The Happy List

It's been awhile since I've compiled a "happy list".  So here it goes:

-for finding an apartment in State College for our son this fall----PHEW!
-for sunny skies and rainy days
-for early morning risings and writings of thoughts, oh and the pens :)

-for an awesome noodle bowl lunch yesterday - authentic and good
-for cell phones and who they connect me with
-knitting anything these days!

-for my RA doctor who has tweaked my meds (again) after reviewing my hand x-rays that showed RA damage (boo).  He is diligent, caring and wonderful!  and I'm feeling a bit better.  I see him in a month for another check up.
-for salads and crunchy stuff in a salad -  lately I'm into almonds or walnuts.
-for the power of prayer and positive thinking and focusing on the goodness of every single blessed day

What would make your happy list?  Please share in the comments I'd love to read them!

Also here are some places this week you should visit:

- Sophie is hosting a a sew along and starting in May a giveaway once a month :)
-Stefanie's podcast -  she is fun to listen to and has the BEST mug to drink from...
-Amanda's podcast - again, fun to listen to and she has dipped her toes (or hands?) into dyeing yarn.  Please note she changed her blog URL!
- Heather's post about her homeschooling journey
- a funny article about giving up alcohol and coffee for 15 months


  1. Great list Karen. I'm thankful that your RA doctor is on top of his game! :) Will be praying for you! OH, visiting here makes my happy list! ;)

  2. That is a great "be happy" list.

  3. I love your "happy list" - on my list today that makes me very happy will be some reading time with Mink River and knitting!

  4. What a great list! Glad to hear that your doctor is caring for you well :). Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Nice list, Karen. All the things are great, but I'm especially glad you have had your RA meds changed to keep any more damage from happening. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Very nice list, it reminds me to find things to be happy about in each day. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Focusing on the positive little things is one of the great talents in life. You are mastering iT!
    I remember trying to find an apt for son in college..that is so stressful.
    Happy things here: my neighbors flowering crab is at its most beautiful today ! I get to stare at it!

  8. What a wonderful and positive post, Karen! My happy list today is:

    looking forward to a long weekend
    roast veg cooking in the oven
    good friends
    the love of my family
    a new washing machine {long overdue}
    visiting my favourite blogs

    Happy Friday and wishing you a lovely weekend xx

  9. Chili for supper.
    Brioche for breakfast.
    Hot tea on cool, damp days.
    Independent bookstores.
    A sweetie who washes the dishes for me after I doze off under a wool blanket and a purring cat.
    An upswing in mood after months in the rough.
    A visit home.

    1. I'm sorry you've had months in the rough but so happy you are feeling better!

  10. Karen - This post of yours made me smile and was a bit of a balm to my soul. I know you read my blog and now that our best friends were leaving this week. They pulled out this morning and are now halfway down the east coast to start a new season of their life. Liz and I have been texting all afternoon, and I just miss her so. And it's so dreary and chilly here today which is just really bringing down my mood even more, so it was really nice to read your list.

  11. Thank you for the mention and link, Karen. I love Frodo. I wish I could walk with my little one and pop over to visit you both.

  12. Going to UNA with Hannah yesterday for an honor's reception would definitely make my list. She got into the honor's program and was able to sign up for her classes yesterday, she's so excited about going! Also, our "baby" turning 16 today would make my list. Cannot believe she's 16 already...

  13. And thank you for the podcast support. I kind of feel in a rut w/it. Like it's getting mundane. I know certain podcasters are known for certain things. I don't want to have to try too hard, you know what I mean? I want to be myself but I don't want to get bored. Will contemplate during my hiatus.

    1. I think you might be too hard on yourself too early. Give it three months and then you'll be in your groove and have an idea of how your podcast feels.

  14. What a lovely list. Happy to hear you are being well taken care of by your doctor. My happy list...cups of tea, good friends, my little man, sunshine, flowers, finding peace and calm on my mat.

    Happy weekend Karen.

  15. Happy weekend, Karen! I love your list. The first photograph made me smile, I remember that mural so well! Is The Deli still in State College? That was my favorite, followed by The Tavern. Your son will love Penn State! My happy list is: Making plans for our vacation in Italy, lunch with an old friend, painting painting painting!, Taking longer walks with Popeye, the weekend, which means that Rob is home for two days! : ) Have a lovely weekend!xx

  16. A great list, I too would be a lot happier if they could sort out some better meds for my husband. On top of my list would be family.

  17. I love seeing a happy list. It inspires me to think about the little things that make happy. I am happy to hear that your doctor is taking good care of you. Your furry little guy is always so cute. Happy to see all is well!

  18. On my happy list today: hot tea on a rainy afternoon, Face Time with my grandsons, all the green in the outdoors, a good book at the end of the day and much more. So glad you are feeling better.

  19. Love your happy list. On my happy list is enjoying my day with my hubby. Glad to hear you're doing better :)

  20. Thanks for sharing your happy list, I love blogs posts like this that just make me smile.
    And many thanks also for sharing the info about my blog, I really appreciate that!
    Best wishes,

  21. Yay for all the happy things on your happy list. I am so happy for you that you have so many happy things in your life!! I like your list of places to visit online, I will go and investigate them! If you like podcasts I have just started one if you want to stop by - not sure if you knew! xx

    1. I will be checking your new podcast soon :)

  22. Thanks for the mention. :) Sorry to hear about the damage in your hands. I am glad for good doctors!


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