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my son washi taped his computer top

Hello!  How was your first week of 2018?  I've been running around every day this week and sometimes I wish I was at home with miles of time to knit.  However, the gym three times a week is so good for me.  I haven't felt this great in a long time and I'm motivated to keep going back again and again.  What a wonderful state of mind.

linens my mom made that have a tiny bit of red stain that I've been getting out
 I've been reading so many blogs that have a word for the year.  I'm not a one word person, never was.  You'd think I would be since I like writing and talking non stop.  However, settling on one ONE theme word is hard for me.   I have enjoyed reading everyone's words and their meaning. 

I have a few resolutions but they are completely doable so it doesn't feel like an overhaul of my life.  I plan to cultivate a better way to practice mindfulness and imagining the best case scenario instead of my knee jerk reaction to the worst case scenario. 

I'm going to the gym daily and continuing the gym. 

Every year I mention cooking one new recipe a week, maybe this year will be the year I crack open those cookbooks.  If you know me well, you know I love to not be in the kitchen.  I would rather be knitting or reading or both.

Each January, I'm motivated to eat out of the cupboards and thin out the food I've amassed.  This requires finding the recipes to eat that stuff that I've hoarded.  I haven't even looked at the new financial budget yet - that's on the list this weekend.

Holly's favorite toy
My sister was telling me how she was going through her house and putting unwanted items in bags to donate.  Gah, I want to do that too!  Let's thin out - clean out - are you in? 

January is perfect for reflecting and imagining all the habits that could be honed.  The weather is quiet, cold and sitting and knitting is all I want to do.

Frodo in the freezing cold
 The Holly update: 

She loves her room!  She will be living in there two weeks now come Saturday.  In the beginning, she hid under the sofa and was skittish at every single noise imaginable.  She's disenchanted with Frodo now that she has her own room.  If he barks or she hears his tags jingle she will hide. 

The positive advancements: 

Holly comes out to see us quickly in the room.  We sit with her and visit and we keep the door open  most of the day so she can hear all the noise (baby gate up to keep Frodo out) She will sit on the sofa, yes with Frodo on the opposite side of the baby gate pining for her.   Last night, she was laying 3 feet from the baby gate and Frodo nose up and both just chilled for a few minutes (progress!!!)

When I go to bed and Frodo is in his cage at night, my husband let's Holly have free reign of the downstairs.  Initially, she would only go on the foyer carpet (outside her room).  Last night, she walked down the hallway!

She is a timid one.  As she gets bigger I'm hoping she will be bolder.  Sometimes, well most of the times, I want the progress to speed up.  However, she's a tiny thing and I've read on various sites that this can take some time.  As long as we keep seeing progress, I'm assuming we are on the right track.

Frodo is doing really well.  He gets his Holly sniff and then walks away.  We praise him up every time.  He is sitting on our laps more for cuddles - I love that!

Frodo footprints
So while my year is wordless, I have many goals and some will fall away and be forgotten and some will thrive and blossom.  The best part of the new year is believing in all the goals imagining my true self improving.

mitten progress


  1. That's the hard part for me too, choosing just one word. It usually doesn't come easy, but this year "relax" seemed to fit the bill since I'm everything but relaxed in so many ways. ;-) My first week was anything but relaxed, sadly. But we've got 51 more weeks ahead of us...
    I like your goals. New recipes are great. I mostly stick to variations of old favorites.

  2. My years have been Wordless, too. Your goals of staying on course with the gym, mindfulness, and and getting out unneeded stuff are all inciting me, too. I'll join you in keeping track of progress. The mitten looks cozy and warm, and it's nice to hear Holly and Frodo are settling in and there is progress. I LOVE your sons computer top, which will be easy to change should he desire! FUN!

  3. Love the mittens, grey and naturals, perfect combo! I too always say I'm going to cook from my pantry. I do well for a couple of weeks, then become brain dead and can't think of a thing to cook.
    Glad you are feeling so much better with your gym time, keep moving forward. Love your blog!

  4. I've done the word things before, but it quickly fell by the wayside. And goals? Monthly ones are better for me than yearly ones. So I just take it a step at a time. But I need to get back to exercise. When the OsteoArth flared I let it slip. But now that meds are controlling that I need to add it back. With a replaced hip I can only do low impact exercise, maybe I need to find something else to add.

  5. You seem to have it all cracked and are doing what suits you. Wishing you well with all your goals.

  6. LOVE that mitten!! I am trying to declutter. It is not easy. Some stuff tugs emotionally...but I aim to really make a dent in things this year. Holly is such a w=sweetie - love her favorite toy and the shot of Frodo's footprints is just great! Stay warm and cozy this weekend and get lots of knitting time!

