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super secret knitting progress

How was your weekend?  Good?  

Friday found me out to dinner with my husband and daughter at one of our favorite restaurants, you know the kind where the staff recognize you.  We had our farewell dinner out, followed by a few doughnuts, I know, I know.  Doughnuts are not healthy but there is something about sprinkles...

Saturday morning was a flurry of busy while my daughter packed and said goodbye and off they went to the airport (my husband drove her).  I did major major cleaning.  Oh those bathtub shower enclosures that I hate so much, well I cleaned both.  I hated every single minute, I thought about why do I not do it more often so there is less scrubbing.  

Now I love the bathrooms!  Super clean and shiny :)

I cleaned my studio that was turned into a sewing room while she was here.  She decided to sew a doll and went creatively crazy.  The tidy was easy enough.  My mother's sewing machine is still going strong! (1957 Singer).  As a teen, I spent many hours sewing on it whenever I felt crafty.

Today, I went to Mass for Palm Sunday.  I have my palms sitting on the table still before I disperse them throughout the house on the myriad of crucifixes.  I finished the laundry too!

Are you still battling the time change?  I thought I was adjusted, only to sleep in (turned off the alarm) this morning.  Ugh.  

If you are wondering what the super secret knitting is all about, please read this post by Tracey.  Then you will be in the know!!

Can't wait to hear about your weekend!


  1. We took a little trip yesterday to see a musical favorite again (The Fantasticks), ate dinner first where we saw a seal lounging on the pier, and then spent the night. Drove home this morning ready for a busy week! Happy Spring and Happy Easter week, too.

  2. Such a pretty little pink knit! On Saturday we played with two grandsons so their Mom could work on a work-related project. After we took them home, we ordered take out. Today we went to church and stopped for coffee. I went to a warm and gentle yoga class this afternoon. Up this evening, knitting!

  3. I love your secret knitting project :) Sounds like a great weekend, hope you enjoyed the visit with your daughter.

  4. I was jonesing for a chocolate glazed doughnut last week big time and was saved only by my lack of cash and not wanting to bust out the debit card for a $1.00 donut. This week might not be so good. I think there's a fresh $20 in the wallet. Whoops!

  5. A wonderful idea for the secret knit. Doughnuts...I do try to avoid them but the draw is a little to hard to resist.

  6. Our weekend was busy, busy, busy. Saturday we were part of a poker run to benefit a lady battling cancer. We were out on the bike all day and came home happy - even if pretty cold. Sunday we buckled down and got some work done. This coming Saturday we'll have Hannah's 18th birthday party at the house (she invited 30!! friends) and we needed to get lots of stuff done in the backyard. Needless to say, I was bone tired at the end of the day...

  7. I hear you about scrubbing bathrooms-but it is so nice to have them clean again. It sounds like you had a lovely visit with your daughter!

  8. Bathrooms are my least favorite thing to clean, too, but it is lovely when they are all sparkling clean. I am going to ignore what you said about doughnuts and continue to believe that they are a miracle in tasty wholesomeness. I AM still battling the time change. My husband teases me about it every year. It takes me a long time to adjust (I think Daylight Savings is unnatural. It throws everything off--meals, etc. and I end up staying up to late and feeling tired all day); but I am a very sensitive person.

    I'm working on secret knitting, too! ;)

  9. Ha, ha, I laughed out loud as I read your words about the bathroom showers, I feel exactly the same way! I have discovered Bar Keepers Friend works wonders and cuts down on the scrubbing, darn well water :)
    So happy you had some time with your daughter, I am missing mine and Miss Em so much this morning.

  10. I leave the bathroom cleaning to my daughter. Cleaning that shower just kills my back. Not sure what I will do when she moves out! Your knitting is looking lovely.

  11. sounds like the best visit!!! our oldest grandson who lives here is joining the church this Easter....and they had their exam and dinner last night. So proud of him. He actually left a baseball tournament 2 hours away before the final game to attend. (They ended up winning the tournament....but just squeaked by without him. PHEW. Hoping this means at the age of 12 he has his priorities straight!!!!) Now off to get Easter egg hunting junk.....just because you are 12 doesn't mean you don't like to have fun!!!

  12. Sounds like a lovely farewell dinner.
    My youngest's sleep schedule is all over the place

  13. I'm so glad you let us in on your top secret knitting project! :) I was dying of curiosity. I'm glad you had such a great weekend with your daughter. My husband was feeling better from his surgery so on Sunday we took a drive and walked some land we are thinking of buying in a nearby town. He was pretty wiped out by the time we got back home but happy that he'd gotten out of the house! : )

  14. Being with our daughters is one of our greatest joys. I always feel so sad after she leaves or we leave. I want her to move closer!!!
    This weekend I knit a shawlette. Today: back to socks.
    I tried to read a book about cats but it was not very good. Watched too much basketball!

  15. Your secret knitting is wonderful, and a lovely idea. Can you come and clean my bathroom now too, it is my least favourite job too ;)

  16. Sounds like a lovely and productive weekend Karen. My weekend was very nice too, a trip to my LYS on Saturday and Sunday I sat outside on our patio to knit ... so wonderful, calm and peaceful.


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