Finding My Happy Place

daughter's new digs!

This week has been a little stressful for me.  I was frazzled and my patience wore thin with simple everyday happenings.  I found myself getting angry with others and myself, not liking how I was answering questions or my worried state of mind.

a sign of fall

I think we all get like that.  When events are overwhelming and you are just overflowing with many thoughts and feel, well, feel stressed.  So in the spirit of winning the battle of life's challenging moments, here is what I do to find my Happy Place.

finding my happy place

1.  I decide to find my happy place.  I make a resolution and they usually start in the morning
2.  I talk a long walk-walking and moving my body releases physical and mental stress
3.  I opted to buy a pattern on Ravelry that I've been thinking about.  That instant purchase gave me joy!
4.  I quit saying "at the end of August, I will do ______"
5.  I spent time alone in my studio balling up some delicious yarn
6.  I scaled back the internet time
7.  I eat some sugar, preferably chocolate.
8.  I have a long conversation with my sister who listens
9. I focus on the positive and push away the worried thoughts, this is easy if I've done the first eight on my list, being positive is challenging when I'm worrying
10.  Lose myself in a good book or maybe a simple daydream about nothing

How do you deal with stress?


  1. We all need a happy place to go to when the stresses of life begin to overtake us, I'm glad you found yours Karen. I guess you know mine is the beach, it really does help me.
    I absolutely love your daughter's new digs. Just look at those brick walls, so pretty.
    Enjoy a stress free weekend!

  2. I am liking this...sounds like some really good things to do Karen- especially the chocolate part :)
    I ride my horses and go to the lake- complete stress release.
    Happy Knitting.

  3. I get that way on occasion myself and have been stressed too. Finding your happy place is key ��

  4. Knitting and spinning are my big stress relievers. I talk to friends, go for a walk, or even clean the house a bit. You have a lot going on right now so I can't imagine how much stress is happening. Good for you for identifying it and dealing with it - and finding your happy place!

  5. I do almost all these things as well. When things change too quickly or life gets overwhelming I am finding that the first thing I need to do is shut off the internet. Just taking that away helps my emotional equilibrium so much. The second thing I do is set up a morning prayer time (it's usually when this part of it has fallen by the wayside that I notice my worry goes up). I hope you have a restful weekend!

  6. yes, i think we all get like this from time to time. so glad you have an action plan for finding your happy place. yes!
    some things for me: get outside. write something. photograph something. exercise. chocolate helps too.

    and i love your daughter's digs!!!

  7. I felt out of sorts this week too, but I have been working through it and today am at ease and in my happy place, hook and yarn in my hand, a book waiting to be read and cooler temperatures.
    Have a lovely, relaxing weekend my friend. Hugs!

  8. I love your reflections. To deal with stress, I also knit which helps relieve stress. And also I take a walk around our neighborhood.

    Have a wonderful relaxing weekend! :)

  9. Clean, clean, clean! :) When I do that my hubby starts watching me with darting eyes and then asks me whats wrong... I finish cleaning, release, and then I am better... AFter all my house is clean!!!

  10. Smile a good post. I deal with stress by distraction and bunker down - not a good way but gets me through the hard days of being a mum and caregiver to dd - she is in a bad crash of endo/fybro/cfs and days can be hard. Getting my hands in the soil is my best stress relief.

  11. when I am totally stressed and feeling absolutely out of control (and unloved on top of it!) I IRON!!! Fortunately, this state only descends on me every couple years (much less than when the kids were living at home!!!).....I hate to iron and I'm worthless at it, but that's what I do.
    Every day little stressers usually disappear after a few quiet minutes with my knitting-----alone.
    I really like Rachel's new looks very city loft from the photo. Perfect space!!! And that fall orange leaf....please send some of that fall goodness this way!!!! Can't wait!!!!!!!!!

  12. The new digs look amazing!

    I think you will know this, but during times of stress I head to the woods. It is the one place I can find solace, and connect to myself again.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  13. I love the look of your daughters new place! If I get stressed and frazzled, something sweet definitely helps. Best of all is ice cream. ;-) I also like to go walking with friends and just vent for a while or have a really good workout where I get to hit things. That always makes me feel better. :-) Hope your weekend is less stressful and more restful!

  14. I also love the look of your daughter's new place! When I get stressed, I knit like I'm possessed! I also take more walks. I go to the bookstore and browse new books. Just pulling them out and reading a bit here and there helps calm my mind a bit. And just deep breathing - in and out - in and out.... Oh, and sometimes when I'm stressed I buy stuff! That is when I have to make sure to stay off of Ravelry and Amazon - LOL!

    Linda in VA

  15. I get outside. I try to run at least every other day. I create something--draw, paint, etc. I sit on the deck reading a book with my legs in the sunshine.
    I hope you're feeling better now. Enjoy your weekend! xo

  16. Oh I know how that feels. I hate when out of almost nothing, I have these negative thoughts and then I dwell on them and it's so hard to get back to the state of mind I like myself best. Going outside is great, chocolate is even better, and I have a book here I can't wait to continue.
    And "at the end of August", I will continue knitting.. ha!! ;-)))))
    btw, it's me sylvia from the artsy ants, i have a new account, just so you know who's commenting!

  17. THey will love their new PLACES and they will return to home often…I know it.
    How do I calm myself when stressed?

    i take a nap.
    I knit something with a chart because I HAVE to think only about the chart
    I Ask Fireman for hugs, lots of them
    I pray and remember that GOd is bigger than all of it
    and I
    go to the water…

    I look at lake michigan
    or lake geneva
    or a pond nearby
    or a fountain..any water

  18. For me it's outside...fresh air and sunshine always to the trick. If I can manage to get down to the river, even better. Prayer or a Psalm always help, of course! Sorry things have been stressful, but so happy you've found your happy place. :)

  19. My craft room is always my happy place, hope you are feeling a little better soon, moving is one of the most stressful things particularly when it is one of your children.

  20. I have npbeen stuffing the stress down pretty hard this summer and this week it began to seep out so I am looking to find balance. Tonight I will go to yoga, eat a lovely green salad for dinner and get to bed early

  21. Mm reading this today is good timing for me. We have moved out of our old house and have not yet bought the new one, so are living between rellies and out of boxes. With two small children! Knitting is my therapy, but there's not much time for that. Take care x


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