A New Rhythm to My Days

Hello!  I'm in disbelief that we've had company come and go.  Our daughter and son in law left yesterday morning and our son is here for one more week.  I'm slowly reclaiming my house.  As you recall, I de-Christmassed the front room so that Holly could have a room of her own.  She's been in there almost a week. 

She comes out quicker from behind the sofa and sometimes I catch her sitting on the couch.  She's a funny bird, yesterday I snuck a peek, she spied me - did a silent hiss - then recognized me and stopped.  She still isn't too keen on Frodo.  I don't blame her, he is bigger and so noisy with barking and non-stop movement.  I wish I could explain to her that he is being so so good.  He has stopped barking at the baby gate.  Progress!

He desperately wants to interact with her, she wants nothing of it.  As I said on instagram 'baby steps'.

the mess!
 I've eased into a new rhythm during my days.  I'm slowly getting into this rhythm and enjoying the sameness of each day.  This is where I shine.  I cannot handle changes and grasp at making the days feel relaxing.  My desire to control my time makes me for a happy person.  Every day I try my best to knit, read, and force myself to focus on the positive.  I tend to focus on the negative which is self defeating. 

this lasted maybe 10 mintues
 Holly loves her new room, she scampers about and dive bombs her toys.  She loves to hide behind the sofa, her safe place.  We go to visit her many times during the day.  In the evening, I bring her out to be with us in the family.  We have the sitting on the laps and not moving part down to a science. 

This new addition to our family has only been three weeks!  I rescued her on December 9th and I have to remind myself that we are moving forward towards a lovely cohabitation.

Here is a photo of the Starbucks tumbler that I mentioned I was knitting a cozy cover.  I received this tumbler from a dear friend for Christmas.  I loved knitting this up!  I was unable to find a link for the product but I snapped a photo of the wrapper if you all want to try to find it.   My friend says it was difficult to find the one she bought me.  I hope to have this up on Ravelry on a project page soon. 

I'm going to the gym today and then who knows what we are doing.  I am being a little sneaky and slowly putting away the decorations.  I might just sneak some more away in boxes.  I want seek clean, fresh, empty spaces.  I do this every year as the New Year approaches.

this lasted a 1/2 hour
Have a lovely weekend!!


  1. I start craving the clutter-free space, too, Karen. ;) Our grandsons arrived Wednesday night... then presented with fever, headaches, upset stomachs yesterday morning... needless to say, our FUN time has a damper on it... for the moment. I'm hoping they feel MUCH better today!

    LOVE the photo of Holly on the green afghan behind you!! And, they ARE making progress. Sweet photo of the two of them lap-sitting side-by-side. Hope you have a great work out and wishing you a wonderful day! blessings ~ tanna

  2. I can relate to the need for rhythm and not being able to handle change. I will have to learn though, there are many changes ahead in my life.
    I love seeing Holly so relaxed. She's come a long way already!

  3. I have a couple of those Starbucks travel mugs. It never occurred to me to knit the inside! That is just brilliant. Not only is it gorgeous, but it will keep your coffee warm.
    Holly will come around to Frodo. She just needs time.

  4. Love the pics of Holly and Frodo. I predict a friendship before you know it. I'd love to take the tree down and undevorste, but Fletch likes to leave it up another week or two (yikes!).

  5. I kind of enjoyed embracing the mess here because it meant that Justin was home, and it was far too short. I love your Starbucks knit tumbler and lap-sitting time. Happy New Year, and I hope the getting-along progress continues!

  6. You say baby steps, but in a short amount of time the changes in Holly appear to be coming in leaps and bounds! Now that my days are my own I also like to order my time and keep a routine. Taking back the house from Christmas clutter takes time with only two of us. I can imaging how it must feel to you.

  7. Such a good idea to put a few decorations away each day, I tend to do it all at once. I am ready to have a bit of a tidy up. Frodo and Holly are doing so well together, you are doing a great job.

  8. It's amazing to me that they are already sitting side by side, even if it's just a short time. They may never be friends, but I'll bet they will co-exist. Love the photos! Our Christmas stuff usually stays up till Epiphany, but the train set hangs around a lot longer! This is the first time in a while DH has even gotten it out, and the set-up is going slowly, so who knows it may be around until Easter?

  9. Everyone looks very content! What a wonderful peace! I didn't put up any decorations or tree this year. I hope next year is different. We too have gotten used to our quiet, "empty" home and though it's been good having our son home it will be good to have our new normal back. :) Hope you have a WONDERFUL New Year!

  10. I think you are making incredible pup/cat progress. Im reading a cat behavior book
    so when I get to the dog/cat relationship I may share unwanted advice!!! Looks like HOLLY is growing like a weed. Our decorations are done! Except for Nativity. Once the kids left our hearts weren't in it . House is clean and crisp.

  11. This weekend I am putting away the Christmas decor and giving the house a good dusting and scrubbing. I like to start the New Year with less clutter and a clean house. Happy New Year.

  12. I think you little Holly is adjusting quite well ... has it really only been three weeks?! Wishing you a quiet, peaceful beginning to 2018!

  13. So Clarence (our Newf puppy at 100+ lbs) has decided he wants to play with the cats. They had a truce with Henley (our Newf who passed away a year ago) so there was peace in our house. The cats will walk by Clarence and that is invitation to play. Only they don't want to play. But look at you, cat in the lap and pup laying beside. It does get easier, but it is frustrating in the in between times.

  14. That is what my living room still looks like too! There are still gifts on the table and around. Tomorrow I need to finally focus on putting it away because it has been so busy lately visiting family to clean up from Christmas. I love that tumbler idea, the piece you knitted to put inside is really nice. Love the stripes. Holly and Frodo look very comfy on your laps :) so sweet!

  15. We spent the week before Christmas in Arizona. I have felt out of sorts since our return. The two hour time change was easy when we were in AZ but getting adjusted back to eastern time has been difficult. I’m trying to remind myself nothing I want to get accomplished is critical. It will all get done, slow and steady is better than frantic. Well, that’s what I tell myself :)

  16. It sounds like Holly is making wonderful strides, Karen, and she really is just precious.
    Our company is gone now also, but as is always the case, it's a bit too silent for me. It takes me a while to get back into a "normal" routine, but it will happen.

    I wish you all wonderful things in the New Year!

  17. It will take time and you all are doing so well adjusting to the new size of your family. I am lazy but hope to get more accomplished this year in all of my crafting. I may have to get a planner to get it all done so I can remember and hold myself to the daily goals; I don't want to bujo though.
    Thank you for the birthday wishes for my mum; she was very happy yesterday having us over. :*:.。.:*(´∀`*)Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!*:.。.:*: and I wish you the same as you had wished to us. XO

  18. I can't get over how much healthier Holly looks now than she did 3 weeks ago. She's obviously thriving under your care. As for the Christmas decorations, I packed up everything yesterday and put it all back into the attic.... except for a random brand new string of lights, still in their box, that I found behind a chair this morning. Happy New Year!

  19. We got our house back in order the day after we got home from Christmas visits. Usually it is a New Year's Day thing, but with us being in and out of town, it was best to do it early. Now I am looking for a new normal of sewing, knitting, living, and eating better.


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