Summer Days Surrendering

This fern is growing in a spot that it shouldn't be but no one has pulled the plant and so it grows.  I walk by the fern daily and mark the new shoots when they appear.  No matter what, roots are established and more green appears.

I tend to not be a philosophical sort of person, I leave that kind of thinking for my husband.  When we first met, we were eating french fries on a date and he asked "do you wonder why we are here?" and I responded seriously "Do you mean here, in a Wendy's restaurant?".....Yeah, I'm that kind of deep thinker.

 However, this week has been a reflective week for me celebrating life and its seasons, of people who have left us and of new beginnings. And how life goes on, no matter what.  I've walked my wooded neighborhood, enjoyed the blue heron who returned once more after a couple of weeks of absence.  Kim did a beautiful blog post about blue herons.  I wonder what my blue heron is messaging to me?

The mums in the color that I like are doing well. I tend to love flowers in all colors except yellow and my husband, well he loves yellow!  So now we each have our color favorite to feast on.  The air is cooler and the shift seems permanent now that the summer days have surrendered to the autumn season.  I've turned the heat on in the mornings and have worn a woolen sweater. Ah, the best moment ever.

The kids are good, they love their new to them towns and are settled in.  A sense of normalcy has washed over their days so as you know, my days also have eased into a quiet happiness knowing they are happy and safe.  I have deep gratitude for cell phones and how connected I am to them no matter the miles.

Thank you all for being readers, some who comment, some who are silent but read my posts.  I've loved the friendships that have been forged, I enjoy visiting new to me blogs and of course my "old" friends.  Your kind words about my uncle are treasured.


  1. I thought similar thoughts during all our driving this past week:)). Hugs !

  2. Enjoyed this blog post; I missed the news about your uncle (went back and found it). so sorry. Will light a candle for you all in prayer here. God be near you.

  3. Lovely post today Karen and beautiful late summer images...enjoying the cooler days and sweaters too :)

  4. Some beautiful images today, the mornings and evenings are cooler but I haven't worn a sweater yet, I did nearly succumb this morning when it was damp and misty.

  5. Beautiful pictures. The mums look so autumn! :)

  6. this post just oozes with calmness and serenity......wishing you a weekend that holds all that and more.
    hugs, friend.

  7. Hello Karen dear. I loved your post today...the current of reflection that causes me to shake my head in agreement. I am glad to hear that you've turned your heat on in the mornings because I was feeling like such a wimp for needing to do so this early in the season. But it does make me more pleasant! :) I need to dig out some sweatshirts and pants. Thanking the Lord for bringing you into my life! I really hope that I'll remember to take some pictures over the weekend so I can do another Weekending post! :) Praying for your family this weekend, my friend.

  8. I wish i was not such a deep thinker. It gets in the way sometimes!!
    Love your fern…bloom where you are planted and all that

  9. I love it when nature does things where it shouldn't :) That fern is something special. I find this time of year a wonderful time for reflection, and as I get older it seems I need that time more and more. Happy to hear your kiddos are happy and enjoying their new spaces, definitely puts a mamas heart at ease.

    I am sure that heron has a message for you, listen, you will hear it. Thank you for the shout out my friend.

    Wishing you the most wonderful weekend. xo

  10. I really enjoyed this calm post! These last few weeks have been pretty hectic for me and I really need things to slow down a bit. Love the mums you have growing, both the yellow and the red. :-)
    Have a beautiful weekend Karen!

  11. Warm hugs to you Karen as we head into the weekend. Summer is beginning to fade here, although we are far away from needing a heat source. I'm glad your children are settled and happy, that means so much to a mama.

  12. Aaah, I loved this post Karen. So gentle and I loved the way you have written the bit about autumn slipping away etc :) Hugs to you :)

  13. Hi Karen, I am just catching up now that I am back, I have been reading, just not commenting. Perhaps the fern is saying that it wants to stay and grow with you. I hope that you have a great autumn. xx

  14. Beautiful... and thoughtful... post, Karen. =) {hugs} tanna

  15. such a lovely post-- thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  16. lovely post Karen. I'm just catching up on my blog reading and sad to hear about your smiley uncle. Thinking of you and sending hugs to you and of his wife and children. I hope that it's the happy memories, the smiley times that you keep thinking on. That you can celebrate his life and all that he brought to you and to this earth.

    It's good to hear that the children are settling in happily and that you feel they are safe and sound. We are going to finally collect Hannah from London today and take her to her new home in Bristol. I'm happy because it will be much closer to us. I agree that it's so good that we can be in touch easily.
    Have a happy week enjoying the last of the flowers and lots of cosy knitting.
    hugs debxxoo


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