All the Leaves

This week has been picture perfect.  Whenever I look out a window or take a walk, I want to hit the pause button and keep this wonderful season on hold.  The leaves are nearly off the trees. There was a gusty wind that blew through earlier in the week and dispersed all leaves everywhere.  Most of my trees are:  oak, maple, dogwood, black walnut, sassafras, aspen, pine, sumac and sycamore.  I am blessed with an array of multicolored leaves.

I'm pleased to report I'm feeling better every day.  While I do two more weeks of physical therapy, I've decided to join a gym and have a personal trainer and gently start a strengthening program. (I might be a jellyfish in disguise.) I'll be doing this until....well until.  I've thought long and hard about how much I want to never be in pain - this to me is a reasonable doable goal.

The gym has experience with people coming out of a muscle injury and I explained the RA stuff.  So I'm excited.  I feel like I am in charge and doing something good.  I'll let you know how it goes.  Wish me luck as I improve my core and strength and de-jelly myself.

If I sit 'just so' and focus on relaxing, I can get into my knitting groove - what joy!  Yesterday, I was blissed out knitting away and totally into knitting each and every stitch.  Everyone should be a knitter, right?  The whole tactile experience along with a meditative movement gets me calm and content every single time.

My little 18 month charge that I babysit has been entertaining immensely.  She is walking everywhere and while most of her chatter is jibber jabber, sometimes I catch a word or two that makes me think she's talking!  I look forward to seeing her and being a part of her life.

Frodo appears to have done the time change a week early.  He is ready to play at nine o'clock at night and we are both weary dog owners.  What is going on?  I have done my best today to wear him out during the daytime in high hopes tonight is the night he just goes to sleep.  We will see.  Sometimes I think he is the one in charge.

A childhood memory that I recall clearly was when our family still lived in the city.   My mother, my little sister and I were walking on a herringbone pattern brick sidewalk overflowing from dropped oak trees.  My sister and I were wearing home sewn dresses with white tights and black patent leather dress shoes.  I was kicking the leaves as high as I could while my little sister giggled with glee.  We were both laughing and enjoying being little kids.  My mom was smiling at our joy.  We had leaves stuck to our tights and in our hair and on our coats.  What a treasure to have that moment forever etched into my memory and maybe that is why I love this season.


  1. Well, now I know where Fall is! your photos are beautiful Karen; thank you for sharing. Your new gym program sounds wonderful. I hope you click with your trainer - that's the key, I think. (and yep, the dogs are ALWAYS the ones in charge :-)

  2. From one jellyfish to another, I applaud you! It's wonderful that you're taking the steps to becoming stronger, healthier, and pain-free. And enjoying the bliss of knitting! Having spent hours waiting in the airport and sitting on long flights recently, I feel sorry for people that don't knit. Lucky us!

  3. Hooray for your efforts to keep feeling better! It may be just what makes the difference.

    Oh I love your memory story. It's such a lovely thing to picture.

    P.S. Frodo probably is in charge ... ;-)

  4. I walk nearly every day and go to the gym for cardio and strength training three times a week and have been following this program for years, I believe it helps reduce and control the pain I have from fibro. I will admit, there are days when the last thing I want to do is move my sore joints and muscles, but I always feel better after my workout! I hope your gym program works for you!

    1. Thank you Debbie! I am encouraged by your exercise plan :)

  5. I've been thinking of Huck often lately. There were so many night walks when I would thank him for getting me out to see a night sky. No more. Im in once its dark. up here in the woods!

  6. I think that is a really good idea. I am needing to do something like this (after PT!) God bless!!!

  7. What a sweet memory you shared; it was lovely. Whereas you're knitting more, I'm reading more. It's hard to juggle all of one's interests, yeah? I keep debating on whether or not I need a planner to get my stuff straight.

  8. Crocheting has the same calming effect on me as knitting does for you, Karen. I loved reading about your childhood memory of kicking the leaves. My brothers and I have been talking about some of the memories from our childhoods. Good stuff!

  9. Love the little doggy face at the end. Knitting is perfect meditation, sometimes I have a littl afternoon nap after a few rows. Love the trees against the blue skies.

  10. Our eldest daughter has just been diagnosed with RA of the chest and spine so she is doing a programme of physical therapy to stop the joints from fusing. It certainly seems to help. Her specialist has suggested swimming. I remember the fun we had kicking leaves when my girls were small and laughing so hard it hurt so I do hope they have some great memories of such a special season. Stay well Karen we are thinking of you.

  11. Such wonderful colors! What a beautiful fall you're having! Yay for joining a gym - my favorite place to clear my head!

  12. I have been considering joining a gym too. Once the darker days and cold, wet weather arrive, it will be harder to get out to the trail. Happy to hear you are noticing the healing.

  13. Autumn is a lovely time and there is nothing like a sunny autumn day for a lovely walk and to see the seasonal changes at the best. Pain is horrid, I have osteoarthritis but like you have found a wonderful PT who is really positive and we are making some improvements and walking more, which is a lot better than the hospital prognosis, long may it last,enjoy the gym.


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