Guess what!  I've been in Cape May, NJ since Wednesday and tomorrow morning I'm going home.  If you know me at all, you know that going home is the best part.  I miss Frodo, my house, my coffee maker, my bed, my internet speed and gosh....just my regular boring life.

We were lucky that our son came with us on this mini vacation (I missed my daughter and son in law who could not come).  This is a much needed vacation since my husband's job was stressful last year.  Now that he is back to being a professor, stress is slowly ebbing away.

Thanks to this dutiful blog, I was able to figure out that the last time we were in Cape May was in 2011 with both kids.  I have wanted to go back since but school schedules of three people made it impossible.

We had fun saying remember when, checking out stores to see if they were still in business and remembering all the previous summers spent here.  I love Victorian history and even did  trolley/estate tour to soak up the information.

The first time we went as a family was 1995 and pretty much yearly after that until the kids were older teens.  I have fond memories of sitting on the beach with a child and a toddler - enjoying the toddler's nap time so I could knit.

the mister and me

Overall we had excellent beach weather!

Yesterday was quite windy and my umbrella was unusable.  I got an hour of direct sun that unfortunately is not good for me even though I tried to blanket myself with a towel.  I am sun sensitive because of my disease and my medications.  Today, I have a funky sunburn rash reaction on my legs and feet (yes I did use sunscreen) - so I have stayed out of the sun all day today.  I hope tomorrow it magically disappears.  I should have known better and left the beach.

I'm going to miss:  hearing the ocean from my bed and breakfast suite, shopping little boutique stores, eating desserts, reading endlessly, having someone giving me fresh towels daily, breakfast on the wide front porch with a peek of the sea :)

All of the photos are from the iphone.  I have yet to tackle the Nikon photos.  Maybe Tuesday?

How was your weekend?

P.S.  I hope to visit all of you within the end of week, I missed your blogs!!


  1. Our family spent our summers not far from there. My dad had a cabin cruiser that we stayed on. We were a little closer to Wildwood than Cape May, but we would make little trips over to Cape May and once we even rode the ferry. Big excitement for a little kid. LOL

    Your photos are beautiful. Love you and the Mister with the iconic Cape May life saving boat in the background.

  2. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  3. I love hearing the ocean - sounds lovely.

  4. Sounds like a great break away, apart from the irritating rash. Hope it clears up quickly.

  5. Oh, that beach ! It looks lovey, sorry about the sunburn though. I hope it clears up fast

  6. Such a beautiful place! Love that it holds memories of all those family times. Hope you burn heals quickly! Karen, my favorite part of this post was your loving to go home! You perfectly described my own sentiments about being away. ha! blessings ~ tanna

  7. I love Cape May, with it's lovely architecture, nice beach, and fun places to explore. It sounds like you have had a perfect vacation. I hope your trip home is uneventful, travel-wise.

  8. Oh. My. Look at those Hydrangeas! We went to pool party on SA, but it wasn't as warm as it was last week so it made the water really cold. Last TU it was 97. On FR the high was in the mid 50's!

  9. That looks heavenly! I would love to do an ocean trip at some point, but like you, I need to avoid the sun. You have a lovely family tradition going!

  10. Cape May is charming (still! I haven't been in wow, almost 40 years!) and looks like you've had a wonderful relaxing visit. It is nice, though, to be looking forward to going home. Safe travels!

  11. What a lovely get away! The beach is mesmerizing to me. Hope the sunburn/rash heals quickly. I too love to return home.

  12. Mini vacations are awesome! We rode the ferry from Lewes, DE to Cape May once. It was so much fun and such a lovely place. I hope the sun rash cleared up quickly. Have a nice week, Lisa

  13. I enjoyed looking at the photos of your trip. I find when I see pictures of the US everything looks so very clean and new and well cared for. As opposed to here in the UK where there is a lot of graffiti, dust, peeling paint and plaster, and litter... especially in the towns and cities.
    I hope your sunburn is on the mend. Have a good week x

  14. Sounds like a wonderful vacation with the exception of the sunburn rash. Hope that went away quickly.

  15. Cape May is such a beautiful place!
    So glad you had a wonderful time.

  16. It looks lovely there. That is great you had a good time! and were happy to be back home afterwards too. I am like that as well, it is always nice returning home and being with your comforts after a trip.


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