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How was your weekend?  Mine was pretty good.  Thank you all for the well wishes you sent my way.  Just knowing there is a community out there thinking of me makes me feel better.  I am a feeling a tad bit better.

yarn glorious yarn!

One of the tricks I use for when I'm obsessing over a worry that I am not in control of is to create a contest of sorts.  So today, I dug through the yarn stash and have decided that many of my family and friends will receive a hand-knitted cowl for Christmas.  I have a lot of cowls to knit!

I'm excited to be casting on something new.  I'm excited to be productive while I worry.  At least I'll get something done.

this is a good book

Besides knitting and reading, I've been back at solving sudokus (I always do crossword puzzles).  I only to the hard ones and my they take my full concentration and I relax.  I do love that.

the only chickens I'll ever own

Friday we went out to dinner, Saturday and Sunday was staying home except for church.  I enjoyed the relaxing weekend since last weekend was filled with family visiting.

How was your weekend?


  1. Busy! LOL But, there was yarn shopping too, so it's ALL good.

  2. Glad you are feeling better and trying to funnel that worry into knitting. Great ideas for presents.

  3. Hello. I forgot to say in my post yesterday was a binge of Anne with an E. I was totally against it but didn't want to keep the girls from watching it. The teen had heard from a fellow friend that it was good. But I gave up trying to not watch it and watched. It's not bad but certainly melodramatic! It's kind of like realistic fiction with flashbacks and the writers have certainly taken liberties with the series as there is so much more content in it than the books I believe. Today I just woke up from a 2-hour nap after our library trip. I've been feeling cold today although it's 74° out. That's usually a warning sign that I may be a bit run down and need to rest. I can't get sick! I have to drive four teenagers to their first match on Thursday.
    I think knitted cowls for everyone is a splendid idea! How lucky they are. I need to get started on the unicorn scarf for my niece and one friend requested I knit a brimmed hat for her mum. I'm a bit stressed out about it because I have never knitted such a thing before. Another friend commissioned me to make a zipper pouch in the wine fabric I had used for hers and the other friend. I bought more Pellon Friday at Joann so I need to get my ducks in order and start.

  4. Loved that book you are reading. Hope you enjoy it as much. Heat and humidity are back....BUT, we are so much closer to Fall! Bring it on!

  5. Great! I finished a shawl started a long time ago and it's blocking on the dining room table. It's misting out at the moment, and I sure hope our smoky skies are leaving us.

  6. I am glad you had a good weekend! I too enjoyed the time - Steve was away for work, and rather than mope about - I did all the things I like to do! :)

  7. Having a plan is a great way to redirect the worry. The cowl yarns look like a great starting place. Sing, Unburied, Sing is a difficult book, the story sad and disheartening, but also there is hope. I through it a great, must read book. Hope the week goes smoothly for you!

  8. I have a week of worry ahead, so I'm taking your approach and creating a plan. I have lots of errands and chores to attend to today, then I've made specific plans for specific knitting projects each day, lunch with a friend, and I've even scheduled a few naps. Hopefully staying busy will help, and I will continue to send good thoughts and prayers your way.

  9. Good to hear you had a good weekend.. we had a pretty busy Saturday but then took Sunday super slow..


  10. Continuing to send loving thoughts and prayers. A lot of knitting can certainly help! ~ Jill M.

    1. Thank you Jill, I appreciate them (and continue to need them)!

  11. My weekend was spent at work but the weather was beautiful so no complaints here. I've fallen behind - again - on my blog reading & I'm catching up in reverse order so I'm not sure what you're worried about but I'm glad you are able to destress with knitting. I think the cowl idea is terrific and have been considering doing the same thing for the folks on my gift list.

  12. Knitting is so good for worry! Walking is also good when I'm working over something, usually, something I can't control anyway. Glad you are felling better! Summer is starting to shift into fall here as well, cool to cold nights and hot days, but the leaves are changing too. Love, love fall!

  13. When things are not in our control, it is very difficult for me to relax. I TRY. Knitting surely helps me. Our weekend, was happy. We moved Zach to Chicago on Friday. SLept very very late Saturday. Went out with friends who are very funny, for dinner last night. I knitted on a new pattern Im creating. Its a COWL!!

  14. I did some knitting, some sewing, family overnight, made dinner for a family with a newborn, and just took it easy! This weekend is camping, so not much in the taking it easy arena!

  15. I LOVE how you relax! I used to be really good at Sudoku but now I find the easy ones are challenging. It is a practice thing!

  16. Our weekend was good. The weather is hot and humid - oppressive. Saturday a.m. I walked early, dropped off cookies for a funeral at church, and then puttered around inside the rest of day and evening. Sunday we went to church and stopped for coffee. I made a quick trip to the Farmer's Market for a few veggies and then hung out in the air conditioning. Thank goodness for a/c.


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