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Poor Frodo had a few rough days this week.  First on Monday, he was groomed and that event tends to tucker him out.  On Tuesday, he received a lyme vaccine that is a new formula and I guess it made him sore and tired. Never fear though, he is back to his investigative self.  Having him in our lives was one of the best decisions ever.  I'm glad he is feeling much better as well.

I have diligently been following along with my Lenten promises and cannot believe we are half way through Lent.  Time is flying during this Lenten season.  I continue to participate in my Lenten readings, learning and growing along the way.

That crazy winter storm last week is almost melted and signs of spring are upon us once again.   The sun was shining on my daily walk yesterday and even though I was bundled up, I know this cold weather is temporary.  I choose to believe.

I've been reading my first Louise Penny book "Still Life" after seeing this author showcased again and again on blogs and on instagram.  I am gobbling up the story!  I am foregoing my lunch crossword puzzle for some quick reading.

The reading obsession state of mind reminds me of my summer teen years.  I'd have a pile of books from a used book store, filled up a huge glass of iced tea and headed off to the front porch swing, immersed in a novel, ignoring the world.  My girlfriend would beg me to put my books down to play neighborhood games of kick ball or flag football.  My decisions were based on how good my book was and how hot and humid that day was.

I had my priorities.

So when I get giddy about a novel, I feel a swirl of past memories, fresh and real, rolled up and into my current life experiences.  I thank God for writers and creative people who entertain me.  Where would I be today if not for the opportunity to escape and relax?

A month ago, I subscribed to the New York Times and with my subscription came the NYT crossword puzzle app.  I used to believe I was really smart and clever when I did my local paper's Sunday crossword puzzle.  For years, I've successfully filled out most of my clues and felt smug.

Enter in the NYT  What a humbling experience!  I am struggling to get past Wednesday's puzzle.  So here I am, learning new things and I love that I do NOT know everything like I thought I did.

Are you a crossword puzzler? Are you reading Louise Penny?  Which of her books is your favorite?


  1. I'm glad Frodo is doing OK, I love seeing him!

    I adore the Louise Penny books, and truly wish I could move to Three Pines. It's hard for me to choose a favorite, because each time I finish one, I think that one is my favorite ...

    Your stories about reading as a kid amused me. My mother used to get annoyed with me, when no one else is around and I'd be reading, she would often say, "Do you think you could close the book for five minutes and maybe talk to me?" LOL

  2. It sounds like our teen years were very similar -- I was also the kid who was perfectly happy to spend a summer day with a stack of good books! While adult life does have its perks, I have to say that I do miss the days when I could read for pleasure with abandon.

  3. Frodo is SO cute. He's quite handsome with his new haircut.

    The knitting project looks pretty nice too. :-) Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Your teen years sound just like mine, and I still look for that immersion and escape from the world when I read. It doesn't happen nearly as often as I might like, but that's probably one of the drawbacks of being an adult. I need to reread Louise Penny; I got to the third in the series but wasn't enthralled. So many readers whose opinions I respect adore the books, so I think I owe the books (and myself) a second look. Happy weekend to you and Frodo!

  5. Wow are we half way done!!! Im being LEnten this year. Reading a daily book. I've never liked Lent. Still I feel I can be Easter joy filled if I do Lent. Happy happy reading!

  6. love this! so good (but hard) to have lessons in humility, right? :) I have not read this novelist, but I too love a good novel; just finished Elizabeth Goudge's _The Rosemary Tree_ and it was so so lovely. Glad Frodo is feeling better!!! Have a peaceful day!!!

  7. Frodo looks so distinguished. What a great job they did. I like the Inspector Armand series; it's a different kind of mystery. It really focuses on the characters and the process. There are no special effects.

  8. You've shared some beautiful photos, Karen! Love the shots of Frodo and am very happy he is feeling back to his investigative self! I remember summers like that with reading, too... check out the maximum the library would allow (6) and have them all read and ready to check out more before our next visit.

    I was talking to one of my oldest and dearest friends the other day and I said that the older I've gotten, the less I realize I know. She said she missed that brazen confidence in "knowing" so much of our younger days. It is amazing how our perspective changes.
    blessings ~ tanna

  9. I've only read Still Life, which I enjoyed. And given our Words with Friends games, it will not surprise you that I'm a crossword fan. My best friend has been a word puzzle designer for the past 20 years, and she also has taken up a subscription to the NYT with the goal of getting a puzzle of her own design accepted by them.

  10. I love seeing Frodo twice today! And, you'll love ALL the Louise Penny books, promise. I too struggle past Wendesday with the NYT puzzles, but I love them and some weeks I can get through the week easily. This week, not so much.

  11. I am sorry that Frodo had a few rough days at the beginning of the week, but glad to know that he is back to being himself again.

    I've loved reading for as long as I can remember. I've not yet read any of Louise Penny's books. Thank you for the thumbs up!

    I also enjoyed viewing your sweet treasures that are throughout the post today, Karen. I especially love the one of the older lady with the little boy coming up at her side to get an apple. It is beautiful.

  12. I can completely understand gauging whether or not you were done reading by how muggy it was. Muggy weather makes me cranky and I'd rather stay in. Good thing I don't live in an area that is muggy very often. Enjoy the coming spring!

  13. Love those Frodo photos! It sure would be hard to imagine a world without books, wouldn't it? Sometimes I wish I could read one with each eye; just think how many more books you could read then. I am about to start Pivotal Tuesdays: four elections That Shaped the Twentieth Century. Heard the author speak last Monday and just had to get her book.

  14. Poor Frodo! I'm glad he's feeling better. I'm a Sudoku person, and have to admit that they often make me feel rather dimwitted. As for Louise Penny, oh my goodness, are you in for a treat! She is one of my very favourite authors, and each book in the series is better than the one before.

  15. Oh Frodo looks so handsome - glad he's back to himself (Holly is the same way about getting groomed). I used to work crosswords and sudokus ... but now I just knit. and read. I am a huge Louise Penny fan. I started the series in May 2014 and was caught up when the new book came out that summer. They are completely addictive. and I find that each one is somehow, magically, better than the one before it. I had saved the most recent one (it came out last summer) and just read it last weekend. 5 stars. I'm kind of jealous you have all that wonderful reading ahead of you!!

  16. You got a blog makeover! It looks great.
    Frodo is adorable.
    I have ready Louise Penny.. not a lot.. just one or two books. They were pretty good.

    1. I am a little obsessed with finding them all on Kindle on sale :) I have five so far and am watching the prices of others. Thanks for the blog love :)

  17. I'm laughing because in that last picture of Frodo, he doesn't look like he's forgiven you yet for two days in a row of 'mistreatment'. :) Glad he's feeling better even if he is still slightly angry with you. Your knitting project is beautiful.


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