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  Good morning! How are you on this first day of March? March!, can you believe it? Time just fly by sometimes and sometimes it moves at a snail's pace. I love winter but I have to confess, I'm excited about spring jacket wearing weather.  With a new season so close to arriving, I'm thinking of goals. Personal goals, menu planning goals and what I want to focus on.  Whenever the summer schedule is released at school, I might do more exercise classes, maybe. I enjoy Tai Chi so much, maybe I would like the others and the only way to know is to try one out. What I choose depends on what class it is and when it is offered. I try to bundle my classes on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I like Thursdays and Fridays free for my regular life and other commitments. My knitting goals are to not have knitting goals. I am thoroughly enjoying my free and easy knitting time. Below is a shawl I started early in January. After a month long break from it, I have returned to leisurely knit

Around Here

  Good morning! How are you? Around here, we have had warmer weather that has melted the snow away and so we have a muddy backyard. It's nice to wear regular winter weather but damp weather sometimes feels colder. This week once again, I pulled out the paints and started on my Valentine cards. They are not finished but it was fun to sit and paint hearts in various pinks. I hope to work on them later on this afternoon. The baby blanket is so close to being finished! I'm already plotting away the future baby sweater to cast on. I usually use the Elizabeth Zimmermann pattern 'two needle baby sweater' which as you might guess is mostly memorized in my head. I'm excited for non-credit classes to start up once again. I'm taking more history classes (who am I? I didn't like history in high school.) and of course Tai Chi, which is my favorite class ever.


  I'm all in for Autumn arriving and I know I've got a ways to go. Yesterday we went for a walk at the park and I delighted in the soft signs of the leaves changing. I was blessed with overcast skies and a cool breeze which helped me pretend we are closer to the change of seasons than we really are. Today it feels like summer but I have my memories of yesterday. I've been working on my sweater that doesn't have enough yarn. Have you noticed that I am facing reality and have quit saying 'might not have' enough yarn? I am accepting what is and planning how I am going to fudge the body along. I'm nearly done on the second sleeve and will return to the body of the sweater and begin my problem solving striping of a different brand and color of wool.

In Nature

  My husband and I went to McConnells Mill State Park  along with my sister and brother in law for some mild hiking and sightseeing earlier this week. Oh to be in nature and to feel at peace among the trees and water. I was hoping for some fall foliage photos but it's still to early (kind of late this year). I didn't feel disappointed though, we all enjoyed the day trip.  As I adjust to living outside of the Pittsburgh area, I sometimes miss the country rural life. Sometimes. I continue to acclimate to the relocation and we are glad we did this move. There are a multitude of positives that outweigh a heart tug to the rural life. Adjusting is adjusting, I am just being with it and I know I'll get used to the change eventually. I did lug around the BIG Nikon camera at the state park and took some great photos but I've yet to look at them on the computer. I'm so used to using my iPhone for snapping photos. Technology changes and so do photographing habits. Before I for

Wordless Year

my son washi taped his computer top Hello!  How was your first week of 2018?  I've been running around every day this week and sometimes I wish I was at home with miles of time to knit.  However, the gym three times a week is so good for me.  I haven't felt this great in a long time and I'm motivated to keep going back again and again.  What a wonderful state of mind. linens my mom made that have a tiny bit of red stain that I've been getting out  I've been reading so many blogs that have a word for the year.  I'm not a one word person, never was.  You'd think I would be since I like writing and talking non stop.  However, settling on one ONE theme word is hard for me.   I have enjoyed reading everyone's words and their meaning.  I have a few resolutions but they are completely doable so it doesn't feel like an overhaul of my life.  I plan to cultivate a better way to practice mindfulness and imagining the best case scenario instead of

First Snow

All you summer lovers better close your eyes because this post has some serious snow photos.  Finally earlier this week we had our first snow event.  I sat inside in the afternoon and watched big fat flakes fall while chatting with my daughter on the phone.  Later while cooking dinner, I glanced outside again and saw the snow on the ground.  Unbelievable and so beautiful. The first snowfall reminds me of childhood and wishing for a snow day and staying home from school, the nearness of the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, and the serene quiet that accompanies cold weather.  I am blessed in that I do not suffer from the darkness that descends with the time change.  I love the cozy feeling and the hibernating effect. All of this snow melted before I went to bed on the same day, but while it was there, ah - I was happy.  Thank you for you words of wisdom on self imposed deadlines.  I sometimes need an attitude check and your comments helped ease me away from the fretting.