by Michelle.  (thank you Michelle!)  I have been thoroughly enjoying this course which is chock full of writing prompts, photography prompts and a private group on Flickr.  Originally, I thought I was "too busy" to do a course to stop and notice moments of my life, how wrong!  This course is helping me slow down during a busy life.  I'm so grateful :)

Leanne wanted a closer look at my vision board in my studio.  Mostly the cards are from friends that I thought were pretty..  The top left bookmark was from an independent bookstore that I just LOVED.

The blackberries that grow wild in my backyard lining the woods have ripened.  When Frodo and I are out and about we pick them....well, he waits while I pick them.  This year, they seem bigger than ever.  The past week, I've heard the cicadas humming away and even a lone acorn has fallen on the driveway.  The subtle shift has started.  I know we have two more months of summer but that lone acorn brought me a sliver of happiness knowing that Autumn is around the corner.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. So nice to see my elephant on your board! The photo you sent me in return is on MY board in my studio. :-)

    Cicadas here too. I am not a fan of summer ending in the best of years. I am particularly dreading back to school this year. I get in knots every time I think of it.

  2. we're enjoying the northern cold shift here on the cape, too---dreading returning to the 90s next week. :( I've always wanted to mess around with origami...love your dino parade! (they look very complicated!) Enjoy 'blackberry summer'!

  3. I am looking forward to the time when I can wear a hoodie on my walks, it is still months away.
    Your blackberries look so juicy , I bet they would be wonderful on yogurt or just eaten alone.

    I hope you have a great time with your family this weekend Karen. I am so excited for your daughter and your son, big things just waiting right around the corner.

  4. Oh yes, my friend, autumn definitely is around the corner. The tips of the leaves on my Burning Bush have begun to change...ever so slowly. All the while the Rose of Sharon closest to the house is showing forth its beautiful lavender blossoms.

    Thank you for all you share here in this space with us, Karen. You truly are a blessing and inspiration to me...and I am sure to many others.

    Enjoy every single one of those moments while the kids are still in the house. Waking up to those origami creations now is one of those little joys that will leave its footprints on the heart of your memory bank.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Karen!

  5. It is a gorgeous cool morning here today! I am savoring it because they say the humidity will return soon. I've been hearing the cicadas too! I love them. I love your vision board too!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. I love the cute dinosaurs and also the wild-growing black-berries from your yard! I love your "vision board." Dianna is right ~ I agree with her comment. You do inspire all of your readers!

  7. Blackberries are starting to ripen here too. One of the simple joys of late summer.

  8. I love your dog! :) I have a similar vision board in my room where I paste things that I love too. Happy Friday!

  9. It's cold in MT. too, 56 degrees yesterday not ready for fall yet! I love your vision board and I checked out the e-course- that looks very creative and inspiring.
    Wishing you daughter the best of luck...and you too have a wonderful weekend Karen.

  10. I'm glad you're taking the time to be present during this origami surprise time. That parade of dinosaurs is really sweet and poignant. Wishing your daughter all the best on her bar exam!

  11. Wow! You're kids are really impressive with what they can do. Origami dragons and law school alike are feats I am not sure I could ever achieve in this life time.
    Much Love, enjoy the cooler weather. Here in Southern CA, our drought continues in 90 degree days.

    1. I meant YOUR (not you're). At least I'm that smart. : )

  12. Blackberries are a joy, beautiful made into jam for the Winter months a great reminder of the summer. Your vision board is delightful, have a great weekend.

  13. Sounds like a fun ecourse. I love your vision board! I really need to put mine in spot where I can see it. Have a wonderful weekend :-)

  14. I have to agree with you, waking up to a cool morning and then letting the sun gently warm the day is just heaven to my soul. I sleep so much better when it's cool. Fall is my favorite time of year if you hadn't guessed! :-)

    I love your vision wall. I will be working on mine as soon as we have a few more pressing projects completed. And the dinosaurs are so cute!!!!

    Have a beautiful week-end! xo

  15. The dinosaurs are perfect! Your origami artist is very talented and I love that you were surprised by this little parade. Our blackberry bushes are giving us more berries this year than ever before. So, so good! Yes, the weather shift has started here as well. It is still very hot, but we've already found lots of yellow leaves in our yard and the days are getting shorter. Have a happy weekend!

  16. I spy Myrtle Beach on your vision board :) I remember that sunrise like it was yesterday. We have had much cooler weather this week, almost fall like, and have been enjoying it. Love those dinosaurs, cute!
    Have a wonderful weekend Karen. xo

  17. the origami dinosaurs are amazing!

  18. Just love your origami dinosaurs ......also love your blackberries!

    All the best Jan

  19. those origami dinosaurs are fantastic!
    and i know, such big changes with your kids these days. oh, mama.

    i'm thrilled that you're enjoying 28 moments…do you know, the last few posts of yours that i've read, i can feel things from class coming through and it makes me smile. i knew it would translate for you. kisses to you.

    and the tiny hints of fall…i'm feeling them too. (hooray!)

  20. How clever are the dinosaurs! cant wait until it is blackberry season here again...but am still enjoying the bounty of last summers jam...mmmm

  21. I see the crafty gene runs in your family. ;-)

  22. Love the origami dinos and your vision board. Enjoy your family time.

  23. I'm thinking a trip to Portland or Seattle may be in order in the beginning of Sept to pick blackberries! I haven't pick blackberries in years...since my brother lived in Washington State.

    Best of luck to your daughter on her exam!

  24. Love the dinosaurs!!! I may have to try some origami myself... I know my grandsons would love these little critters.

    I think it is wonderful that you carved some time out to take the class, Karen. You may have inspired me to try the same. I think we may just have to DECIDE to make the time... because it never seems to slow down. blessings ~ tanna
    ps So far my weekend has been showing the apartment we have for lease, knitting a LITTLE and I'm about to head to church and then hopefully knit some more! ;)

  25. Those dinosaurs are adorable! I'd love to pop one of those berries into my mouth!

  26. Love the dinosaurs! That course sounds just perfect!!


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