Settling Into Ordinary

This post is laden with wintry photos because I know and you know this will be melting and drab brown scenery will return with the melt down.  When there's snow on the ground, a cloudy day is easier for me to tolerate, don't you agree?

With February, comes thoughts of vacations and possibilities of where to go and what to do.  My husband and I haven't really agreed on anything, but it sure is fun discussing the possibilities.  For now, I'm content to stay home a little longer and enjoy the ordinary days.

I continue to waffle on reading the news feeds and not reading the news feeds (and still wanting to read them).  What a pickle!  I find that when I am sitting and knitting, I get into my Zen state of mind.  So there is the answer to my happiness and possibly yours.  Sit and knit.  Sit and knit.

I've been away from my yoga practice since October due to weird back issues.  I feel like maybe I could try to do some positions but my hesitation and my back says "keep waiting!".  Instead, I do modified poses and stretches testing my body and so far my body is behaving.  I'm feeling hopeful.

Settling into ordinary is taking time to appreciate the smallest moments.  A cup of hot tea, petting little Frodo (who isn't too keen on the cold these days), standing at the window looking at deer tracks as they zig zag across the yard.

Walking around the yard with my camera in hand, I'm being in that moment - point, focus and shoot.  There is great strength in those habits.  In the corner of my eye, I see birds flitting around the low laying bushes pecking at seeds from late summer.  My purple liatris that bloomed so beautifully in the summer is now a perfect brown silhouette against the stark white of snow.

Settling into ordinary is listening to the wind and hearing the snow hit my winter coat.  The distant hum of the roads competing against the winter music. Children in the distance laughing and playing on a day off from school.

Settling into ordinary is my way of living life to the fullest.

If you like noticing the small moments of your life, please check out Michelle's course offering that is happening in April.  Just five things--it's an awesome class!


  1. we were supposed to get snow...but got none! just flurries...we got the cold and the wind but nothing to show for it. so I'm enjoying your beautiful snowy shots immensely :)

    and I think you know how I feel about settling into the ordinary. yes, ma'm...I love it.
    thank you (so much) for linking to my class. I'm so happy that both you and Kat are signed up already.
    I can't wait for class to begin! xoxo

  2. I love and treasure the ordinary! Today, it's having a few rays of sunshine falling on my knitting so I can really appreciate how beautiful the yarn is. I mainly knit at night but I hadn't realized how "in the dark" I was. Once I get some work done, I'm going for a walk in the snow before it melts this weekend. Thanks for your lovely snow photos!

  3. We had a few snowflakes today but it really didn't amount to much. Your wintry photos are a delight to see, I dread to think what would happen if this country had that amount of snow it would probably come to standstill.

  4. Karen, I absolutely relate to this post and love it. ORdinary is golden to me. No rushing off to work in the NICU with impossibly sick babies and tears from mourning parents. THose days are over. No filling my calendar to the brim. It is so quiet here in the woods. I love it. I do wish for warmth and open windows, but they will come. In themeantime I will knit and chill and knit and look around and know thisday , this ordinary day, is what we all hope for when things get messy in life. SO I , like you, cherish this one!

  5. I so enjoyed my walk with you in Winter Wonderland, Karen! I went out this morning with my camera and took some snow pictures also. It would appear that we must have had about the same amount of snow. Please tell Frodo how much I agree with him when it comes to the cold. :-) Although I have to say the cold is much easier to deal with than the heat of summer.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Yay for the ordinary...a favorite of mine. Your snow pictures are lovely. Wishing you an ordinarily beautiful weekend.

  7. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. I tell my children it is finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. Loved this. Have a wonderful weekend, Karen. Hope you are back to full speed in your yoga soon. blessings ~ tanna

  8. The ordinary moments are sometimes the best ones of all. They hold promise and comfort! And, your photos are so beautiful!

  9. Another great post, Karen. Thanks! We missed the snow here as we were in AZ, but we did get home it time to watch it melt when the rains returned.

  10. So beautiful! I wish we'd get some decent now around here but I'm afraid it won't be happening this winter.

  11. Man, that is some snow you're gettin', the real deal. I can't wait to see what the photography course inspires you to do. Today is the first day we're having low 60's and a break from rain.

  12. Ordinary is a beautiful thing :)

  13. I think I'd much rather have the snow rather than the sweat running down me at 9am in front of a class of students. I'm the only one with aircon too and students don't learn a thing in this heat at the beginning of the school year. Even worse in Australia. We've town on emergency right now due to raging fires.


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