  7. so glad to read that both Holly AND Frodo are doing so well :-) ... and I LOVE that mitten!

  8. I chose "enough" as my word, and that involves cleaning out unneeded stuff until I have enough, but not too much. It's an ongoing process, just like the gym and mindfulness.

  9. I admire your dedication to exercise so much, Karen. I can't bear the thought of having one more reason to get in the car so I am trying instead to do yoga daily here at home. I am continuing with my tap lessons, however, which I love. Your mitten pattern is so festive, I love it. Yay to progress with Holly and Frodo! All good news in your house to start the new year! xo

  10. Exercise is good. I've been a little bit too gung-ho lately and need to remember to listen to my body and rest or adjust while maintaining my consistency. Balance, I suppose. But yes, I have started my boxes and bags in the hallway with clothes and kitchen items. I'm in with drawers and 2 closets and a hutch to rifle through! I'm enjoying the Holly & Frodo show. I have not had this actual scenario in my own life and find it very interesting and sweet and well handled by your family. That picture of Holly is just SO cute. All the best.

  11. I am wordless too. :-)
    Although I enjoy reading everyone else's, it's too much like a resolution to me, so i just stick to the same idea every year, and that's just to be the best person I can be.
    I love your son's laptop design!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. I am so so proud of you. Most people are not patient and the results can be so stressful on a pet. I introduced all our cats with great patience and probably more slowness than needed. It is so worth it when harmony prevails . As for decluttering, we are pretty good about it. Having lived in a tiny house with little to no closet space for 30 years we grew to donate tons over time. Don't judge me today though; I have notes and medications and ice bags and blankets and books everywhere in front of me as I heal from the tooth nonsense!

  13. I think we all process change differently. My word helps keep me on track, but the end result is basically the same as yours .....be mindful of my choices and be wise in my actions.

    Glad to hear Holly is settling in more and more. She sure is cute.

  14. Love that sweet Holly and so glad she's getting used to her new home. Good work on the exercise! And that mitten is fabulous. Happy First Week of 2018!

  15. I think you've figured it out. What works for you. And, that's what we are all looking for. ;) I don't have a word or any resolutions... it hasn't seemed right with our dragging Christmas out so long in stages as we can see everyone... It can't feel like a fresh start when we are still trying to "finish" the year. I hope, if and when I do, my resolutions are as fitting as yours.

    Holly is just too sweet! And, Frodo is being such a good boy. Life is good. blessings ~ tanna

  16. It sounds as if you have found January contemplation that is just right for you. That is how it should be. Stay warm and safe. It is cold out there.

  17. I don’t have one word and this is the first year I’ve not made a list of things to accomplish or improve. The things I hope for this year are so similar to last year a formal list isn’t needed. I’d like to continue to spend less on frivolous impulse buys, de-clutter no longer used items, scan old photos, and improve my knitting skills. None of the things are extremely life altering. I’ll keeping slowly working on all of them. Happy 2018!

  18. I love the washi'd computer! I might have to try that. I've always felt the same way about having a word for the year, but this year, a word popped into my head and I felt compelled. We'll see how long it lasts. :) Apparently, I'm not anticipating it lasting because I haven't even blogged about it. Glad to know Holly is making progress. She sure is a cutie!

  19. I can't boil anything down to one word!
    That mitten is just beautiful.
    Holly will grow braver. Who knows what that poor thing went through before you found her. I am sure that she and Frodo will eventually be friends.

  20. I use many words but I can't print them! I haven’t made any new year resolutions but I am going to try to cook one new recipe a week too, I suspect it might turn into one a month as I would rather be quilting. I regularly take stuff to charity shops. Wow that mitten is impressive. Frodo and Holly are gorgeous, I’m sure they will become best friends.

  21. I enjoy this time of year making plans. Some of which I keep to, some not so much. I too find it difficult to settle on a single word. I do like those mittens with their intricate pattern and I know your furry friends will get used to each other eventually. It' s such a good idea to give them their own space and time to adjust. Happy New Year Karen! x

  22. I'm a rebel and I tend to buck against commitment. I had a word last year but that kind of went out the window. Although...I did try sewing...hmmm. Glad Holly is further adjusting. Being a kitten in who knows where and with all that is out there is a huge, scary experience for such a little feline. I'm sure in the end she'll be quite comfortable in your home; she may just be getting used to people and a dog. Frodo is so cute; he so wants to cuddle with her.
    Thank you for the yarn love and relief that we were okay and nothing broke. I'm glad we live in a ranch style house. My parents plan to retrofit their home since it's two leveled and an older house.


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