Weekends are for memory making, 
relaxing and enjoying quiet moments of our days.  
If you would like, please share your weekend moments 
  in the comment section with a link to your blog.

Since last weekend was a traveling out of town weekend, these three days have been a "stay at home" do nothing kind of vacation.  If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you know this is my kind of heaven.

Friday night was dinner out with friends and a brisk walk around the local town.  The temperature dropped so if was chilly (a good kind of chilly!).  We received good news earlier in the day, so my husband and I were in celebration mode.  We even shared a piece of chocolate cake.

Yesterday was the beginning of do nothing.  I rummaged through my deep stash of yarns.  Deep stash is the yarn my mother owned.  I was looking for a washable yarn for another baby sweater.  I found it but also strolled down memory lane while looking at the yarn.  I should destash this yarn but I haven't the heart.

I also flipped through my mother's knitting notebook to find her notes on some longies that she made for my son such a long time ago.  She was immaculate with her notes and quite specific.  I wish I was as neat as her.

We took two walks yesterday and went to Saturday night Mass.  It's our new thing and I'm getting used to it.  My husband wants a sleep in, so we switched.  I miss my old church pew neighbors still.

Today was another two walk day.  I believe I burned all the calories of that cake on Friday!  I undid some mistakes in the fair isle hat (grrr.).  This weekend felt refreshing, kind and peaceful.

Just a few links:

Some good news:  A Day in the Life (I've been praying for him)

Have you signed up for: Gratitude Week 2016
                                        Just Five Things

How was your weekend?

(all of the photos in today's post were taken early in the morning as the sun was rising without any edits with my Nikon).


  1. Beautiful photos. This has been a very nice weekend. It's funny how low 60's here is cold to us now when it used to be hot for us in SF. The girls are across the street trying to make snow cones on the neighbor's new snow cone machine. Husband's workin' on his final paper. I caught up on blogs, typed one out for today, and prepped tomorrow's already. Loaded up a Kindle book, a cozy mystery. Gonna get some knitting in with Cinder.

  2. Lovely photos and a lovely weekend! I especially like the leaf bouquets in your header and your mushrooms. And reading about your mother's stash and her knitting notebook does my heart good. How wonderful that you appreciate and cherish her expressions of her creativity!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I like the quiet ones best, too. Such beautiful colors to appreciate!

  4. That is an amazing mushroom! I have a little elf that would look great beneath it. Loved your photos of what sounds like a perfect weekend. We heard a great sermon this morning!

  5. Lovely Autumnal photos, there is a lot of fungi around at the moment due to the damp air, they certainly make a great photo. Sounds like a wonderful weekend together. Ours was much the same, Gerard is at the hospital today to see the Consultant so we took things easy.

  6. Gorgeous photos Karen! What a lovely weekend you have had. I have my mum's recipe folder and I love looking through it and seeing her writing. Wishing you a wonderful week xx

  7. Beautiful photos Karen, and what a lovely weekend you had. It was a simple and quiet weekend here, just the way I like them.

  8. Beautiful photos indeed Karen! I love that time of the day, the light is just spectacular! I have signed up for Gratitude week and am contemplating just five things... :)

  9. sounds like a great weekend! I went on a hiking trip in La Alberca. It is about 30 minutes away from the city where I live and the views were amazing! The light was just perfect and the views of the mountains and ruins and the city in the distance were awesome!
    I have a podcast called Fiber Knitche but you can see some of my pictures from two weekends ago on the blog at fiberknitche.blogspot.com

  10. I'm glad that it's finally looking and feeling like fall. I just love the colors in your photos.

    Isn't it funny how, even if you don't know them, you get sort of attached to the people who seem to always be around you at church? Then you go someplace else, or at a different time, and it's so disconcerting! :-)

  11. lovely pictures.
    it's sweet that you inherited your mother's yarn, notes and love of knitting
    I could do a slice of chocolate cake right now..

  12. Home weekends are always the best. Slow and mellow. Feeling grounded and present. Doesn't get much better.

    Especially if someone else cleans the kitchen.

  13. Nice photos! I would find that church going change hard as well. HUGS and love to you.

  14. Quite frankly we had a pretty sucky weekend. We had to put our Newfoundland down on Friday and it left us rather depressed. I'll write about it in my space when I feel up to it.

  15. I'm a home body... Hubby is not. So we go. and go. and go. I know that soon in life we won't be able to and then I will enjoy my home time. :) hmmm, is there maybe a hint on the yarn stash as to what good news you might have gotten? :D Glad that you have a good news to celebrate and I had cake for no reason (and regretting it!). :) Hope your week is awesome Karen!

  16. Gorgeous photos! I inherited my aunt's yarn stash. It took 2 trips with a fairly large car to bring it all home! Her stash is what turned my occasional knitting habit into a full-on obsession. It's been 15+ years now & I only have a few of her skeins left. Even though they are the most hideous colors, I can't bare to part with them. Or use them. :) Looking forward to seeing the next baby sweater.

  17. Your photos show the beauty of autumns light! Nice job. Your weekend sounds perfectly wonderful.

  18. So glad you had your days at home to rest and relax. I've just signed up for Gratitude Week. Thanks for bringing it to m attention!

  19. Such lovely pictures! Autumn weekends are a delight. http://inblueink.blogspot.com/2016/10/weekends_24.html

  20. Happy that you had good news and chocolate cake! and glorious fall walks.
    I went to see Teresa Caputo the Long Island MEdium in a huge theatre. IT was very interesting. THEN I celebrated with the CUB Nation! I spoke to my son in Mexico and it was great to hear him so happy.
    Please say a prayer for my daughter if you think of it. She's looking for a new Job and I pray the BLessed Mother helps her find one that is good for HER not just for her patients

  21. Chocolate cake is the best way to celebrate good news, Karen! I thought of you this weekend because we were visiting my in laws in Lancaster. We were over the moon about Penn State's amazing win and his mom helped me cast on stitches for a hat that I'm knitting for my brother. It was a lovely visit!

  22. a delightful weekend, Karen!
    hope this past one was equally as good. xo


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