Happy weekending, assuming that is a word.  How are you?  Did you have a great weekend?  Mine was lovely.  Yesterday was bliss.  I'm currently fighting a sinus infection with modern medicine (yay) and decided to stay home and do 'nothing' except rest. 

My husband left early in the morning to drive up to Boston to get our son and then drove back on the same day.  I was thrilled to not go because a) my back is good but not great and car riding just ruins any progress.  b) I tend to be a huge buzz kill when there is work to do and get a little too bossy in the process.  I believe my way is the best way and there lies the problem.  Some people (husband) thinks his way is the best way.

Anyways I stayed home.

a good book, you should read it!
 I read my book, then I knit a bit, then I got up and did laundry -stretched my back, did back exercises and started all over again.  I didn't cook either, I dug around for left overs for lunch and dinner.

 In the evening, I watched a ballet documentary on Hulu called Ballet Now and knitted some more.

clean kitchen!

evil black yarn to knit with, grr
 My family arrived from Boston around 9:36 p.m. and today (Sunday) my house is a complete mess of all sorts of stuff.  Signs of a well lived life and a house full of family.  Our son will be here until Tuesday when he returns to his apartment in State College.

My friends were over in the afternoon for some much needed knitting time together and now I'm about to kick back and watch another movie and drink some tea. 

thunderstorm buddy :)
How was your weekend?


  1. Your weekend sounds lovely, minus the back issues and the sinus issue. If that were me, I would not have got anything done.
    "Signs of a well lived life" ~ there is nothing better, is there.
    I hope you are feeling better soon, love.

  2. Sounds like a good weekend! Knitting and watching documentaries is nice. I love watching docs too. Frodo looks cozy beside you. I need a knitting companion too :) My weekend was good, we celebrated my sisters Bachelorette and went on a wine tour to 3 wineries at Niagara on the lake that was fun. But did not get any knitting done, will this week! Have a great week :)

  3. It was also a weekend spent with family. Steve's step-brother and his wife came to see the new house and take us to celebrate at a local restaurant.

    It was the BEST kind of weekend --- with a little knitting and gardening thrown into the mix for good measure.

  4. Your relaxing weekend sounds nice, except for the sinus issues. We had a quiet one as well...Summer feels like it's slipping away too soon.

  5. Alone time is the best, glad you were able to enjoy some. And now to have your son home for a few days is just perfect.

  6. Sounds like a wonderful, relaxing weekend. We were in the same boat: I'm fighting an ear infection (again). So knitting, reading, resting and a little bit of cleaning was all I managed to do.

  7. I love a random weekend alone and it sounds like you enjoyed yours tremendously!

  8. Sounds like a quiet relaxing weekend and always nice to have visitors to knit with and family to spoil.

  9. Happy for you that you had some ME time. We too had a houseguest on Saturday. Dear friend of mine in town. Yesterday was kind of a blur. All hyped up about StUFF. My goal today is to calm down and just breathe. I plan to KNIT!!
    after the barn. I love the horse time at the barn

  10. love those do-nothing kind of days!!! enjoy your family time. (Don't you love Pachinko?!!)

  11. Sounds like a perfect weekend for you! I bet you'll enjoy having your son at home...even if only for a few days. We are back to heavy rain today....

  12. Your weekend sounds lovely...especially since you did not need to make that trip to Boston and back in one day! Your husband must have been quite tired when he made it back.

    Our weekend was okay...I mean, there are always blessings for the looking...but Saturday we stayed home and I rested most of the day. Then yesterday hubby went to church morning and evening and I stayed home since every joint in my body was making its presence known. We had a storm late evening...once it finished I started feeling much better. It was good to rest and putter around the house as I felt like it.

  13. I want that weekend.. my last few weekends have been far to overwhelming..
    Hope your feeling better and enjoy your time with your son.


  14. I'm so sorry you had a sinus infection to deal with and I completely agree with you on long car rides. They are just not worth it (most of the time). I had a great weekend with Mylo (of course). Our weather is so bad it is best to stay in. Smoke and heat are not good for a body. Happy Monday, Karen. PS I thought Pachinko was a story worth reading. Who knew all that about Korea and Japan?

  15. That sounds like a lovely weekend. I love knocking around the house by myself. And now you have time with your son. Perfect!
    So sorry about the sinus infection. I used to get them all the time, and they are miserable.
    I had a great weekend in Minneapolis with my friend Joni from California. Today we drove to northern Wisconsin for a fiber art workshop.
    Let us know what you think about Pachinko!

  16. Knitting friends and free time and family visiting. ..sounds fantastic! Let's graciously overcome stubborn husbands, mess and health issues! Story of my life, too!

  17. Your husband is a hardcore driver. Mine is too as he did all the driving home, 4 hours each time. I love seeing Frodo; I wish we could come over and play with him and swim in your pool.


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