Oh my, I'm still feeling all busy after this weekend.  Funny though,  I sat all day yesterday reading my book, The Brothers Karamazov until it was time to leave for Saturday evening Mass.  I love that I read a bunch but my body was sore from the sedentary existence.  How sad.  I remember when I could sit all day long as a teen reading and I don't remember being sore.  Go figure.

Today, we drove up to Scranton for Beautiful The Carole King Musical.  The show was fantastic!  Last year we saw Rent at the same venue.  I love going to the theater and the drive is merely one hour.  If you have a chance to see this musical, I highly recommend it.

Some time in the late summer, the cultural center will release the new season of shows.  Can't wait to see what will be arriving.

After the show, we drove home, picked up our son who arrived an hour earlier from Penn State and we were off for a dinner together.

I'm tired but I really wanted to post this tonight because I'm working tomorrow morning.  In other news, I completely frogged this scarf/shawl.  I was looking at it and decided I didn't like the BIG holes. 

I pulled out a Barbara Walker stitch pattern book and chose the cloverleaf pattern and restarted a scarf/shawl of my own design.  Ah, I am so so so happy now.  I will make up a ravelry project page soon (tomorrow?). 

Well I hope you had a wonderful weekend, please share all about it in the comments!!


  1. Ours was quiet on Saturday and then loud on Sunday! 5 adults and 5 dogs for Mother's Day dinner prepared by Hubster and Diva. It was glorious!

  2. My weekend was okay. Saturday I went to the gym in the morning and had visitors over in the afternoon. Yesterday was relaxed and quiet. Especially the quiet was total bliss, as we have an ongoing renovation in our street, which will probably take some more weeks. Sigh. I miss that about my teens, that you could sit and read for hours without getting aches... and then by the time you were done reading ( or in the middle of it ) dinner would be ready, too... ;)

  3. Beautiful is on the docket this year with our St. Louis Fox Theatre ticket package.....and I can't wait. Last year, I tried to get myself to Nashville to see it, but it never happened. Saw Carol King in concert with James Taylor a few years ago.....she's my all time favorite vocal artist. Well, you just frogged a 'holey' scarf, and yesterday I started one. (our parallel lives continues to blow me away!!!!) I'm doing the Churchmouse version.....long scarf in lace weight with lovely neatly finished edges. I'm hoping I like it......it will need a good blocking when finished.....probably years from now!!!!

  4. Sounds like a very nice weekend. The weather rather sucked for us, but it was still a good one. I like that cloverleaf pattern - very pretty.

  5. It does sound like a great weekend, especially the sitting and reading for a long while and making yourself happy with your knitting. My weekend was a rush of chores to complete in NJ so I could drive back down to DE and keep searching for a house. Hopefully it will happen soon!

  6. I agree about the holes. I like the smaller ones better too. My weekend was a combination of catching up (household chores and work) and trying to relax and heal. Not the best weekend I ever had, but still a good one ;-)

  7. Ooh! I love Carole King and would love to see that show. Can't wait to see your newly designed shawl.

  8. Sounds like a great show.
    Looking forward to see the new pattern.


  9. Sounds like a lovely weekend. We finally had some dry weather so we were able to potter in the garden and get the grass cut, which is a mammoth task.

  10. What a great weekend you had! There are so many musicals I would like to see and Beautiful is definitely one of them. My daughter was home for the weekend and on Sunday she and her cousin made my mom, sister-in-law, and me a delicious brunch. It was so much fun to be waited on, LOL!

  11. So happy you enjoyed Carole King. I bet it was GREAT. I thought the holes were bigger than I'd like whlie you knit up that other. I think you'll love the new look. The weekend was better than I anticipated. Al sent me a beautiful cream and sugar set . Interestingly, she purchased it long before I showed the set on my blog post after visiting a store in New Glarus. What are the odds? She knows me!

  12. I'm so eager to see how your silky shawl turns out!

  13. Look out weekend cuz, here I come...
    I'm sorry the shawl design didn't work out for you but yay for immediately finding something else that does. I like the soft, prism/unicorn like pastels in that colorway.


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