Knitting Project Tour and Some News

I decided to pull out the "big" camera and take some progress photos to update my Ravelry project page, then I thought I'd share them here as well.  I confess, I'm looking forward to finishing some projects so that I can start some projects.  My maximum amount of works in progress is FIVE.  Do you have a maximum?  I'd love to know!

The purple scarf is for my husband and when I initially started the project I was not thrilled with how much attention it needed.  What I thought would be a tv talking project ended up with a pay attention project.  Now that I've made lots and lots of progress, I can work on the scarf while watching tv.  My game that I play is to place a stitch marker right were I start each day so I can see my progress.  Scarves tend to be never ending in my mind so when I finish for the day and see 2-3 inches, I'm quite happy!

Next up is this lovely lacy shawl that is pure pleasure to hold in my hands.  The pattern is for fingering weight yarn and I'm using lace weight, so I added one more repeat and went down two needles sizes.  Once it's blocked the lace will shine through!!

The Pincha Shawl is one of my favorite knits on the needles.  I just love the way the variegated yarn shines through with this short row shaping shawlette.  I am nearly finished.

In other news that is exciting, is that our son is switching schools.  He is currently up in Boston for a pure math PhD.  He spent the fall applying to biostatistic and statistic PhD programs, planning to leave his current school with a Masters instead of a PhD.  After a busy spring visiting four schools he has made his choice.

He chose Penn State University and will be less than two hours away from us!  He is excited for this new opportunity and we are thrilled to have him close by.  In a few weeks, he's coming home for a second spring break and hopefully will secure an apartment.  Fingers crossed.

So like last summer, this summer will be helping him relocate and settle into his new place.  I am a pro at packing up an apartment :)


  1. I've been crossing my fingers for Penn State, and am so glad to hear this wonderful news! I'm sure he'll be happy at a great school in a great program, and I know you'll be happy with him < 2 hours away. I love seeing all of your projects evolve. Happy knitting and happy weekend!

  2. How wonderful that your son will be so close by!! Hannah is starting college this year and I'm thrilled that it's only about 1 1/2 hours from here. :-) Your knitting projects are all beautiful, but I'm still in love with your Pincha shawl. I'm a one project at a time knitter. Having more than one unfinished project laying around would feel like clutter to me and actually stress me out... Have a great weekend!

  3. All three are stunning projects, Karen...but that last shawl, I am in love! Such fantastic news for your son and for you, of course. Have a wonderful weekend xx

  4. Exciting times, always good to have family closer and congratulations to your son a great achievement. Love your projects the lacy shawl is a real delight I am so looking forward to seeing that one blocked. Have a great weekend.

  5. Hooray for son's being close; I know you are thrilled Karen.
    I think two projects is a good number for me as far as knitting goes, right now I have three and feel so guilty. My biggest problem is my queue, I really need to stay off of Ravelry.
    Have a super duper weekend my friend.

  6. Congratulations to your son!!!! Go Nittany LIONS! (P.S. Where are you in PA? I grew up outside of Philadelphia in North Hills and then moved to Hatboro as a teen.)

    Pincha is a BEAUTIFUL pattern and looks gorgeous in those colors.

  7. Oh how nice!!! glad he will be closer! what a blessing he has in you to help!

    that Pincha shawl is so beautiful.

  8. You have some lovely projects on the go, I do love the Pincha shawl, you've chosen such a lovely yarn to knit it up in, it's looking great but your other shawl will look fabulous once it's been blocked. Great news about your son, it will be wonderful for you to have him close to home. My son is about half an hour away and my daughter is hopefully going to university later this year, she's chosen one which is just over an hour away so neither of my children will have gone far from home.

    1. My daughter is in santa barbara and that is very far away, we see each other every three or four months but I'd rather have her right next door :)

  9. Karen, such great news about your son! You must be thrilled. Both Rob and I are Penn State alum, we were just talking at lunch about how we'd like to get down for a game. I LOVE his choice of school! 😊

    The projects look great I continue to drool over the shawl, so beautiful!

    Have a great weekend! xx

  10. How exciting for your son! And, that knitting is just gorgeous - especially the leaves shawl. Wow. I really love it!

  11. I do love that variegated yarn! Maybe your son would like to tutor my daughter next year in Kindy. This new common core math crap is beyond me! How awesome that he'll be much closer!

  12. Congratulations to your son and how fantastic to have him living so much closer to you.

    I adore that Pincha Shawl the yarn is just perfect, and your lace. I admire anyone who can knit beautiful lace stitches mine always look like a holey mess!

  13. What a smart boy you have. And I love the texture of your husband's scarf.

  14. First your projects are looking wonderful Karen! and congratulations to your son in choosing Penn State...we live about 1 hour from there and it is such a good school. You must be thrilled that he is going to be close :0) mari

  15. So glad your son will be closer. I bet you are a pro at packing up apartments. Your projects look great. I too sometimes place a stitch marker in a forever project to see some progress. Have a lovely weekend.

  16. How wonderful that your son is moving closer to home. Such lovely knits Karen, as always. Enjoy your weekend.

  17. Pincha is so impressive. I love how your colorway is working up. My daughter and I are contemplating a knit along doing Pincha together.

    Your lace shawl is delicate and lovely.

    I have one sock and another of the pair at the heel turn in Summer SKy blues and purples.
    I have a one row lace scarf in the works.
    I have the yellow feather and fan.
    and many plans for more knits

  18. Your projects are all lovely! I wish I could say I kept my works in progress to just five. That's great news that your son will be so near.

  19. Great news about your son. Congrats to all of you.

    I love the idea of marking your daily scarf progress with a stitch marker. It's such a simple thing, but a thing I would never have thought of. And scarves tend to languish in my UFO pile because of that sense of being never ending projects. Thanks for the tip!

  20. Congratulations to your son! What great news! I love your projects and I also put limits on WIP number. I usually have a knit for a pattern, a knit for my soul :), a crochet project and a machine knitting project. 5 is absolute maximum for me!

  21. That will be nice to have your son closer. My oldest son is also a pursuing a PhD in Biology at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. I love your knitting projects. Enjoy the coming week!

  22. Oh what lovely projects you have on the needles and the scarf for your hubby is awesome. Congrats to your son, that is wonderful and I know you will be so happy to have him near by.

  23. Wow! What a blessing to have your son so much closer to you.


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