Weekends are for memory making, 
relaxing and enjoying quiet moments of our days.  
If you would like, please share your weekend moments 
in the comments section of the blog.

Another weekend has come and gone - amazing how I collect weekend after weekend and sometimes they seem the same and at other times well, they are different.  Even though summer is clinging onto by a thread there are signs of fall.  A stray leaf here and there from my maples.  The days are shorter and the mornings are darker (I love that the best). This weekend was part of our "staycation" time together.

We ate out for lunch on Thursday after shopping for suits for him (yawn...).  Friday we ate out for dinner because we are on vacation.  Yesterday we had homemade pizza outside on the patio because we are on vacation.  So many little actions adding up to a relaxing state of mind.  Where ever we drove, we chose the scenic route taking in the hills and farmlands.  Pennsylvania gets more beautiful the older I become.  I guess wisdom has a part to play in that.

this photo was an accidental one :)

I finished my book (My Grandmother told me to tell you she is sorry) yesterday and my oh my was it good.  I love when a novel sticks with you throughout the day and you feel sad that you finished it.  This year I've had more books like that and that makes me think I'm getting better at picking my reads.

Today is the last day of staycation.  I had friends over for knitting and soon I have to fold some laundry.  The hot tea is waiting for me and so is my knitting!

my liatris is just about done done
How was your weekend?


  1. It sounds like a wonderful staycation! My weekend has been pretty good. Yesterday I went out to breakfast with friends, then came home and did a little house loving and spent the rest of the day knitting and reading.
    Today I've been making pickled sausages for Mike and actually visited my blog! Yay me! :)

  2. Your staycation sounds very relaxing.

  3. a lovely weekend/staycation. I had great fun at a 3 day knitting retreat (well after one airline cancelled the flight - that bit was not fun...)meeting new people and buying a lot of gorgeous wool.

  4. My weekends have been simple and I am pondering how to keep that going now that school is starting again.

  5. What a lovely post! I enjoyed the accidental photo. :-)

  6. Sometimes staycations are just the best! It was a quiet weekend here too, but that was just perfect!

  7. grand weekend and staycation for you!!!....still hot here. still wishing away that summer heat. still knitting. so all good!!!

  8. oh it makes me sad when stay-cations come to an end! I am in real need of one. Since I have a new boss (almost a year now) I have taken hardly any time off at all. Any way... I am looking forward to fall this year. Too much extreme heat here in Missouri. I feel like I live in the rain forest... blah. I am adding this book to my list (as I may have already said in other comments). Thanks for sharing!

  9. i love the colours of autumn....
    summer came a visiting and forgot all about spring this weekend. so there was plenty of outside time - all good for the belly and spirit :)
    hope your week is super fabulous xx

  10. We had pizza, too, and made gf peanut butter cookies. The girls were here for a visit, and we got a puppy!!! Sharing over on my blog today...thx for hosting which encourages me to document my weekends. xo

  11. Your weekend sounds wonderful Karen and yeah for autumn!! Here is my weekend...

    Wishing you a great week xx

  12. Your last photo is just wonderful. THe blue of the skies against the brown stalks. Just lovely.
    My weekend was wonderful. Down to the lake for a bit of a bite to eat and people watch. Visited with my mom back in chicago area and she was sweet confused and fun.

  13. Yep... signs of autumn are everywhere here too... My daughter started collecting leaves and my son is fascinated with acorns, The light has been so low and glowing late day. It's been amazing! I hope the season treats you very well my dear Karen. xo

  14. Karen, every time I see a colored leaf I think of you and your yearning for autumn! : ) I'm glad you and your husband had such a nice staycation! I love it when we make homemade pizza, nothing compares to it! xx


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