Weekends are for memory making, 
relaxing and enjoying quiet moments of our days.  
If you would like, please share your weekend moments 
  in the comment section with a link to your blog.

Golly!  Every time I sit at this computer there is some technical difficulty...I'm starting to think the computer is possessed.  However, I am happy to report that the last time I had computer woes, I was able to fix it (dust in the fan, updates that didn't update...).  Today, I turned everything off and on and magically that worked.

Anyways, my weekend was slow and restive.  I flipped through some magazines, read for a few hours, then later on Saturday, my husband and I went to a community yard sale.  On Saturday night, I cast on a shawl then ripped it all out. I didn't like the way the yarn was behaving.

We had a nice dinner with friends on Friday night and a dinner out yesterday.  If you are reading correctly, you've noticed that I didn't cook all weekend.  So I was on a vacation but didn't travel anywhere!

Also included:

::brownies::walks:: thunderstorms:: feet dangling in a pool::phone calls to and from the kids:: laundry::early morning risings:: salads:: listening to the quiet::

How was your weekend??  Please share!


  1. A staycation, how wonderful! So, did you find any wonderful treasures at the yard sale? I find myself getting up and out the door earlier and earlier, trying to beat the heat, but I have a feeling I am facing a
    battle I can't win. Winter can't get here soon enough!

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend. We ate out on Friday night, and although I love to cook, it was nice to have a little break. Saturday was spent in the garden...moving gravel, and Sunday was brunch at my parents place, with my brother and his family.

    Hope you enjoy the week ahead.

  3. You have had a nice relaxing weekend! I love the no cooking part and the big yard sale sounds fun too! Our Saturday was a bit busy but we slowed the pace today. Have a great week.

  4. i love reading about your weekends... and hurray for not having to cook!!! We had a lovely one highlighted with lovely long walks and an afternoon with friends. Enjoy the coming week.

  5. A weekend without having to cook is most definitely a great vacation isn't it!!! Definitely something to celebrate. xx

  6. Your weekend sounds wonderful, Karen! I love how we can be on vacation and never leave home!

  7. A weekend without cooking is the very best kind! It sounds like the rest of your weekend was wonderful as well. I had the perfect weekend mix. Saturday was quiet and restorative, and Sunday Rebekah and Anton came out for a visit.

  8. A vacation at home - how wonderful is that? No thunderstorms for us yet - we don't see them till late July if at all. The water takes all the energy out of them before they arrive! Enjoy your week Karen.

  9. Sounds like a pretty nice weekend!

  10. Sounds like you had a wonderful, relaxing weekend! I love weekends that feel like vacation.

  11. I started your blanket! but I started in orange and may frog it and buy yarn in blue like yours!
    I didnt' cook all weekend! It was my NO COOK weekend. Glad you did too!

  12. Yours sounds so good. We've had three lots of visitors over the last couple of weeks including Hannah...so good to catch up. We spent most of it out having fun but a quiet sunday when everyone had gone...slow morning then a fun trip out in the afternoon.
    Have a great week,

  13. Sounds like my kind of weekend - slow, peaceful, quiet. I had a party on Saturday but Sunday was just a simple easy day.

  14. I can't believe the weekend is already over! How did it go by so quickly?!?! I started reading the new Judy Blume book though. Too soon to tell...

  15. What a great weekend! Ours was a lot of fun; friends came over for dinner, kayaking on Sunday, dinner out with my mom Sunday night, lots of yard work. The weather was gorgeous and the weekend was over too soon!

  16. A staycation, the best of both worlds. Restful, yet the comforts of home. :-) We went for a wonderful bike ride on Saturday with some great friends and afterward had them over to swim, cool off and just hang out together. We did go out to eat with them and the food was amazing! Sunday was spent at home during the day and in the evening I was able to go out with some girlfriends. Great fun, lots of laughs. :-)

  17. I love your wood stack! Our new house has a woodstove and both of us grew up with woodstoves so we are looking forward to fall Saturdays with picnics and chainsaws.

  18. LOL! My husband works as an analyst and every time a customer would call him with issues, his first question was always "have you tried restarting your computer?" :-)


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