Noticing my World

I'm noticing:

-cicadas humming and calling out to each other
-how I feel sleepy working on a wool blanket
-the shifting light, so slight but noticable
-fawns who were once tiny acting confidently, knowing their way through the woods

-winding up the wrong madeline tosh skein and thankful that my stash on Ravelry stopped me
-daily searches of the pool to save the toads
-two weeks and one day for the wedding, yup!
-rejoining a yoga routine and feeling every joint gasp in shock

-writing daily in the mornings loving how I feel so good when I do
-a craving for more salads
-less bird chatter in the morning compared to springtime song
-simple daisy abundance along the roadsides

-that foreshadowing of a storm brewing-the stillness, humidity and darkness
-the happiness of a bowl of limes, that used to be lemons
-the scent of cantaloupe when you first cut into the melon

What are you noticing these days?


  1. I watched a doe and her fawn this morning while on my walk, so precious.
    I too am noticing a very slight shift in the light, but to be perfectly honest I can't wait
    for winter to hurry up and arrive, I am over this heat and humidity.
    Your blanket looks great Karen and I love that skein of pretty yarn in your photo.
    I hope you have a great weekend, stay cool.

  2. Karen, this is a beautiful post! Thanks for sharing your surroundings!

  3. Oh my that scrap blanket is AMAZING….how did you knit this?
    Such a sweet post, I am noticing that the sunrise is a little later ….fall is on the way…yeah!

  4. Karen, your blanket is looking good! As for me, I woke early, before 5 this morning, and decided it would be a terrific opportunity to catch up on blog reading while the house is quiet. With windows open I noticed a sound we haven't heard since May -- RAIN! Glorious rain!

  5. What a lovely post...In UK am noticing the birds singing in the morning, as my kitten goes crazy when this happens about 4.30am! and the butterflies flying around the flowers in the garden!xx

  6. I woke up to another dark, dreary, rainy day. I notice how tall the lawn is and see a few rabbits hiding in the grass. I wonder if it will ever dry out enough to mow? My impatiens seem to thrive in this weather, but my geraniums are barely hanging on. Here in east central Illinois it has rained nearly every day since the end of May. I'm not a fan of hot, humid summer weather, but I'm not a fan of this either. I look forward to Fall and those crisp blue September skies!

  7. I have been noticing how differently I act and feel during the summer, when school is out. I am more calm and patient and unselfish. I'm wondering how to afford early retirement!

    1. wouldn't that be grand? then you could knit all the time!

  8. Sounds like you're noticing a lot of wonderful things! I recently started my regular yoga practice back up after recovering from surgery, and it's been strange to notice what my body sinks into easily and what keeps tripping it up.

  9. You have been noticing wonderful things! How great is that. I am amazed that the wedding is so soon, you seemed to first mention it so long ago and now it is nearly here, that must be so exciting for everyone!! Your blanket is looking fabulous!! Hope you have a great weekend. xx

  10. I'm noticing how jolly your scrap yarn blanket is :o)

    Gosh that wedding's getting close!

  11. Goodness the wedding is just around the corner! Lovely post Karen. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Im noticing your post is gentle and significant to me.
    It is important to remind me to notice!
    or Pay Attention as one book just told me to do . and to pray for the best possible outcomes!

    I notice your blanket is perfect to me.
    I notice here at home:
    the cicadas really haven't begun to sing this summer. (the cooler weather?)
    The lightening bugs come out no matter the weather
    Fezzik heats up quickly with his long cat fur and prefers the wood floors to laps
    A turtle making its way back to the river today on our woods walk
    how much Fireman is mentioning dogs lately but not wanting one

  13. What a beautiful post, Karen! I love spending my days noticing all that surrounds me! I am in love with your blanket, it is so cheery and looks so warm. Clearly you have central air...or at least I hope you do! xx

  14. Your blanket is growing! Bet the next 2 weeks fly by for you and the family. What fun! Here we are noticing real clouds instead of haze from the BC fires. That haze has made for amazing sunsets, however.

  15. I miss the hums of cicadas and the twinkles of fire flies this time of year. Loving your blanket, it's growing nicely for you.

  16. What a lovely post. Enjoy the wedding moments. Speaking from experience, it is a lovely happy family time - either as the Mother of the Bride or the Groom. Today I am noticing the increase in humidity before a storm and that deep periwinkle gray in the western sky. The tomatoes and cucumbers will be getting a drink before too long. The pink cowl was very pretty. Sometimes it is fun to try a different color.

    1. periwinkle was my favorite crayon color :)

  17. Beautiful post, Karen. I truly believe joy is found in appreciation and attention to the simple pleasures and beauty that is ALL around us. I feel as much as notice a shift in the light... the shortening of the days... We've made the turn. ;) Have a wonderful weekend. blessings ~ tanna

  18. I've been spending way too much time staring into the scary cellar this week....or at the grey clouds....and more and more and more rain (which fortunately has NOT ended up in the scary cellar again, although it stays pretty wet down there). Sounds like I need to look elsewhere for my inspiration!!

  19. Two weeks 'til the wedding! Wow!! How quickly this year is going by (for me at least). This was such a lovely post to read, Karen. Your sock yarn blanket is really stunning. And, I have noticed that I feel better when I write in the mornings, too, but I've fallen out of practice recently (as I have with so many things these days). I have also been craving salads. I've been making a simple one with romaine, strawberries, pecans, and goat cheese with a simple vinaigrette dressing--yummy.
    Have a great weekend!

  20. I love all the things you are noticing, Karen! The wedding is so close...gulp. I am noticing how happy my garden makes me feel and how grown up my son is becoming. Hope you are having a great weekend xx

  21. Your sock wool blanket is coming along nicely. It would look great as a super large floor cushion if you were looking for an alternative use for it. Hope the wedding is fantastic., two weeks not lon now. Those limes should come in handy for G&T's Cheers Moon x

  22. A lovely post, the wedding is getting so close, exciting times.

  23. I have been noticing those cicadas, too. Sounds like summer is in full maturity! Before we know it, the goldenrod will be out, and the sunset will come earlier. Where is summer going?? I need to get up in the morning again to do devotions and write. It does feel so good, and makes the day start just right. Have a wonderful week :)

  24. What incredibly full lives we live when we stop and notice the little things. We have been initiating ourselves to bird watching this summer and loving every minute of it.

    Wishing you many more little moments of noticing... Your world sounds just lovely to me!

  25. I love the ten stitch blanket, what a great stash buster! Simple but so effective! I have down loaded the free pattern from Ravelry. Thank you for the inspiration!


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