This weekend was nearly a 'do nothing' weekend.  The very best kind of weekend, if you ask me.  I love when nothing particular is on the schedule.  Friday night, we went to a banquet for my husband's work and I dusted off the "dress clothes".  I rarely ever wear skirts, so it's a big deal!  I live in jeans all year round.

Saturday, we had a slow morning of reading newspapers and doing some puzzles.  We headed off for a lunch out then a bit of shopping.  I recently broke my brand new coffee carafe.  I remember within of week of purchasing the coffee maker, I slammed the carafe against the sink and nothing (!) happened.  A few weeks later, I poured coffee and a big piece of glass fell out of the side.  Luckily, I had a back up carafe and as far as I know, I didn't drink glass parts.

So yeah, slamming into hard surfaces will weaken glass...

Sunday morning was 7:30 Mass and the laundry chores.  The weather this weekend was perfect and I will never tire of blue skies.  I love spring jacket weather!

How was your weekend?


  1. Lovely blue skies and sweet purple violets! I hope you have plenty of those (along with glass-free coffee).

  2. Yay for blue skies!
    We spent Saturday driving to the other side of the country (which isn't that far actually if you compare it to US distances) picking up a secondhand bath we found on Marktplaats (comparable to Craig's list) for only 60 euro.
    Sunday was spent building it in, taking a very first bath and cleaning up the water that came out the wrong way (leaking drains). Oh well.
    I also did a bit of knitting and sewing when my husband didn't need me to hold or hand things.
    So, just a normal routine weekend for us ;-) (but I love those)

  3. We had lovely weather and it made my mood soar! We met with an old friend OF Fireman's for dinner last night. His wife was very fun. We had to try 3 places before we found one with the kitchen open. Dont know what that was about?

  4. we've got those little purple flowers sprouting up every where..
    you look lovely!

  5. Oh, I love "do nothing" weekends. :) Karen, you are so pretty!!!!! What beautiful smile you have. I live in jeans all year, too, but it is fun to dress up occasionally. Here it rained all day Saturday, which meant guilt free reading and knitting. Sunday was bright and cloudless, and I planted my spring veggies and also a few pots of poppies among the roses.

  6. I too love a lax weekend. You look terrific in green. Aiya; I have knocked my glass carafe a few times; it's our glass water kettle; I hope it holds. I already broke one when spices fell out and knocked it. Good thing it's cheap on Amazon. Thank you for sharing what you're reading. I'm glad your book's enjoyable. And thank you for your wooly comments ^__^.

  7. Your weekend sounds delightful, Karen. :) It is nice to have one that has no particular schedule to it. I'm so glad that you weren't burned or cut when the carafe of hot coffee lost part of its side.

    Our weekend was good. Friday night we went to an auction of 50 years worth of collecting in an antique store. Found some sweet things to bring home...think Blue Willow dishes and McCoy pottery pieces. :) Saturday we spent getting out and visiting with some family members in another part of our state. Sunday was full of church, lunch, and relaxing!

  8. Loving blue skies but sadly today we got a mixture of rain, sleet, snow and wind.

  9. Your weekend sounds lovely. Blue skies and purple violets - just right~!

  10. Your weekend sounds like my favorite kind of weekend, Karen!
    But this weekend, mine was a traveling weekend, so kind of busy and hurried, but truly in the very best way.
    Have a wonderful week ahead!

  11. You look so cute in your "dress" clothes. Now and again, I enjoy dressing up but not too often. Comfort above all at this age. I love sweater/jacket weather also. I am not a big fan of July and August heat. Our weather this past week has been so lovely.

  12. I agree, these are the best kind of weekends! So glad you had a nice down weekend.

  13. Sounds like a really nice, relaxing weekend! Ours was good but gray and rainy; the paper today said we've had the most rain from Oct. to now since 1895!!!!

  14. We had a wonderful weekend. We had the opportunity to vist with friends that live back in Orlando. We met up in St. Augustine and the weather cooperated for a lovely day outside.

    Glad you had a good weekend too. :-) Happy knitting!

  15. My weekend was somewhat busy. Like you, I love the lazy ones.
    Gee, who know glass was so fragile???

  16. Love the selfie - and that green sweater is such a pretty spring-y pop of color with the black! I love slow weekends ... hopefully NEXT week I'll get one!


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