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 I'm enjoying the colors evolving slowly on the new shawl I cast on.  I add stitch by stitch, row by row loving the greens and purples.  This is my meditative morning knitting at the toddler's house while I wait for her to wake up.  I love how knitting this starts my day to be awesome.

Speaking of awesome, my week has been pretty good, even though I was under the weather at the beginning of the week.  However, a quick doctor visit for a minor infection has me feeling better and grateful for my health providers and for modern medicine.  I tell you, if I'd live during the pioneer days, I would have been dead by the age of eight without the invention of antibiotics... Thank you Alexander Fleming for finding penicillin.

trying to capture the nest all week

I managed to fit in a gym visit and a training session.  All good for me and my RA joints.  I don't like to exercise, but I do love how exercising makes me feel strong and healthy.  I also can sit and knit without pain, assuming I frequently get up and stretch.. everything in moderation.

Because I felt under the weather, I made an apple pie.  I was craving that pie, and potato bread...Not sure what it means but my sandwiches were extra tasty.

I spent time reorganizing my worsted weight wools, assessing what I have and making sure they were documented in my Ravelry stash.  I enjoyed looking at what I do have, and thinking about the colors that would be nice to add if I come across them at a yarn store.

The weather has been beautiful and perfect.  I wish I could slow time and savor the days.  Being off-line helps significantly.  I've been cognizant of how I spend my time.  I also reflect on my time being spent answering the questions:  'am I happy?' 'does this make my day better?'

These reflections are helpful in discerning how to spend my time.  I found that the more I knit, the happier I am.

just started!

Also I make a crazy detailed list of what I want to get done.  Sometimes I fly through the list and I feel invincible.  Sometimes I ignore the list and do something else.  The list is there and I will do it eventually.  Once I write it down, I cannot forget about it unless I lose the list.  Ha!  I have the lists in a notebook - harder to lose that.

my husband is playing guitar nightly learning new things
Around here has been peaceful and serene.  So lovely -


  1. Peaceful and serene ------------the BEST way to live life.

  2. Ah, this sounds so idyllic! I love the colors in your new shawl!

  3. Lovely! The new shawl will be gorgeous. If I knit in the morning (with my coffee), my day is ALWAYS better!

  4. I love that you question your time and you know the more you knit, the happier you are!!! It is almost always true for me too

  5. Those are some great guitars. I'm glad you caught the infection early and hope you heal soon.

  6. The shawl looks like it is going to be another pretty one. I think it is always worthwhile to think about whether we are spending time wisely and in accordance with what makes us happy and peaceful. Life can be unpredictable and short. Every day is a gift. I tend to think if this were the last week of my life is this something I would be doing? - Not to be morbid at all, it is just a question that makes me stop and think.

  7. ooohhh, such pretty fall photos - love those red berries and the blue skies!

  8. And he plays the dobro? Love that instrument. You inspired me to go through my stash and assess what's there. I have precious little worsted, but would like to make some hats and mitts so I will be make additions (without guilt) and I have a better idea of what knitting I'm going to do next. It was fun to do. Hope you are feeling up to par very soon!

  9. Glad to hear you are feeling better, long may that last. I like to have a little time each day for crafting it makes me smile and soothes my soul.

  10. Sorry to hear you've been under the weather but glad you're feeling better now. Drugs are a wonderful thing! And... your Spindrift is going to be beautiful! Love the colors in that yarn.

  11. Yes to peaceful and serene! I have had two full days of feeling just that. I accomplished a lot and even was able to paint in my studio. I feel so content! I started taking a multivitamin each day to help ward off the effects of SAD that start around this time of year and they seem to be helping. Love all your photos! xo


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