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Happy Mother's Day to all of you who are celebrating.  I missed my mom a bit, but my dad called to wish me a great day as did my aunt and kids.  I celebrated earlier this week because today was the day we started the preparation to paint the main level.  

I'm exhausted and not a lick of paint is up yet!!  I've washed many light fixtures, switch plates, and I won't go into detail about the space about the kitchen cabinets.  I don't know who's brilliant idea it was to leave that space and then I decided to put stuff up there.  The dust and grime is gross.

So now I ponder "what goes up there to make it visually pleasing and easy to clean...."  I'm stumped.
I'll take suggestions if you have any.

My weekend was:

-spent in Home Depot buying lots of paint and supplies
-buying a really really good ladder and wondered why we haven't before???
-nursing the aches and pains of doing too much
-uncovering the pool
-quick chats with the kids
-inhaling that sweet smell of lilac for the first time today
-painting my nails green and then giving it a matte finish.  Quite fun!

OPI Hula-rious (green) and OPI matte top coat

How was your weekend?  


  1. I love that nail polish. I recently bought a bottle of nail polish, something I haven't bought in probably 15 years. My hubby wondered what the heck I was doing :)

    Lilacs, how lovely. I love the smell of lilacs. They grow wild around the perimeter of our property, and for a few weeks the beginning of June the scent is just heavenly.

    Sounds like you got a lot of work done, good luck with the rest of it. Don't work too hard, and take care of yourself as you go.

    Have a great week.

  2. I exhausted just reading about your weekend! I spent mine nursing a sick hubby and knitting on a sweater that is about 2 sizes too big; it's cotton and I'm still in denial; surely it will shrink enough to be OK. Won't it???? (tell me it will be OK....the back is done and 1/2 the left front. I might run out of yarn. Should be an indication that the gauge is off, but I'm in denial about that, too)

  3. That's a really beautiful lilac! We have a robin nesting right near our lilac bush. Today we sang for both services, our last one before the Messiah concert. We sang most of the last chorus and it went pretty well, especially the second time. I spent most of the afternoon reading a mystery. You must be exhausted! I got tired reading at any rate.

  4. Your nails are so pretty Karen such a fun, spring color.
    Wow, you have had a busy couple of days. Now, are you painting?
    I love to paint walls, but I am really slow. What color are you doing?
    Don't work too hard this week.

  5. Oh i don't envy your big paint job... but i'm glad you started the painting with your nails...I love the colour!!!
    Have a great week Karen

  6. The best idea I have heard for the top of your cupboards is to put parchment paper cut to fit the top of the cupboards and then when you clean you just change the parchment paper. I use baker parchment.

    Painting is always the easy part, the preparation is what takes forever. Good Luck!


    1. thanks for the idea, that is a good one!

  7. In Zürich, early summer has arrived. I had a few beers with friends outside on Saturday evening, we went to the pool for the first time, my Hitofude was ready to wear and we went photoshooting it in the last light of the day.

  8. Your weekend sounds very productive, Karen! Ah Lilac, what a beautiful thing it is : ) I know what you mean about the tops of cupboards, dust and grime seems to gravitate towards them! I have some pretty tins up on mine that I have collected over the years so they are not too bad to keep clean and they are useful! Wishing you a happy week and I love the nail polish! J xx It's hard not to miss our mums on Mother's Day, this one for me was so hard...sending a hug x

  9. After a week of rain and a couple of major home disasters, I feel your pain. We'll be painting and replacing and spend time at HD, too. It's a lot of work to keep up with home repairs. Hope you find some relaxing time during your big work project! Our bodies need it.

  10. Oh I love the smell of lilacs ... one thing I really miss here in Phoenix! Can't wait to hear more about your painting projects. Hubby and I plan to tackle another room soon as well!

  11. i miss lilacs. we had some at the maine house right by the kitchen window... <3

  12. Our lilacs aren't quite ready yet but I'm anxious for the smell. They are my favorite! Oh that space over the cabinet - I dread facing it one day. It's just nasty!

  13. I leave the space empty and its easy to run a dust mop over it once a week.
    The space is open and it works.
    Knitting Mittens, hoping for warmth and sun soon

    1. I'm leaning towards putting nothing up there, I was cleaning stuff for a LONG time..

  14. I love that nail color and nothing beats the beauty of lilacs! Happy Mother's Day!

    Our weekend : http://throughourgardengate.blogspot.com/2015/05/weekends.html

  15. Sounds like a very busy weekend, doing DIY is very satisfying, but very hard work isn't it!! xx

  16. Your lilacs are beautiful, and I bet your paint will be also - hopefully without too much exhaustion. My father-in-law redid my kitchen twenty-some years ago and took it upon himself to enclose the space above the cupboards. At the time I wasn't thrilled, but I've come to greatly appreciate it. It's really easy to clean and I wish he was still around so I could thank him. I hope you find something that works for you.

  17. I love your lilac tree. It looks beautiful.
    I don't like to paint but I love picking the colors :)
    I usually put my Longaberger pottery on top of my cabinets because it is easy to clean. Hope that helps.


  18. The lilacs are fading here, but earlier in the week our neighbor urged us to cut a big bouquet from her bush, so we really enjoyed that on our kitchen window sill for a few days. As to the grime above the cupboards (and on the stove hood), I think denial is the best approach :)

    Have meant to join you here for so very long! I finally wrote my first weekending post in a year and a half: http://coffeeinthewoodshed.com/2015/05/09/weekending-7/

  19. my weekend was full and fun- a music and arts festival in town complete with kettle corn and bungee bouncing and too much sugar, and then mother's day breakfast and gardening..... http://sweetpotatoclaire.blogspot.com/2015/05/mothers-day-weekend.html

    painting prep work is more work than the painting, I think. good luck! what about painting the wall above the cabinets with chalkboard paint and then drawing/writing whatever you like up there, changing it when you wish?

  20. Your nails are looking lovely, its nice to treat yourself now and again. The preparation for any project is usually longer than the job itself. You have done all the hard work now so it should get easier.

  21. I am all too familiar with the paint prepping. :( I know what you mean about that space! Love the lilacs you have. They are some of my favorites in the spring time.
    I can't wait to see this knit project finished! Looks so cool!

  22. I love, love, love lilacs!! We actually planted a small one last year, but its got a few years to go before I will finally get to enjoy the lovely blooms and sweet smell. I am the appointed painter in our house since I actually kind of enjoy the painting process. The prepping and cleaning - not so much... Your nails and knitting looks pretty!

  23. sounds like a pretty good weekend!
    happy {belated} mother's day to you!!!


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