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Being home is wonderful, but you already know that.  I never get tired of my house, sitting at my kitchen table with my favorite mug filled with coffee writing in the early morning hours.  Such bliss.  Years ago, I started this morning routine and it has served me well.  I remember 'thinking' about starting a morning routine for a long time.  I wonder why I hesitated? 

Didn't summer start off with crazy heat and humidity?  Yikes, I felt like I was wilting.  Yesterday and today was picture perfect with sunny skies and cool breezes while sitting in the shade.  I almost like this season. 

While swinging on the back patio swing, I listened to the birds singing as I read a book.  This reminds me of all my teen summers of endless book reading on the front porch swing with a glass of iced tea.  Oh, my friends would get so frustrated with me because I would not budge unless I finished the book. 

I cannot believe I will say this but I do love the gym.  (really!)  It's climate controlled and there is nothing like walking on a treadmill and reading a book.  I feel all multitasking and physically fit.  I can walk moderately fast before a mild nausea hits from too much multitasking.   Since I'm not babysitting in the summer, I've been going on those mornings for a treadmill walk plus I have three training sessions during the week.

My sister has been urging me to join a gym and I've resisted.  I wonder why I hesitated?

I get caught up in my own preconceived assumptions and my own predicted outcomes that I cannot imagine a different experience.  Maybe this is me being stubborn.  When the trainer said 'we' were going to do kickboxing to strengthen my hips, I was sure I would hate it.  Funny to imagine, but I loved it.  I really did. 

The gym is leading me to be more open minded (sort of, let's not go completely crazy).  I like that even though I'm in my fifties I'm discovering new experiences.  I might even be in better shape now than when I was in my thirties. 

In early December, I impulsively stopped my car to scoop up a near-dead kitten and rescued her.  We gave her a forever home in our house with a miniature schnauzer who is know to have a high prey drive (chasing animals).  For months, I have wondered if I did the right thing.  Will they EVER get along.

Currently there is a truce. 

Holly has her dog-free zones.  She can escape whenever she wants.  Frodo continues to chase her but the chases happen three times a week instead of four times a day.  He is getting better. 

Holly doesn't run away from us anymore.  She patiently waits for our pettings and whisperings.  She is getting braver.  

I love when Frodo is sleeping under his ottoman and Holly sidles up and lays down three feet away.  He stays where he is, she does the same. 

My husband has wanted another dog and I've resisted for the past few years.  Holly is almost like getting a puppy only in kitten form. 

Have you resisted doing something that you later discovered that you loved it?  I'm eager to hear all about it and be assured I'm not the only one who does this.


  1. I'm so glad that you didn't resist Holly!

  2. I stubbornly resisted moving to this new house in MD and we had many, many discussions about it , but after this week of trying to get all the big things remedied (new hot water heater, termites, furniture, expenses, etc.), I honestly still feel the same resistance. In time it may come to feel more like home, but I can't ever imagine it will really be home. Thank heavens we're keeping the NJ house, and I'm thrilled to be returning to it tomorrow. I did love discovering beautiful hardwood floors under the ratty carpet, and I'm quite proud of how they look after all the work we put in, but I can't recount a story where I resisted something and later loved it - at least not yet!

  3. Exercise is something I recall resisting not thinking I would enjoy it. At my daughter's gentle suggestion (she is a triathlete and yoga enthusiast) I began with water aerobics. I enjoyed that for awhile. I moved on to weights, longer daily walks, and regular yoga class. The day isn't complete without some exercise. My other rather funny resistance was to an automatic garage door opener. When we were newlyweds our budget was tight. My husband thought an automatic garage door opener was a good idea and I didn't want to spend money on it. He was right. I find it indispensable - and a safety feature when coming home after dark.

  4. I found this post really inspiring. I've been talking about pushing outside comfort zones with a friend who is trying all these different dance classes, and I think it's so much about mindset. Managing one's own expectations is sometimes as simple as being open to something.

