Ah, spring - you are sort of here and I like it.  After many many days of rain, Sunday morning yielded to endless blue skies and warm weather.  On our daily walk, I heard the spring peepers so it's officially spring.

After my grumbling about getting my mac to communicate to my printer, I was successful on Sunday afternoon.  I don't know what I did specifically.  I deleted printer set up, redownloaded printer set up, I deleted the printer then searched for the printer. I turned the printer on and off.  Really I have no clue....  However, after my wireless connection miracle, I printed off some continuing education tests for me to fill out whenever I get to reading my continuing education packets.

I finished the wash clothes, buried the threads and wrapped them up ready to go as gifts. I used cheerful yellow tissue paper and fun spring treat bags.  My task list was long and I diligently worked through nearly all of my weekend chores.

Since the weather was pretty and awesome, we grilled various vegetables and chicken for dinner along with a tossed salad.  My meals are tasting like spring.  Iced tea with fresh lemon wedges are the go to drink around here as well.  Iced tea reminds me of my mom and my youth.

I'm nearly done with laundry and I washed all of my thin wool cardigans to put away.  So you know what that means (snow??).  I don't care - I'm ready to wear something different. Do you get like that?

How was your weekend?


  1. It sounds like you fixed your printer connection the same way I fixed my scanner - undoing a few screws to look at the situation and say "hmmm", bang on it a few times, and cross my fingers when I plugged it back in. I'm glad you were successful! Spring peepers are indeed the official sign of spring and they are lovely to finally hear.

  2. My weekend was low key, recouping after a silly fall that sent me to the ER last week.

  3. Spring certainly looks like it has arrived from your photos....it's a soul filling time of year. Yes, I totally get like that, ready to wear something different, ready to dig out the lighter clothes, and the fresh colours of spring. Have a beautiful start to your week Karen.

  4. Sounds like a good weekend, getting some things done, and looking at the world around you. :-)

    BTW, I love your new blog design! Is it one of the new templates?

    1. yes it is! I thought it would be fun to switch it up a bit :)

  5. Sounds like a lovely weekend! Our weather improved by Sunday a lot and I noticed so many more things blooming on my drive into work today. Spring is finally here I believe. And, I am so over winter clothes...bring on the light and breezy tops of Spring and Summer!

  6. I TOTALLY get it. We moved from long pants to shorts last week. I never realized how happy SHORTS make me.

  7. Sounds like some good stuff going on over there! Reed and I hit the road up to Oregon for the past few days--skiing, fishing, and redwood hiking with my sticky little guy! Much love to you this week, and always!

  8. Hooray for the PRINTER magic. Technology is a challenge for me. Your iced tea remind me of summertime!! My weekend was busy ; friends for dinner both nights. FUn

  9. Agreed.. I am ready for spring. We are due to get a lot more rain in the next few days but today the sun is shining and I am loving it.


  10. It's so fun to think of your cheery dishcloths wrapped with fragrant soap or I even imagine cute, Easter soap! Glad spring is fighting to pop out in your town. My girls want iced tea when it's hot and the husband needs to practice his grilling this sumer.
    Thank you for your visits. You are sunshine to me. Thank you for the sweet anniversary wishes. I can't believe 10 years has gone by. The mister and I have certainly grown together. And yes, it feels good to use "stash." This year I don't feel the urge as much to buy new yarn which will always be there.

  11. I don't believe in jinxes ... surely spring has arrived - to stay! - in your part of the world! My weekend was also low-key and restful - just what we needed before a busy week!

  12. It snowed most of the day Friday and all day Saturday. But, yesterday was sunny and in the 50s and today was GLORIOUS and over 60 I think! I went to the woods and saw turtles basking, heard peepers singing, and saw robins. No green, but soon, soon.♥ With spring on its way, I'm wearing my bright green cashmere cardi over a t shirt most days. :)

  13. Hurray for the printer fix... however it occurred! I'm glad you are seeing Spring around you. We are fast moving through spring to what feels like early summer. Ha! I went back to get more of my spring colored cotton yarn (because I have HALF of the last dishcloth) and wouldn't you know that there was not one skein of that colorway left. Of course, there was another... LOL! Love your gift wrapping. I'm not quite ready to stop and wrap yet. Bring on the Spring! blessings ~ tanna

  14. Oh, your meals sound amazing :) Happy spring coming!! My weekend was quiet ordinary - exercise, grocery shopping, reading, knitting and some work.

  15. Sometimes our printer stops talking to the computer or vice versa and I simply turn everything off - and the internet router - and all on again and it sorts itself out. No idea how or why though! Glad you got yours working whatever it was that you did!!


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