Goal Setting

I'm lucky to have phone calls from my kids almost daily.  Our son is in Boston (soon to move back to PA at Penn State University) and our daughter is in Santa Barbara a few years as her husband completes a post doc.  So many transitions!

During one conversation with my daughter, she mentioned some personal goals she created for herself.  Well you know me all too well, I had to think and create some goals.  The usual ones are:  eat healthy, walk daily, do yoga daily and pray daily.  Simple, doable and quite refreshing for the mind.

While contemplating detailed goals, I've compiled an addendum list to add to the goals I achieve each and every day.

So here it goes:

-use the good camera daily.  (seriously dead simple)
-create ONE new recipe once a week
-plan out my stay-cation with day trips, and fun events like going to the local amusement park to walk around, visit new to us restaurants, a LYS crawl (!) etc....
-learn to identify the trees I admire on a walk and the birds I hear as well
-plan out the Christmas knitting list and start knitting

Inspiration links:

look at Kat's bucket list
how about the book bingo everyone is doing
need some August writing prompts?  Kim at Spiral Spun wrote out some (thank you!)
did you see this giveaway by Lisa from Happy in Dole Valley?

How about you, are you thinking of what you'd like to do in the next few weeks before summer is over?  What would be your goals ??

afterthought heel is mighty fine :)


  1. I so enjoy your posts. I am in the process of returning to work and trying to plan my days to include time for pause and reflection. I have been working on goals and a travel bucket list. Thanks for the links.

  2. I love this idea of planning beyond the summer, and I have some Christmas knitting I need to plan out - great reminder! Also thank you so much for the shout out!

    We should all perhaps do another book bingo to take us through the end of the year!

    Have an amazing weekend Karen! XO

  3. How lucky that you talk to your kids so often! I sat and made a list for myself this morning, but can't bear to think about Christmas yet. Good for you!

  4. Excellent goals! I haven't been great about meeting my goals so far this year, that's something I definitely want to work on. The socks are looking lovely!

  5. I really have only one goal (but, it is a SERIOUS challenge for me) --- I want to be more consistent in my daily life. It sure would help my health to eat on a schedule, sleep on a schedule................and I'm just so bad at it. :::sigh:::

    Something ALWAYS throws off the schedule.

  6. I am always running behind on goals/lists/tasks. But today I went swimming and did my reading and praying; so something is going correctly. If only the rest of the list could auto-complete :)

  7. lovely goals. Positive and soul filling.
    My goal: To move with joy to the new house despite any setbacks that come our way. Im sucha pollyanna . Sometimes this backfires like a booma rang and BAM I get sad. Hoping not.
    I always get homesick on vacation so I'm prepared to be homesick moving after 33 years on one house. IM a big girl. I will adjust. I want this new house afterall!
    also to knit during the whole move. So far so good and the house is almost entirely packed up

  8. I call my parents and grandparents daily and I try to turn off the tv or put down my knitting and just be fully present in our talks. It is important to me to maximise these moments....

  9. i'm always a bit better about setting goals than meeting them.....but doesn't stop me! My latest is always having something on the needles from one of my gazillion books. (Oh, really....that shouldn't be a goal....it's too easy, right?)

  10. Have thought about Christmas gifting but haven't seriously done anything about it. One of my goals needs to be using my stash. Off to watch the Olympics.

  11. I'm forever writing out my goals - successful with some but not all. I'm currently subscribed to the flyflady website and my goal is tackling the housework in a more orderly fashion - instead of letting the chaos take over - I hope it lasts!! Thanks for the mention Karen, take care. xx

  12. I always have goals but they tend to be weekly ones. Jobs that need doing that I have to write down to remember to fit them in! I am not sure I have the time for any bigger goals but I sure would love to learn to crochet but right now I simply don't have time, one day I will just not now :) (I am good with that)

  13. I always have a list for a list, but at the moment am just enjoying the family. Lists can resume after next week when all our visitors have gone.

  14. I think I need to buy a planner. I remember to do things so much better.

  15. Doing so much planning for fall and school (just homeschooling the youngest of my five this year!) and, yes, for Christmas gifting and knitting. :)

    Karen, THANK YOU, for the link love...what thrill to see this this morning. Much love to you, my friend. xoxo


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