Cobbled Together Family

Sometimes I wish I carried my camera, any camera around.  Yesterday when I went to get the mail, I decided I didn't need to carry a cell phone all the time....of course it's then I see many deer.  I calmly walked to the house and grabbed both cameras and came back. Only two stayed for the photo shoot.  I think they were on to me.

This summer, there have been a pair of little fawns without a mother and a slightly older fawn without a mother walking about the area while I've been walking with Frodo.  Each time I'd see them, I'd rejoice that they were doing well.  We are surrounded by woods and spotting them is quite common.  I was thrilled when this older deer in the photo above adopted the three orphans and still has her own fawn to care for. A cobbled together family of sorts.

Can you believe today is the first of August?  This month will be flying by since this is the Moving Children Month.  The shift has started ever so slightly to fall.  The days are getting shorter and school supplies are displayed everywhere I turn.  The past few mornings, I've slept in to 5:30 a.m.!  What decadence :)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. We are surrounded by deer too, but they are not on my good list at the moment...they ate every grape off my arbor in one night. Cheeky deer and we aren't even going to discuss the squirrels.

    I can not believe it's August! I took the month of July off to do as I wished, but now it's time to get back to work, sigh.

    Have a beautiful weekend my friend.

  2. We have some deer in the field behind us , some little monk jacks. Every time I have the camera to hand they disappear. Maybe one day...

  3. I can't believe the calendar says August either. The summer is going by way too fast! Enjoy your weekend. And try to sleep past 5:30 :-)

  4. Lots of deer here too. The fawns are so sweet. We were sitting here the other night and a 10 point buck walked between our home and the neighbor's. So wonderful. My husband remarked he must be quite smart to be alive this long without being hunted down. I am grateful for that :)


  5. We've seen a few deer in our neighborhood, but that was when they were running across the road. Not a good thing, especially early in the morning. :-( The entire summer just flew by, we are going back to school/work next week already! Wishing you a great weekend!

  6. Can't believe it's August 1st ......Christmas Cards are already in some shops, and the kids not back at school yet.

    Life sure moves fast ....too fast at times.

    All the best Jan

  7. Enjoy your weekend, too! Happy August!

  8. I love deer. August, did you say August, I can't believe it! Where did July go?

    Have the most wonderful weekend Karen.

  9. Actually I am gload July is over. It has been a hair raising month! :)
    5:30 is sleeping in? Oh goodness. That is my rise and shine time (but I snooze a couple times first). Hope you see more of your deer family! That's always nice to see wildlife so close.

  10. when we were away earlier in the month, a friend took a photo of some deer munching on the flowers in our front yard. we live on a fairly well traveled road....hoping they managed to escape to the woods several blocks away. no sign of them since we got home.
    August....!!!!!!!!! The kids here start back to school on Monday. !!!!!!!! Reason for all those school supplies to be in the stores!

  11. There are two 5.30s in a day? Who knew? ��

  12. There are lots of cobbled families in the world... this one makes me smile. =) I can feel the change... the days are getting shorter... and with all the rain we've had this week I can almost feel fall in the air. Good luck with Move The Children Month!! blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  13. What a treat to be able to watch the fawns grow. Enjoy your weekend

  14. I love the pictures of the deer. It's always so nice when you see animals near your house.

    Have a happy weekend! :)

  15. I have noticed the sun setting earlier… :(

  16. What a lovely thought... animals adopting... I love that!
    I wish it was only school supplies. Costco has started selling Christmas trees. :-P
    Have a lovely August! Good luck with the moves.

  17. at least two stayed for you ;) i know those frustrating times when you wish you had the camera...grrr.

    to august...


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