And just like that, my world is quieter and smaller.  You see, my daughter returned to the west coast on Friday evening.  I reclaimed my house with a flurry of cleaning activities.  Bathrooms tidied, towels and linens washed, dried and folded up.

On Saturday, I relaxed and read my books.  When I was tired of reading, I then did some serious knitting.  I separated the sleeves from the body of my sweater.  Progress!

My husband and I took daily walks and while the snow is still there, looking dirty and melty, spring is in the air!  Birds are everywhere and the poor robins are congregating near snow-cleared lawn patches trying to find some worms.

After Saturday evening Mass, we had a 'big' salad for dinner that was delightful, I find the simplest of meals the most fulfilling.  Sunday was more laundry, eating up leftovers, making a menu plan (sort of), and sketching out my week ahead.

my daughter gave my husband this wee little drone for his birthday.....tiny but mighty!!
How was your weekend?


  1. Cool looking drone! Sounds like the perfect weekend.

  2. happy first day of spring....!!!!!

  3. I bet it was sad to say goodbye to your daughter, but it is also nice to get back into your own rhythm (with plenty of time for reading and knitting). That is the tiniest drone I've ever seen!

  4. Company is great to have but I love when I get to tidy everything up and get back to normal. What a cute drone! Happy Spring!!!!


  5. a wee drone! How cute. !!!
    My weekend was pretty good! It was sunny and warmish. Snow is gone. I sat on the front stoop and knitted in the sun at 4 pm yesterday. Heavenly. I knit a hat this weekend for a baby that's arriving soon.

  6. Safe travels for your DD ...although she is probably back home by the time I read this.
    That little bitty drone is adorable!

  7. I'm happy for you that you had a lovely visit with your daughter. Where is she on the west coast? That little drone is so cool! What a fun toy for your husband to play with. I bet Frodo wants to get a hold of it?
    And thank you for your recent comments. It would probably bug my tween if I kept pointing out to ppl that I made her sweater, LOL. She wore it today! I was so happy to see her in it. I should take a pic of her in it later at pick up. How do you like Maeve's last book? Still Life...Inspector Armand Gamache?

  8. Our weekend was good. I spent the day on Saturday giving our bedroom a thorough cleaning, caught up on some ironing and fixing our meals. Hubby had an errand to run and the remainder of his day he spent here at home, working a bit in his woodcrafting area of the basement which we call "the studio", and keeping the home fires burning. Sunday was going to services in the morning, having a lunch which we prepped together...did the fries in the oil-less fryer(so yummy), and then he did our taxes and I spent the afternoon relaxing, and back to church in the evening.

  9. We had a nice weekend - the culmination of our Spring Break here in Arizona. So glad you got to see your daughter, even if just for a few days. Hope the coming week is a good one for you.

  10. Must have been nice to have your daughter around.
    Hope it starts to warm up soon.. I am looking forward to spring

  11. Lovely weekend, Karen! It flew by here... but me and the robins are ready for spring!

  12. So glad you enjoyed your weekend. Enjoy your spring weather. I love that little drone.

  13. What a great weekend! We spent most of ours around the house, although we did go out snowshoeing on Sunday. The weather was beautiful and the snow plentiful so we thought we should take advantage! Have a great week, Karen!

  14. I find my house is very empty after Sara leaves. funny how one person can fill us (and our home) up so much. but looks like you made the best of it and your weekend. hope that dirty snow melts quickly and the birds and the flowers come out for spring!

  15. Hooray for sweater progress. Once I separate the sleeves from the body, the knitting seems to go faster. Although I am trying really hard not to be impatient and enjoy the process. Have a good week.

  16. Please, please, please! Please tell us about that bag in 2nd photo. I need that bag! :) I'm dying for a drone too, except that I wouldn't know what to do with it & I'd be bored after 10 minutes of playing with it.

    1. I am sorry! The bag was a gift over two years ago and the tag is gone. the inside says papayaart.com


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