The Happy List

Are you ready?  Almost ready?  I've finished the wrapping and only have some baking to do.  The problem with baking goodies is the temptation to eat the baked goodies.

My Happy list:

-two cups of hot tea instead of one a day, feels decadent
-Christmas tree lights, houses decorated for the season
-the Advent calendar my mom made when we were first married
-nearing the shortest day of the year this weekend
-daily walks in mild late fall weather as we approach winter
-the hoot of the owl in the woods in the morning
-the deer that greet me every day
-quiet mornings full of promise
-the rare avocado that is good inside
-finishing off projects making room for some new knits
-the kindness of others
-the anticipation of my children home for the holidays
-a clean kitchen at the end of the day

what would make your happy list?

Have a great weekend :)


  1. Great list
    Number one on my list is that in 8 hours I will be on Christmas break for tow weeks!

  2. Same here! I started my Christmas Break from work today, don't return until Jan 5! Happy Knitting everyone!

  3. Very nice list Karen! # 1 on my list would be the fact that we're on Christmas break until January 5th! :-) The girls and I are planning on a girls day out today, I'm looking forward to a friends birthday party tomorrow and some relaxing, knitting and calm days ahead! Have a beautiful weekend and happy days!

  4. Great list!!!
    So many things would make my happy list today... I'm just in a great mood!
    Have a wonderful week-end!

  5. Happy Happy list Karen! Love it! :)

  6. reading your happy list made me happy !!! Have a wonderful weekend Karen

  7. A clean kitchen at the end of the day would definitely make my happy list...because if it isn't, I'm not a very happy person in the mornings...seriously, it messes with my mind! ;)

    Have a great weekend, and a very blessed Christmas season, Karen. I know you are going to enjoy having your kids home!

  8. just chucked three avocados last would definitely make my happy list if I could get one this time of the year that was good!!!!

  9. Great list! I'm laughing over the fact you think two cups of tea a day is decadent. What does that make my usual four cups a day? :-)

    The thing that would be at the top of my happy list would be all my kids arriving safely for Christmas.

  10. I just planted an Avo tree that came from one of my Father In Law's ago pits. Pretty cute. So, I guess that's on my happy list. : )

    1. MEANT AVO pits. As in Avocado pits. But you probably figured that out.

  11. I love your happy list Karen. Top of my happy this beautiful life on my own terms, in my own way, and joy filled days with my little man. Life is good right now and I am soaking it up.

    Enjoy your weekend Karen. xo

  12. MY children are BOTH home now. First time since August. Al and Nathan drove 16 hours to get here.
    They are nestled all snug in their beds catching zzzzzs.
    The christmas Cookies lasted in the freezer and will be opened tonight Let the party begin

  13. Don't think I could make a better list, Karen! Maybe I'd add a few sunny days? Have a wonderful holiday!

    1. some sunny days over here would be nice as well :)

  14. Hope the happiness continues on into the new year.All the best wishes to you at Christmasxxx Monique

  15. beautiful list, karen.
    the kids and extra twinkle lights and a quietly grey sky are on my happy list right now.
    merry christmas!!! xo

  16. what a lovely list! Today on my happy list is that we are on vacation. So I don't have to be productive.

  17. Such lovely happy things!! I think that reading your list is my happy right now! Happy Christmas! xx

  18. Happy as happy can be! The little things are so important :)

  19. I love the idea of a happy list. The first things that come to my mind are: being with my children, two cups of coffee each morning, a daily walk in the brisk air, and curling up with a good book and plenty of uninterrupted time to read it!

  20. excellent happy list! Many of my happy-makers are listed.
    enjoying adding to the list and have a very merry Christmas!

  21. All of that for sure! Merry Christmas :-)


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