the beginnings of the whiteout shawl
 Hello!  Would you believe that I'm sitting here with the heat on (but it's not turning on because of the in between weather) and I'm wearing two sweatshirts.  The weather people got the forecast all wrong.

spindrift shawl
 Saturday was glorious - truly a picture perfect day.  The sun was out along with a gentle breeze.  I sat outside on the swing reading my book enjoying the day.  When the weather is perfect like that, Frodo doesn't want to come inside.  He sits facing the breeze, occasionally sniffing the air.  I guess I was doing the same.

Yesterday, I started the whiteout shawl early in the morning.  I was delighted the directions are easy for me and memorizable.  Score! Now I'm back to having three projects on the needles - the maximum amount for me.  I am tempted to add one more project that was just released though, I'm in the thinking stages.

My weekend:

- drizzle and rain - mushroom and black olive pizza -  binge watching Netflix - updating my Ravelry project pages - falling down the slippery slope of internet - laundry - attending Mass - chats with both adult children - reading and knitting at the same time


  1. Other than being cold, it sounds like a pretty good weekend. Hope the rest of your week is just as enjoyable.

  2. Sounds lovely. Three projects is just right.

  3. Sounds lovely.... Isn't that how weekends should be ?

  4. I love the beginnings of both of your shawls, they are looking great! I like your Red Rose tea decorations, I have collected so many of those over the years. My parents had some when I was little and I loved them and would collect more from flea markets to grow the collection. They are so cute. Sounds like you had a good weekend! my weekend was much of the same, visiting family, chatting with my mom lots, and knitting!

  5. Your weekend sounds perfect! Mushroom and black olive pizza - YUM (we had artichoke and black olive). The weather is still a crazy up and down roller coaster, isn't it? I never know how to dress - lol.

  6. Sounds like you had a nice, relaxing weekend. Both shawls are looking good!

  7. we are having that same wretched weather.. did Mother Nature not get the memo? It's supposed to be summer

  8. your weekend sounds wonderful ... and I hope summer remembers to get back to you soon! (also, I love that you share "real life" photos here, along with the eye candy ;-)

  9. Love the color of your Spindrift! You have a lot of discipline with only 3 projects going. I am impressed. i started that same book but got distracted by an online book from the library that has to be finished soon.

  10. I love your list and your CHAT with both children. That is what I call a great day too!
    SOrry you had rain! our weather in Wisconsin has been glorious of late!

  11. Love the shawls, it's lovely having a bit of variety to work on, you can choose your project depending on how you feel and how much time you have.

  12. Beautiful beginnings!! We've had lots of rain this month, but the heat is ramping up here!! blessings ~ tanna

  13. Sounds like a good weekend to me, in spite of the weather.
    We have had much the same here in NY also, but it is turning around, and the next many days promise to be beautiful (and hot!!).

    Your new shawl looks beautiful!
    Have a wonderful weekend.


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