The Happy List

Oh Autumn, you thrill me so!  In honor of a spectacular show of changing leaves and temperatures, I bring to you the happy list:

-warm houses, cool breezes and a shift in the sunlight's angle
-crunching leaves under foot
-spying bouquets of mums in driveways, on porches and in stores

-maple trees, oak trees, and walnut trees
-squirrels who see the glass half full as they cross the roads
-my deer who know me and I know them

-blue skies, gray skies, cloudy skies, and rainy skies
-fleece wearing mornings
-pumpkins!!  on porch steps and in desserts

-the scent of cinnamon and cloves
-turning on the heat instead of the air conditioner
-thoughts of holiday list making and gift making

-wearing wool socks, mitts, cowls
-hot cups of tea in the evening
-country drives for aimless sight seeing miles

What would make your Happy List this fine Friday?

Have a wonderful weekend :)


  1. What a great list!

    On my list right now:

    Fall holidays
    Spending time with the kids
    Morning fog that disolve around noon
    Blue blue skies and that crisp fall air
    The colours of the leaves on the trees and the ground
    Knitting things that can be worn right away
    Planning christmas presents

    Definitely a good time ;-)

  2. I think you've covered it all! :-) We just have to hold out a bit longer since we are experiencing higher than normal temperatures for this time of year right now. It's just not right to have temps in the mid to high 80's in October...

  3. Just look at you enjoying autumn in all its wonderful glory! Would you mind sending a little bit of it here, it's warm. :)
    Alex and I have been talking and as soon as it really cools off we are making all things pumpkin...pudding especially and I can't wait.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. my list? 100% of your list! I LOVE FALL!!!!!! (even the rainy week that is it all!)

  5. Beautiful photos! We're about a month behind you in the season change here in North Carolina.

  6. Everything you wrote is on my list!! We went for a walk yesterday afternoon and watching the joy on Marie-Therese's face as she ran and skipped and jumped through the fallen leaves made my heart sing!

  7. Pumpkin and cinnamon definitely make my list! While we haven't turned on the heat or made a fire yet I know the time is coming (I usually make them wait till November to turn on the heat - lol). And I wore a cowl for the first time today!

    I will have to come up with a happy list to post next week!

  8. So many of the things on your list would be on mine as well! One additional thing on mine would be the fact it is Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, so turkey is on our menu!

  9. What a great list, I would add making gifts for my friends and family for the coming season.

  10. Love your list Karen! It all sounds so wonderful. Thanks for making ME happy today... ;)

  11. Your happy list and lovely photos put a smile on my face today! I'd add trips to the orchard and hot mulled cider. Enjoy your weekend!

  12. Perfect Autumn post- it is my fave time of year for these reasons. I particularly like the mums -especially the bunches of burnt oranges ones. Have a great weekend!

  13. Love your list! Many of the same on mine. I'll add: roses still going strong despite the cooler days
    making applesauce for a friend who can't chew right now
    wearing blue jeans again
    pumpkin picking
    octoberfest celebrations

  14. Well, let me begin by saying that I love YOUR happy list! Especially that the squirrels see the glass half full! :) I'm working on it. ;) happy list would be that I am now officially finished canning beets for the season, and have canned the first batch of pumpkin today. :) Foggy/misty early mornings. Bright red leaves alongside yellows and golds. Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

  15. Still waiting here for the cooler temps so wool can come back out but enjoying the sun while it lasts before the icy blast of winter! I love that it's no longer too hot to bake and have been baking up a storm!

  16. Love your list! I love Autumn because of nature's colors of course, but mostly becsue I like the smell of the forests during Autumn the most, the sunrays through red and yellow leaved trees, knitting makes more sense than during Summer and Spring, warm beverages, candles, getting outside and sniff cool air. I also love the rain during Autumn, although it could be very messy outside with all the dead and wet leaves on the ground, but I still love it.,

  17. Beautiful list. I love fall for many of the same reasons. Have a wonderful weekend. xo

  18. Lovely post. I love fall and am so thankful to be having on this year.
    Happy weekend :)

  19. Spending time with the grand kids was on the top of my list today. Have a great weekend!

  20. Yes your enthusiasm for autumn is working its magic on me! Thank you!


  21. Beautiful pictures! I love the new banner on your blog, it looks like autumn. :)

  22. Such wonderful lovely happy things and so very very right for this season. xx

  23. ...finding a shawl I was knitting on last year!
    Love your list- mums signify fall to me- these have such lovely colors...and pumpkins and the crisp leaves.

  24. Wow, I think you've about covered it :-D. Lovely!

  25. These would all make my happy list too. Oh and taking a newspaper or book back to bed to read with coffee or tea on saturday morning.


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