Weekends are for memory making, 
relaxing and enjoying quiet moments of our days.  
If you would like, please share your weekend moments 
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I'm exhausted.  Not only did I see my side of the family over the past few days but I celebrated Thanksgiving and exchanged Christmas gifts with them, attended a gingerbread house making party, went shopping with my favorite sister ever (not to mention my only sister).

my sister and me!
 The whole trip was lots and lots of good food and family.  Oh yeah, my daughter and son in law were there as well.  So much busyness that one on one time was limited.  However, they are coming during the Christmas break for a week.  There will be plenty of time for that.

The California Gal and me :) 
I had such a fun time out with my sister.  We shopped and then had a great lunch out during the Black Friday madness.  Luckily we shop in craft stores, so the madness is less.

gingerbread house making party family
 Yesterday and today, I decorated the house, I'm exhausted!  Our son left to return to Penn State and so it's just the two of us.  I have many weeks to plan for when everyone is here.  I've received requests for:  pumpkin pie, lasagna, turkey dinner and all the fixings, cookies, and I cannot remember what else.  I'm sure the list will get longer as we get closer.

my aunt and me!
 How was your weekend?


  1. Wow Karen that is one full weekend, but a very happy one too! Mine was great, spent with family and an evening out with a friend. I decorated the house too!! Have a good week ahead xx

  2. What a great weekend, Karen! So amazing to get reunited with the family, though I agree that all these great emotions make you exhausted, in a good way though :)

  3. What a good looking family you have. What splendid fun you had! That's the way to do it.

  4. That was a lovely fun and family-filled weekend! Enjoy a little relaxation and a clean coffee table. I can't get over how much you and your sister look alike, and how much your daughter resembles you!

  5. I think my week was a lot like yours: A blur! Travel, family, not enough one-on-one time, but still wonderful!

  6. Sounds like a fun and busy weekend. Ours was fairly quiet as the GK were with the other side of the family east of the mountains. We did see them yesterday as they came back early to celebrate a friend's wedding. This morning we sang the first of the Christmas carols since it was the first Sunday of Advent.

  7. I can't imagine a more perfect weekend!!! I spent Black Friday taking down 'fall' and putting up Christmas, too. So glad to have that done so I can sit back and enjoy it all!!! We just got back from our annual downtown Advent Walk with all our downtown churches. Can't help be get in the spirit of the holidays. Hoping your 'advent' is wonderful.

  8. There would be no mistaking that your sister is your sister! Wow --- family resemblance for sure!

    Looks like a good time was had by all!

  9. What a wonderful weekend of connection. Everyone looks so happy. I had a great weekend...dinner out with the girls on Friday night, a tea date with a friend on Saturday, and lots of fun with my little man. It was a good weekend. Hope you have a wonderful start to your week Karen.

  10. It looks like a full and fun weekend! It was a bit quieter here, but in a very good way! And, I am clinging to these last few days of November.

  11. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! My sister came up Thursday night through Saturday morning, and we got almost all of our xmas shopping done, got the tree set up, and started working out a xmas movie schedule for December!

  12. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. And gosh - there's no doubt you & your relatives are related. You all look just alike. :)

  13. What a wonderful holiday you had! It must have been so good to have both your children with you! We had a lovely time as well with my brother and his family as well as my mom. : )

  14. You may be exhausted, but it sure looks like you had fun. My son and daughter were visiting also, but it was very low key as they both needed some down time. We took in a movie and celebrated the holiday, but not much else. I never start decorating until December 1st, but I am wondering when I will find the time. Your tree looks beautiful.

  15. thank you for sharing great photos with us. Family is so precious. You and your sister look alike! Pretty aunti too . all those young fresh faces at one table: a JOY To behold

  16. We had a very full holiday weekend too. I was happy to get back to work and my routine.


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