Morning Reset

My attention these days is here, there, everywhere.  I read the news, I disconnect from the news.  I pick up one project to knit and then put it down and knit on another.  I set a goal of eating a salad every day for lunch only to eat cheesy toast and sabotage my dietary goals.

Do you do this?  I feel quite fickle in my intentions and attentions to myself.

squishy mad tosh sock yarn = bliss.
 I know and you know that crafting is what can save a person's sanity.  The sitting and picking up a project to add some stitches and ease into a meditative state of being.  For me this cardigan does just that.  The yarn is just so very squishy soft.  Tactile happiness to the fullest!

The more time I commit to my knitting projects, the "noise" of the world becomes a whisper instead of a roar.

Whether I sabotage my personal goals or not, every morning when I wake up is a new beginning.  I write out my tasks and my intentions and try again.  A beautiful reset of each day.  That is why I love mornings the most, fresh and clean without any diversions.

the socks that will get an awesome afterthought heel (maybe in another color?)
 I write in my journal the happenings and maybe some reflective observations to whatever strikes my fancy.  At the very end of each entry I write my gratitude list.  Simple stuff like my coffee and the hum of the frig.  My husband, my children, my family, Frodo and my health.  Occasionally I'll add some nature events.  The birds singing, the beautiful sunrise today, the melting of the snow.

the never ending sock blanket that keeps me warm at night
 Do you keep a list of what you love?

So this morning is another reset, and maybe I will eat that salad and start working on my "core" so I can return to yoga.  Maybe my day will be less fractured. Maybe I will check the news a little less.

This I know to be true:   being gentle with myself and my intentions is paramount because I have another reset every single morning.

Frodo under the ottoman
Frodo says "hi" from under the ottoman.  He is looking forward to Spring!


  1. I am so excited to see the finished project with that beautiful beading you are doing. I love the color of the well as the gray one that you are working up.

    I need to make myself a goal of eating a salad every day for lunch. It would certainly be healthier for me than some of the things I eat at midday. I do keep a list of my favorite things and people that I am thankful for. It helps me come away feeling less bombarded by the world.

    Have a great weekend, Karen!

  2. I have to say that the blanket and of course Frodo are my favorite things here! I have been feeling discombobulated as well, I think mainly because my broken ankle is interfering with my normal routines. But like you, I've been trying to "reset" and hoping it will work.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. The beading is beautiful Karen.

    Morning reset...I couldn't agree more. At this point in my life that morning reset is so important for me, a reminder that each new day is a fresh beginning and I get to choose how much I make of it.

    Have a magical weekend.

  4. You've given us a lovely take on things - reset and start anew instead of berating ourselves for mistakes. I'm hoping that the sun lasts so I can get out for a good long walk later to counteract some of my own overindulgences in cheesy toast! Walking, knitting, reading, and no news after 8pm are helping me cope with the world.

  5. The gift of a reset each morning is wonderful! Our weekend is supposed to be lovely and we are planning a hike tomorrow which should help with some of my recent over indulgences. Your beading and knitting are so pretty. I do think a different color for the after thought heel would be great.

  6. Yes - your words resonate with me. Every day is a reset. I hope to find myself back in that place where my days become more habit and less reset. Thanks for your thoughts.

  7. I love the idea of a reset each day, it has given me so much to think about reading your post today.

  8. Thank you for this post. I enjoy your blog!

  9. Hi to Frodo :) I should keep a list of what I love, it would be a good idea. I like the thought of re-setting the day and starting all over.

  10. I have trouble sticking with my self-care routine, too. Especially when there is so much to stress over (the news, my job, my parents), but I try to start anew everyday and not beat myself up over my failures.
    I really love your blanket!

  11. Madtosh yarn rocks. It is worth every penny. Awww, is Frodo scared in that picture :O(? He would be here; we have howling winds. Our palm tree sheds branches during these stormy days. I got my workout this morning picking them up from our driveway and the neighbor's.

  12. You are so right. Each morning a new day. Your gray sweater is going to be awesome. THe contrast with the interesting sock yarns is a fun alternate. I've been particularly BAD today. I usually behave well on weight watchers. I mean really, I do. I guess it will be a simple chicken breast for dinner. I may make the point total after all if I do so. And Knittng is totally taking my mind to a better place thisweek.

  13. Another great post, Karen! I love your beaded project; it's a lovely color, too. Do you always knit two socks at once? It's depressing to keep up with the news, and scary not to, isn't it? It's so nice to read an uplifting post. Thank you for that. Have a great weekend!

  14. I love your projects!! I am feeling the same way - here, there, resolving not to check the news and then sneaking a peek. My knitting is also a little jittery. We had some very spring like weather this week. Even though winter is my favorite season, it was lovely to be outdoors in a short sleeved t-shirt. Spring brings hope and hope we need.

  15. Great post! Is this sock yarn blanket the same pattern as you have on ravelry? I'm looking for something different from the mitered square blanket. I may have to give this a try.

    1. Yes this is the same pattern as on my ravelry page, I highly recommend it! I like how it uses up sock yarn and the colors that appear.

  16. Oh, yes. I start out with good intentions... then, I will cave (some days). But, like you, I try to reset... and live each day as it comes. Some days are just better than others. Knitting is good therapy no matter which. Let's keep on resetting! ;) blessings ~ tanna

  17. Beautiful knitting, Karen! I am likewise ambling about with multiple projects - and trying to find a balance between being over "newsed" and tuned out. And, honestly, both leave me feeling a bit anxious - fear of the unknown or fear of the known I guess. Either way, it makes for unsettled days. But, you are right - each day we get a reset and rather than dragging yesterdays baggage along. A reset is just the thing. Self care has become crucial - yoga or an invigorating walk in the fresh air do wonders for freeing up brain space.

  18. I'm a morning person as well, so totally understand the joy of being able to hit that rest button early every morning. Be kind to yourself. I think the world is a messed up place at the moment, and short of moving to a cabin deep in the woods where there is no electricity or internet connection, it's impossible to avoid hearing about the craziness. I think it might be a time to set fewer personal goals each day, and be sure that the goals are attainable.

  19. Karen, I swear that sometimes I think we were sisters at some point in time. Your posts so often reflect what I am experiencing. I, too, am trying to be more mindful of my eating habits and yet so often I wait until I am so hungry that I grab the easiest thing to eat...often peanut butter and jelly! I have had the salad for lunch goal since January and can count on one hand how many times I have done it. I am someone who resets each day as well; I'm constantly evaluating what works and what doesn't. I have fallen into a good routine recently where I have a to do list pad separate from my weekly planner. For some reason it just works. My knitting has been very slow because the pattern I'm working on requires complete concentration so at night when I am watching TV I tend to pick up my embroidery instead. I haven't painted since December but am hoping to return to it this week. It is just so cold in my studio that I resist heading down there. Have a lovely weekend, my friend! xx

  20. I love this post... I am no stranger to self-sabotage and have similar struggles day in and day out. And like you, I'm glad for that reset button every single day. Although last year I read 'Better Than Before' and while generally I'm fairly critical of that book, there were some gems in it. One that often I forget -- the 'reset' doesn't have to wait until the next day. She suggested dividing the day into thirds or halves instead to reset. Didn't eat your salad for lunch? It's okay -- eat a healthy dinner. Instead, the trap I fall into is if I fall down, I tend to just throw the rest of the day away. I'm learning that one slip doesn't mean the whole day is ruined. But that is such a hard lesson for me! Lovely knitting here as always!


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