Weekends are for memory making, 
relaxing and enjoying quiet moments of our days.  
If you would like, please share your weekend moments 
  in the comment section with a link to your blog.

How was your weekend?  I have to confess, I cannot get enough of the leaves changing.  I've been stopping and looking and of course photographing.  Gorgeous and wonderful!  My weekend was nice and we had a tiny adventure yesterday.  We drove over hills and mountains to the amusement park which was hosting a craft and art festival.  The drive itself was fun.  The best park of Saturday was the weather, there was a fine drizzle all day long.  So the crowds were not manic, just regular crowds.  We enjoyed ourselves immensely.

While at the festival, I had the BEST doughnut made by a firefighter company....seriously I died and went to doughnut heaven :) I asked the lady what she recommended and she said everyone wanted the powder sugar and cinnamon doughnut.  Well they were right - there was crunch and tons of sugar (!) and lovely on the inside. 

Today I had my knitting friends over, lots of talking and eating, oh yeah, and knitting.  I am making progress on my fair isle hat but it's slow going.  I'm making mistakes and keep undoing them.

This afternoon,  I listened to Hamilton, wishing I could get tickets (at a reasonable price) but totally okay with sitting in my house and knitting.  

How was your weekend?


  1. I don't blame you, Karen, for being so in love with fall around your neighborhood. It's lovely. We have some changing trees here but there's definitely a different feel to it. Thank you for your eloquent comment on my last post about the mini swap. It's fun to receive special goodies that are specially thought out for you. And I had fun looking on Rav and choosing what I was going to hook up for my partner.

  2. Fall is just so beautiful, isn't it! What a perfect weekend for a festival.
    I had a very knitterly weekend: the movie "Yarn" and an all-day class today on Sequence Knitting.

  3. Your photos are lovely & it sounds like you had a wonderful Autumn weekend. I doubt I will ever get tickets for Hamilton, but I do have my calendar marked for Hamilton on PBS on Oct. 21st.

  4. Sounds like a perfectly wonderful weekend!

  5. That dougnut sounds very delicious! My weekend was quiet, although it started with a lovely day trip to Amsterdam on Friday, it was mostly knitting and relaxing on Saturday and Sunday.

  6. Sounds like a wonderful weekend, love the sound of the doughnut. The blaze of colour from the change of season is stunning. I had a wonderful weekend with Bertie and Honey, Granny heaven.

  7. Sounds like you had a great weekend!
    My weekend: shopping with my youngest girl for her new apartment (oh my, empty nest ahead!), family visits, sewing, knitting, a nice little walk and lots of sunshine.

  8. I SMELLED the deep fried donuts at our Oktoberfest. I
    i keep messing up the simplest slippers must be something in the air. I need to LOOK at my stitches

  9. I love those festivals. Our town is having its annual event next weekend. This weekend, we had our sons senior pictures and just did a few things around the place. Nothing exciting. Did some knitting and reading. It was a wonderful fall weekend.

  10. I am loving the leaf changing too. It came on rapidly here I think. Lots of lovely golds overnight.

  11. I am loving fall too Karen, the shift has been so good for me. Your weekend sounds just lovely. We are wrapping up a long weekend here, for Thanksgiving, and it has been wonderful. Enjoy your week.

  12. Look around, look around at how lucky we are that it's autumn right now! : ) Your neighborhood is lovely! I am loving the autumn leaves as well. I'm so tickled that you were listening to Hamilton! Karen, do not throw away your shot, go on the official Hamilton website and fill out the form they have available there so that you can be notified when new blocks of tickets go on sale. That's how we got ours! Have a wonderful week!

  13. Donuts & Fall, what a perfect combination!

    We did some fallish stuff, but fresh donuts would've been much enjoyed. http://inblueink.blogspot.com/2016/10/weekends_10.html

  14. We spent most of our weekend with DD#2 and the GK as her hubby went to the OR/WA game. We did sing with the choir on Sunday though, and you can hear it, too, if you click on the link on my blog sidebar.


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