Weekends are for memory making, 
relaxing and enjoying quiet moments of our days.  
If you would like, please share your weekend moments 
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Guess what?  My computer is finally (finally!!) acting like it should.  How about that?  Maybe it was just in a mood and has decided to behave.  In three days the "Wedding" will be a month away.  Yikes.
This weekend I retried on my dress and was thrilled to like what I picked out in January.  My kitchen table is littered with scraps of paper, listing all those lists I have to do.  I'm also listing all those stray thoughts that I just might forget.  I've written them before but now they are lost or somewhere in the pile.

This weekend while my mind is whizzing and whirring about tasks and such, I stopped to watch two inch worms.  I'm amazed I thought they were beautiful as they felt around to decide where to go on my lamb's ears blossom.  Now if an inch worm fell on me,  I can guarantee you that I would not find that beautiful at all.

My weekend:

:: indoor dinner cooking for the best husband who is the best dad who isn't feeling well today (asthma) :: quiet mornings :: thunderstorms :: peeks of sun :: a walk :: identifying trees on a walk :: knitting furiously on a wedding shawl :: gratitude for family and friends :: inchworm love ::  unplugged Saturday :: talking photography with my dad :: 

How was your weekend?


  1. OMG, inchworm love, I love it!
    I keep all my lists in a bullet journal now, it has made a big difference in not having loose papers everywhere that I can never find.
    I'm sorry your husband isn't feeling well on Father's Day, but I you are taking good care of him My Mike cooked on his day, but he cooked ribs which he loves.
    Happy Sunday and happy knitting. How is the shawl coming, still on target?

  2. sorry hubby is under the weather on 'his' day....mine is simply sunburned and peeling. Loving you inchworm love!!! :)

  3. Wow, a month away! It is all so very exciting. Hope your husband feels lots better soon. I agree, the inchworms are very cute...on the plant and not on people! Quiet mornings sound truly good and talking photography with your dad, so good. I love visiting your cosy place. Wishing you a really great week, Karen xx

  4. Sorry your hubby wasn't feeling good today. I hope he was still able to have a nice day and enjoyed being spoiled. We had a good weekend. Saturday morning we went to the movies (sponsored by my hubby's company) and after met up with friends at the lake. Today we grilled and spend lots of time in the pool. Nice and relaxing. Now the countdown for my sisters visit begins - 4 more days!

  5. Hope your hubby is feeling better soon. I love the inchworm photos, they are so amazing, aren't they?

    I can't believe the wedding is that close already Karen, wow!!! Good luck with all the final preparations.

    1. I'm playing along this week :)


  6. Hugs to the Hubby. Asthma stinks.
    My weekend: restful. Thunderstorms peppered the Saturday night. Father's day with Fireman and Zach: relaxing. TONS of golf watched by Fireman...I tried to be somewhat interested. Knit a hot water bottle cover.
    Drank tons of water to flush my system. Made wonderful lettuce wraps last night. Napped on the screened porch. Read Micheal J Fox's book Lucky Man.

  7. Love your pictures in this post, Karen! A wedding in a month...you can do this, my friend! Glad you still like your dress you picked out in January! Looking forward to seeing the wedding shawl. Hope your hubby gets to feeling better soon.

  8. It warms my heart to see you so excited about the wedding!

  9. Exciting times, glad you still like the dress always a worry. Hope your husband feels better soon. I had a beautiful weekend with family visiting.

  10. My weekend included our first tomato, rain, and Peruvian food: http://www.spritewrites.net/?p=5877

  11. Lists lists and more lists, I know that feeling well with an impending house move in the next few weeks. Our weekend was something unheard of around here... one of the adults!! http://adeolainwonderland.blogspot.co.uk/2015/06/weekending_22.html

  12. He he...I'm with you on the inch worm...Wow the time is flying but it sounds like you are organised and it's great that you are still happy with the dress. I've still got to sort out what I'm wearing for one next month.
    Poor husband he sounds like a real hero, hope he soon feels much better.
    Happy days,

  13. Oh Karen, I cannot imagine being a month away from my daughters wedding! What excitement must be going on at your place. :)
    Praying your hubby feels better soon. My Mister suffers with asthema too and it is "exhausting" when you can't breath.
    Hope you have a great week.
    Oh, my computer isn't acting right either. G**gle I think is the problem. :(

  14. I am so sorry your hubby didn't feel well yesterday. I hope he's feeling better today! Our weekend was a walk for esophageal cancer awareness on Saturday (my uncle died of it last month) and yesterday was our usual quiet Sunday with the added bonus of spoiling my husband :-) My two girls are flower girls in a wedding in early July....they are beyond excited! (Well Marie-Therese is, Veronica has no idea what's going on!)

  15. Sorting out what you plan to wear to your child's wedding is, in my fashion challenged opinion, the hardest task of all. Once that's figured out the rest is smooth sailing! :-)

    I hope your husband is feeling better.

  16. One month until the wedding!?! Wow!! So exciting!!!

  17. I hope your husband feels better soon...and belated happy father's day!!! Our weekend was full of celebrations...we really had to pace ourselves but we took it all in. http://pajamacasual.blogspot.ca/2015/06/weekending.html

  18. Asthma is the worst...my Daniel has it, although it hasn't bugged him in some time (he's more of an allergy and eczema guy these days). Love that you took the time to enjoy that inch worm. :) Our weekend was filled with movie watching, gardening, dancing, and feasting! A happy Monday to you, Karen!

  19. Glad that the computer is acting better! Also it's exciting to hear that the wedding is only a month away! :) Wishing you a happy Monday! :)

  20. I love your inchworm photos! Hoping your husband is feeling better today-otherwise, it sounds like you fit some wonderful moments into your weekend :)

  21. I love your inchworm photos too! It sounds like a nice relaxing weekend. I hope your week is peaceful too. (And I'm a little jealous of your thunderstorms!)

  22. funny about the inch worm. we found one recently and i had to muster all my courage to hold it so the kids could get a good look. LOL

  23. I just love inch worms... they travel along our patio railing regularly, falling from the lilac trees. They are just amazing to watch. Seems like you have a busy time ahead of you. Try and find some time to relax okay? Don't lose yourself in your lists. :-)

  24. Isn't it perfect when you STILL like something from a season of life that was so disconnected? I'm glad. :) Here is my weekend link, though not very thrilling. http://blog.rippleandsway.com/2015/06/weekending.html


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