Weekends are for memory making, 
relaxing and enjoying quiet moments of our days.  
If you would like, please share your weekend moments 
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How was your weekend?  This weekend welcomed back the heat and humidity, sigh.  I know I was bragging about the cool air and sort of gloated on about it.  Well I guess that is now flipped on me, I am hot and hiding in the AC, dreaming of cooler days.

There hasn't been much rain for quite some time, the duck pond that I daily pass on a walk is at an all time low level, the poor goose can walk across the pond now.  Our pool needs water, but my husband is reluctant to fill it only to drain it to a lower level to close it.

Hey!  Guess what?  We celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary yesterday!  We went out to a new for us restaurant for lunch then went over to our dear friend's house for dinner.  Their daughter says thank you for the well wishes and prayers.  Continue to keep her in your thoughts, she's healing but it's a journey.

28 things I like about him:

-he agrees with me most of the time
-he lets me pick most of the restaurants
-he's kind
-and forgiving
-we talk at the same time with the same sentence
-he loves Frodo as much as I do
-he glues my broken stuff (I am messy with glue...)
-he kills the yellow jackets
-he notices when I get a haircut (most of the time)
-he tried knitting once....and did not like it
-we take turns being a worrier and never at the same time
-he will eat my half eaten whatever--cake, soup, toast
-he likes to tease me but quits when I get touchy about it
-he laughs at my jokes
-he makes me laugh at Mass when we should be laughing
-we like to ride aimlessly in a car going nowhere and everywhere
-he will PATIENTLY sit in a yarn store while I browse
-(I cannot be patient in any store he picks and that makes him awesome!)
-I can knit a present for him right in front of him and he's oblivious
-he knows the difference between crochet and knitting 
-he truly believes he will not fall asleep during a golf game and does
-he was the night owl that stayed up late as teenagers strolled in
-he grills and I don't
-he has a great sense of direction and I do not
-he cannot remember anyone's name, and I do
-we love to people watch and comment
-he likes hand knit socks and I love to knit hand knit socks! 
-he's my best friend

Phew!  Quite the list :)  

How was your weekend?  Please share with us and we will visit each other.


  1. That's an awesome list! Congratulations, and I wish you 28+++++ years more!
    I'd still love to see a photo of the wedding shawl with the bride!
    Have a great week!

    1. Oh! I do not think one exists....I'll check. I did not snap photos the day of the wedding and the weather was too hot to wear it.

  2. Aww, that is such a sweet list! Happy, happy Anniversary, wishing you at least another 28 years!!

  3. Happy anniversary and what a great list!
    I wish I could sent you some of my rain, I will be rained in all week, I'm just
    thankful it's not the hurricane we thought it might be.
    Oh, and it was only in the 70's today!! Not sure how long it's going
    to last, but at least for today it was nice.
    Have a great Monday!

  4. Great list and hope it continues to lengthen! Happy, happy Anniversary! Our weekend was just fine...played with the GK. went to church this morning and just took a nice walk in between rain showers. It's cool and windy here. The winds are a challenge across the mts. and I wish they'd slow down and just let it rain!

  5. The sweetest list, Karen. Happy Anniversary.

  6. Very sweet post and list. Happy Anniversary! I know, I am a bit tired of summer weather. I keep reminding myself how much I enjoy the light in the evenings and the fresh fruits and veggies. Soup and stew are beginning to call though. And my best thoughts to your friend's daughter. I hope she continues to heal.

  7. Happy 28th Anniversary!!! what a wonderful and loving list...now, I want to read what he wrote!?!

    1. we will only know if anyone is a mind reader ;)

  8. Happy anniversary and wishing you many more happy years together, a great list. We have more rain so not a lot getting done here.

  9. Happy anniversary....!!!! blessings... blessings... blessings!! xxx

  10. We headed to Salt Lake City for a long weekend: http://www.spritewrites.net/?p=5949.

  11. Oh, and happy anniversary to you both! May you have many, many more joyful years together.

  12. Happy Anniversary!!! Wishing you many more wonderful years ahead. Such a sweet list.

  13. Happy Anniversary & hope you enjoy many more!

  14. awesome list....about half of which would be on mine, too!!! (which I guess is why we celebrated our 44th this year!)

  15. Happy Anniversary! That's a great list. The humidity has returned here as well and I am NOT liking it. Stay cool!

  16. Happy Anniversary! That's a great list. He knows the difference between crochet and kitting? Good man!
    It was also humid here this weekend. I like the warmer temps but could do without the humidity.

  17. Happy Anniversary!!! What a wonderful list of things about your husband. Sounds as though you are a great match. I hope that you have many happy years together! xx

  18. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband, Karen! What a wonderful list, your husband sounds like a good man. I hope the cooler weather returns soon for you. Wishing you a good week xx

  19. Congratulations! I liked reading your fun list. I had some much needed girl time this weekend.

  20. Happy Anniversary! I love, love your list! I love how you two compliment each other so well. Wishing you some cooler weather. *hugs* :)

  21. Congratulations Karen. Happy Anniversary. It sound like you have the perfect partner. We had our 30th this year. The time flies so fast. Here's to the next thirty years.
    Happy days,

  22. Congratulations to you and your love (who on the basis of that list sounds remarkably like mine).

    I have posted about my weekend, in what for me is a rather picture heavy post.

  23. Congratulations on 28 years of happy marriage! I loved your list and saw many similarities to my husband (of 28 years this month). Except for the waiting patiently in yarn shops... he lets me go but wants no part of it himself. I, however, am the one patiently trailing around Home Depot and Lowes on the regular. I guess the important thing is to spend time together and support each others interests. Love the wurm hat in the following post too. :)

  24. Happy Anniversary! I don't know how this post slipped past me. Your sweetheart sounds amazing, it is clear that you are made for one another. Isn't it wonderful to be married to your best friend? I am as well, and I count my blessings every day! xx

  25. Sweet post and Happy Anniversary!

  26. Many congratulations on your anniversary!

  27. He sounds lovely. God has blessed us with amazing Husbands. Fireman is always willing to go to the nursing home to see my sweet lost mother and I adore him for it.

  28. Happy belated anniversary! I bet it was hard sticking to only 28 wonderful things... think about it, you get to think up 29 brand new things next year! :-)


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