    I think it's about time for me. Managing my expectations but still trying. It's amazing what we can do if we still try. Even in failure we can learn and adjust and try again. Okay maybe I wandered off track...

    Holly and Frodo are so cute, I'm glad there is a truce at the moment.

  5. I think we all have these hesitations. I avoided yoga for years. While I can't say I love it, I can say that some of the simple poses have been life-saving for my back and neck. I avoided vegan recipes because it just seemed too far out of my comfort zone ... until I stumbled on the Oh She Glows cookbook and saw that there are lots of delicious recipes made with ingredients I'd normally buy. I'm working on being more open!

  6. I guess I'm still stuck at resisting... Though I have to admit the whole Curaçao thing was also something I resisted from the start. My husband was the one pushing it, I just went along. But now I can't wait till it's our reality instead of just a dream.
    I'm glad the gym is working out so well for you. We're trying to take a walk each day and I'm planning to go back to my regular exercises.

  7. I have resisted excercise classes for years preferring to keep fit in the comfort of my own home. I have since joined an aerobics class and love it. Change is not always a bad thing.

  8. I thought I hated exercise, until I hit the gym at 57, my son announced his engagement and I looked in the mirror and didn't want to look "like that" in his wedding photos, so when the gym near my office offered a discount with a trainer, I allowed the to persuade me to try. Turns out I love lifting, still don't quite see the point of the treadmill but with the wedding two years in the past and having turned 60 this year I now fit in my 42 year old wedding dress and am much fitter than I was 42 years ago. Turns out that the exercise I hated was just the wrong sort of exercise. Lesley

    1. My trainer makes me like the gym a lot :)

  9. I am with you on the exercise... I resisted it like the plague for years. Then weight and age began to catch up with me and my doctor said if you stay on this path it won't end well. So, I began and yes, I discovered I do indeed enjoy it! Pilates and brisk walks make me very happy every day.

    I also resisted teaching confirmation class... which has turned out to be the most wonderful gift in my life. I am not sure it is a gift for my students, but they gift me weekly with the most amazing things!

  10. I'm so glad that you are enjoying the gym...even to the point of using the time slots you would be babysitting during the other seasons to continue on! Good for you!

  11. I ve always wanted two dogs at once. Im with your husband. I love your flowers and your knitting. I resisted the blow up paddle boards and now I love them

  12. After I started knitting top-down seamless sweaters, I resisted seaming ... and then I tried it again and discovered I like it - seems to help the sweaters hold their shape and I really feel accomplished when I get the sleeves "just right". Have a great weekend, Karen!

  13. I am the Queen of resistance! I'm currently resisting getting daily exercise even though I know I'd feel so much better if I did it. I can think of a million excuses not to go for that walk though.

  14. You are making me think that I should get myself to a gym also. I go for an almost daily walk but I really should strength train/and work to burn some calories. It sounds like you have a personal trainer. I would love that, but I worry about the cost. Are you going to a local gym or a name brand gym if you don't mind my asking?

  15. Thank you for rescuing Holly! Juliann and I had a fun lunch together thanks to your blog. Can you believe that a post in PA brought us together? And the funny thing is, I knew her folks, her mom especially.

  16. Actually, I am still at the resistance phase... Although I do need to make some changes in my eating habits... My routine should change, which I find about one of the hardest things to do...

    Glad to learn that things are getting better with Holly and Frodo. I can relate to some of the problems, since I took in a kitten last year ( she's now a little over one year old, don't know if I can still call her kitten or little one, but alas, she is smaller than Edna ), while my other cat was already 7 or 8 years old..

  17. My resisting often has to do with fear of starting things. I know it has to do with wanting things to be perfect. I tell myself it’s about the journey not the outcome. Sometimes that helps and sometimes I take forever to make that first move.

  18. Love seeing Holly and Frodo; she has grown. Yeah, I'm all about bucking things. Part of it is I'm a chicken inside and when I finally put on my big girl panties, I laugh at how silly I was to have "resisted" so long.


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