Easter Memories

I am almost ready for the weekend and celebrating Easter.  Almost.  As you might have guessed, I have a master list that I keep checking and making sure I don't forget something important.  So far, I think I am on top of being a thorough list crafting individual.

Growing up, Easter was visiting both grandmas and eating two dinners.  I loved the deviled eggs, decorated hard boiled eggs, pickles (yes on the same plate as those eggs) and lots of potato salad.  Jello desserts were plentiful and you couldn't walk by the dining table without grabbing something to stick in your mouth whether you were hungry or not.  This was the only time my mother was not monitoring my candy intake and I took advantage of that leniency.

Easter was potted bulbs as gifts and the car getting crazy dizzy from the perfumed aroma.  Hyacinths were the worst offenders.  We climbed into an orange Chevy Nova with cookie trays and flowers, wearing our Easter dresses.  My mom bought me a new dress and a pair of shoes every Easter and Christmas.  Easter was white tights and white shoes (of course) and I'd try my best not to scuff those white shoes.

At church the Easter Sunday Mass was over-crowded, standing room only.   The air was thick with church flowers, perfume and cologne.  For some reason a sense of smell permeates my memories! Church today doesn't seem as crowded and maybe I'm loosing my olfactory acuity.

My sister and I would look for our baskets and picking through the assorted candies.  I remember sitting outside on my backyard swing, eating a little chocolate bunny - ears always first.  Trying to make that piece of chocolate last forever.  Sunshine, swinging and chocolate - a child's dream.

I hope your weekend is filled with beautiful flowers with glorious scents that remind you of previous springs.  I hope you are surrounded by loved ones and are eating some fantastic food.

Happy Easter!


  1. Scent plays a big part of all my memories, too, Karen. You did such a beautiful job of describing your Easters I almost felt I was there, too. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Easter. blessings ~ tanna

  2. Great memories. You have me recalling my Easters as a child . we usually got a stuffed bunny in our basket, some chalk, a jump rope, Silly PUTTY in an egg and chocolate bunnies as well. Enjoy!

  3. Always ....white patent leather shoes AND a little matching purse and a hat. It was the only time we got dressed up in fancy/lacy clothes.

    In our Easter basket we ALWAYS had a large coconut cream chocolate egg with our name written on them in icing AND a sugar shell egg that you could look inside.

    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  4. One of the things I love most about your posts is the gentle sweetness, and that is certainly evident in this one. I have many of the same Easter memories including white tights, white shoes, and chocolate rabbits eaten ears first. We also wore white gloves and Easter hats to church, and the hats always had an uncomfortable elastic band to hold them on. Wishing you a wonderful Easter, filled with many new memories.

  5. Your memories of Easter took me back to my own. So very similar! :) Thank you for memory lane!

  6. What a wonderful post! My growing-up Easters weren't nearly so fragrant (Presbyterians and no big family meals ;-) but they certainly included white shoes, hard-boiled eggs (I loved them deviled and with creamed chipped beef over toast - yikes! - I hadn't thought about that in years ... those are two things I rarely eat these days) and candy. Wishing you another year of happy memories!

  7. Easter Memories: white anklets with lace, black patent leather shoes, white straw hats. My Grandmother always sewed my sister and I matching dresses and delivered them late Saturday evening or early Sunday morning before church. The most memorable Easter was the year our youngest brother was born on Easter Eve. We were so afraid there wouldn't be Easter baskets but Mom and Gram had prepared. We woke up in our grandparents' home to an Easter egg hunt.

  8. Great memories! Have a very Happy Easter!

  9. You are so good about changing decor. You must have a lot of storage. My only memory of a childhood Easter was we had a big Easter Egg hunt in my grandmother's backyard. My cousin got mad b/c my brother had a hard time finding them and she had to give him some. There's a picture where she's frowning, LOL.

  10. I think I have more childhood Easter memories than Christmas memories. Now that I think of it.

  11. beautiful little things and plants..Have a wonderful Easter..

  12. What wonderful memories of Easter you have.
    So many, so similar to my own.
    Wishing you a wonderful Easter.

  13. Happy Easter. Easter was a chocolate marshmallow egg as a child and that's all I remember. New Zealand is not overly religious (only 16% go to church and under 50% identify as Christian). We gave out a few eggs, had roast lamb for lunch and saw one family member today and that's it. Neither of our families celebrate as such - its another day in the 2 week break from school. We did use to do egg hunts for the children when younger - Easter now seems to be a feast of commercialism here like Christmas!

  14. Thanks for sharing! I hope Reed grows up to have happy memories about Easter even though we keep it simple. No big family meals. Just fun. And spring.


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